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if i told you that i would be late
how could you relate to this predicament
that i have placed upon my plate
with little reason to update my
mistake into something beyond an
effort to hesitate for to procrastinate
is the explicit excuse that got me
first thrown this fate.
Yes the realization of this tardy
that will scar me leaving nothing
but the faults the bind me to this
perfect relation between me and
she who raises my day from the
scarlet seas oh please let this be
just another day where i can explain
how i foolishly let time slip away
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 2 0
Trustwrothy smile
trust is like an apple; delicious till
you get to the core, then thrown
aside like any other lie, but i need no
eyes to hypnotize the likes of you; who
believe me, and see nothing but the
overlying bewitching light of my delight
-ful of deceit but it was no chance for
us to meet like this so it is simply a
question that must be asked.
Do those who seek a simple answer
that none seem able to capture worthy
of this trust, or it is better to impose
the knowledge that we all claim to know
with such wisdom from ages long ago
for am i a prophet profiting on the foolish who
seek answers from their god who abandons
them to my whims, or am i just the easy answer
to questions that are afraid to be asked?
For if you can trust in me and see the soul
of a creature that's eyes are forever closed
then maybe you can see that trust is no different
than faith, it's just i don't require a book to tell
you that life is one silly apple.
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 2 0
birth day gift poem
horrid words can not describe the
apathy that follows me like some
puppy or kitten that simply wants
pity for the lackluster shine of it's
youth now gone with the ticking clock
but little can be done to undo
its work for each moment's worth the
riches that are go beyond such
titles that now plague the mind.
honestly i was caught in a sobering
decay that this day of all days has
arrived with the suddenness that i
yet to see joy in .
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 4 2
before me
you come before me, she who spits
syllables proving that all are killable
by the nonsencible gibberish that is only
legible or understandable by those
who think not with the blades that strike
down the foes flesh, but the sword that strokes
with such a fluid motion that sobek  could recognize
it as something as beautiful as a trail of his own
precious Nile guardians.
I who speak like he in the words of they
that scramble your literature and capture
the very beauty of the enigma  that might
put you in a maze that amazes the mind that can
not find the light beyond your weak perception of
what is might or was right, how humorous are they
yes they who desire to play with the masters
that cast their judgement upon them and deem
them as one i must bow to.  
But i need not call on my masters names or raise
my paw to flare claws that could rend you
like the heat of day, oh no i only need simple words
put in an elegant diction without your pitiful syntax
or restrictions  for
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 2 0
your move
Calculating with little debate for
hesitation, is as plain as the day
etched on this illustration,that has
calmly placed you against a queen
keen in all things logical and factual
Mighty singularity, you dare come against
amusing the whole of this intellectual
tyrant who bends all sides both good and
evil to her ideals of perfection that is balance
Alas this was a fun jest but i will state this
Jackie luv you gave it your best.
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 2 0
i feel empty...knowing full well
the tales that fail to tell the full
story of what transpired here.
The blasphemous pain of the lie
that i have to live with despite my
holy light that i held back and did
not shine on the one that needed it.
How can i be to blame with shuch
slander and shame that i who came
from nothing am at fault for everything
It is because i who shine the light for all
who speak for those who are weak kept
this forgiving light from the one who begged
for its attention...yes i kept it away from me.
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 1 2
our power
being the perfect combination of our
imagination, this childs interpretation
overloading these accusations, the digital
mind that transcends as it bends reality's
energies that flows through and around me
repressing laws of those forced to accept this
gravitational hold over those who fail to believe
destiny has chosen us very few to do,  to
intervene behind the scenes. and the young
girls soul who truly desires not control but
insight to fight against the darkness that disquises
vanity as virtue, and a narrow mind as an  
open heart. In time we will cleanse this world
lending our power to those as they have lent it to us
varying all outcomes to what we believe is right
even if we were never worthy of this power.
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 6 0
Day three part two gift for the good dr.
Day three part two
The bus soon came to a slow stop as many of the pokemon exited and made their way to the large building. The structure caked in signs and promotions of several new stores opening, that seemed more interesting to Asuka than Colette. But then again none of them seemed interesting to the other raichu.  The doors jingled joyously as the two along with many others entered. Two stories full of advertisements and humorous promotions. Asuka spotted one that caught her eye and without warning she gave Colette a bit of her own medicine even though it wasn’t intentional.  Colette lost all balance and was now in the process of tripping over her own feet. They came to the store that caught the young chu’s eye and she just gave a smile to Colette who shook her head and felt more a desire to just get the entire thing over with.
