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Muziq: Get Ready

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...The clock will chime soon.

Happy dAnniversary to us, :iconsitraxis::heart::icontajii-chan::heart:

Haha! We've been on deviantArt for 6 years now. :XD:

There's thing in school where we are asked to do two artworks so I used it as a chance to challenge myself and draw my OCs. :heart: I only manage to whip this up and took longer than I thought. :iconlazycryplz: Please excuse my mistakes and carp lighting. ;;;; The animals at the back were supposed to be a dove, wolf, and a tiger. And I ended up drawing a crow, jackal, and a bear. >uO;;

These two are the main characters from our collaborated story, Muziq~:love: It's one of my treasured stories with her. We managed to finish 30 long chapters last year actually. :love: We're currently (slowly but surely) working on the sequel, at the moment. :giggle: So, for now, you could wait for the Muziq manga this April~ ;p  This is actually the cover. 8D //I swear, I'm gonna be working on my to-do list now. >u>;;;

Made with Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CS5, & the genius tablet

Harper(c) Tajii-chan
Harper Heart by Tajii-chan Soloist by Sitraxis
Lute +Art (c) Sitraxis
Lute Vates Character Sheet by Sitraxis Conductor by Sitraxis //old artwork ;7;
Muziq(c) the both of us
Tower of Muziq by Tajii-chan 

There's totally more to say at this point, Chelsea. :love: Muziq is one of the works that I became very attached to despite being a recent project added to the other stories I plan to work on. :aww: The concept was fun to play around with and the characters were so lovable. :heart: No moment was dull for me because I was always excited to dive further into the plot and story with the turning points, and plot twists you had up your sleeve. :giggle: Well, it was fun catching you off guard with some of mine, too. ;p  It has been an awesome experience. :huggle: I've totally learned a lot from you and I still look up to you as a writer and more importantly, a friend. I know that you're be an amazing writer when you get out there and show everyone what you got!! :#1: Whenever I'm just running out of just or feel stressed, I just look back at the raw RPs and wonderfully re-written chapters and the next thing I know,the energy (from the love for our OTPs) comes back to me. :dummy: We've been busy more often than last year but it's no problem. ;p Even if Muziq's sequel is paused, it's just one of our many connections but nothing changes the fact that it will stay close to my heart and so will you. :huggle::heart: Thank you so much for sharing ideas, giving me Lucy's Corner, advice, baring with my random nonsense (and obssessions) and mostly, being there for me. (Shh, leaving offline messages count. ;p //pats)

P.S. You know, my writing skills and speed have been degressing since we stopped. I really do hope we RP again someday. :XD:
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TerramArmsXIIIHobbyist Writer
what musical wowism is this! This is pretty cool you know, nice idea!
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SitraxisHobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much. :love: I'm really happy you think so. :aww::heart: These characters are really close to me. :love:
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TerramArmsXIIIHobbyist Writer
np at all! hey! would you like to read a poem i created?
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Tajii-chanHobbyist Traditional Artist
I see so much improvement in this I just don't know where to start :love: 

First of all, there's just so much to be said about the composition. The central positioning and leaning in looks really great, and I love how the background fits all of that in terms of structure as well! I like your imagining of the clock tower, and the colors and brightness of it are a really wonderful contrast to the many shadowed elements of the artwork! And speaking of lighting, the building lights just work so nicely on this as well *u* The poses, expressions and overall dynamic feeling are a perfect set-up to the themes and story of the Muziq universe :heart: The shadows in the background of the animals are great ;w; You got their forms down so well, even if they are just shadows. And the coloring. Like, oh my god you went all out on it and I really love it! It has such a painterly feeling to it, and I really appreciate the mixing and blending of the various tones! The rainbow coloration of Lute's musical sounds is such an awesome standout, and the blending on it is just so soft and gentle; it's really telling of his personality, even. The background blends are nice, but they're even more important on the character-- the emphasis is perfect simply because their outfits contrast, and the dark shadows and soft highlights are great for easily portraying all of the colors in their outfit. Seeing them together like this makes me happy, because they so neatly contrast in outfit and personality and yet they still make such a great team ;A; :clap: AND YOU DREW THE HARP GUITAR SO WELL//whyusogood

As for the experience, I send the words right back at you :heart: Muziq is the first completed draft of any story that I've actually enjoyed and loved up until the very end. The RP brought it to life, and of course doing it with your characters made it all the more meaningful and enjoyable! I'm glad I got the opportunity to do something as wonderful as that with you, and that you continue to be such an valuable friend and chat buddy :heart: Hard to believe we've known each other for so long, but that makes this friendship all the more worthwhile. //slapped for cheesy lines// I will continue to look forward to the future of Muziq, and to all of the random ramblings of our online chats *w* <33


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SitraxisHobbyist General Artist
OMG! :iconlazycryplz: This comment totally made my morning~ :icontearplz::heart:  I'm really really glad you like it. :iconblush--plz:  

I really don't know what to say or how to respond to this. Spaz attack :updated: I'm so amazed how you just pointed everything and they all struck my heart:blushing:   I have to admit that I really went on all out on this one and I've always wanted to do a painterly coloring style. :nod: I'm really glad I captured the universe of Muziq. :heart: I was getting worried if the colors didn't blend too well so it makes me happy to know that it came out all right :aww: (Same goes with the Harp Guitar~ :nod:) and my week of agony paid off. :XD: I love these two with a passion :love: Harper may be my daughter-in-law but she's like one of my children because of how Lute has I've grown attached to her and  the feels I get from this OTP. :la:

Cheesy but there's substance. ;p (Honestly, I don't find them cheesy because of the sincerity. :love: ) Once I'm done with school I will start on that manga!! :dummy: For now, I'll work on the manuscripts and see if you approve while we work on plishing the story. :giggle: Happy dAnniversary to us once again!! :tighthug::heart:
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PaulcellxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, the colours are amazing! I like them! Nice work! :dummy:
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SitraxisHobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much. :tighthug: I'm happy you like it. :love:
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DarkAngelHawkHobbyist General Artist
Very cool!
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SitraxisHobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much. :love: I'm glad you think so. :huggle:
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