“Okay the important thing is to remember that we’re shopping for you and you have to feel comfortable in what you wear
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 2 4
Day three part one gift to the good dr.
Day three
Part one
“What do you mean you don’t have a swimsuit?” Asuka asked looking at her fellow raichu who was about as crimson as her eyes and sighed. Colette simply sighed in disbelief for she never figure she would need one let alone one for work, but their jobs were completely different. Though it was part time both enjoyed that first day with Mr., and Mrs. Hurst. Even the other co-workers were fun and willing to help them out. And in the end that made it feel less like a job and more like an experience. Colette took a breath and hissed lightly, as Asuka continued to pace trying to figure out just what to do about it.
“Well I don’t think anything I have will fit you and I know you don’t want to wear that thing. Even though I’m sure it would serve the same purpose.” Colette hissed in utter distaste at the idea and then watched Asuka pack hers in the backpack along with other needed things. Once done she looked back at Smooze and smi
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 2 2
death met-tal
Hi my names Retsuko
I have some good friends
But sometimes they can be trolls
Monday through Friday drag on
Karaoke’s my only hope
For when I enter that simple room
I’m allow to free my soul
Chorus 2x)
Let’s rock out to
death met-tal
death met-tal
it makes me whole
all I sing is
death metal
sir you called for me
yes I need some tea
Oh yeah and me too
Retsuko you’re pregnant?
No Haida calm down
Damn it Fenneko you bitch
I gonna need that three thousand back
I’m gonna show you my kids
So restuko dear, could you handle this please
Hey restuko quick over here, (snap, snap, snap , snap
All the likes
She’s not gonna make it
She’s gonna pop quick
Hand someone the code
Let’s rock out to
death me-tal
death met-tal
it makes me whole
all I sing is
death metal
some tension in your volcalcords
and belt it like this
(death metal section)
you’re beats are weak
and you’re a shit
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 5 0
faded dreams
the diva that she was
was a being who's singing
could entice the very ice
to melt away to make way
for the seasons.
yes she was a figure that
figured out with simple
words of love the heat
of hatred could not hold temp,
nor temp others into vice
but she was a mere dream
that could not see what it means
or what it meant to be free from
the cages of the mind, so in time
she would fade from eturnity
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 6 2
fragments of eternity that bound me to this
reality shatter like the pain that is nothing
more than a looking glass in my figmented
multicrafted ruins that is this heavenly body
a jigsaw that is unsolved as each piece seems
to be with out peace, since it is no longer whole
yes this soul strapped to a fishing pole to reel in
the unreal and feel the fabrics of the protoplasmic
i only hope that those before can find a way to
store-away these memories that lay low like
stowaways confined to the depths of my mind
shattered like my dreams and broken like my heart.
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 4 0
dr. inseans gift and this would be day two part 4
Day two
Part four
“Welcome!” the two girls smiled bowing to Cortez and his clingy boyfriend.  The two looked around and then at the salazzles for a moment.
“Aye lasses it has been a while but we just came to relax and enjoy the remainder of the day.” The two lizards nodded and then turned to gesturing them to follow. Lucy noticed the two and how they acted and had to admit that they both were very high standard pokemon but not his type to begin with. As they approached the usual table they both turned in unison and asked for them to be patient for they have a new part-timer and she was right now getting dressed. The gengar looked at the zoroark and shrugged.
“That should not be an issue for I was looking for something different and this could be entertaining to say the least” Lucy replied and then turned to Cortez. The fox only shrugged and sighed, for he was simply wanting a good relaxing day and a time to enjoy a hopefully normal conversation
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 2 2
to love ones work
the world is but a play and all but actors
main attractions dancing and displaying for
the satisfaction that i would have to correct
for each aspect or prospect that lacks the intalect
to understand that this stage, this worldly globe
is my theater .
For is that the question, that hypothesis that nostalgic
moment that represents our greatest triumphs against
the evils that try to manipulate our existence with little
resistance or rage against the machine so constructed by
reality that attempts to cut my star crossed strings with a
blade of destiny    
for where art thou he who demands my undivided
interest in this mess that he so conjured up with
the mindset that the tempest would cool my soul
that he so installed in my being but i doubt all his
theories of stars and sun, but most of all, this
doubt of love.
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 1 0
taking the reigns
The show was another true experience and it was one that proved worthy to be considered their last show of the season. With the sound of applause ringing constantly through the Square garden it was an expression that neither the performers nor the crowd would easily forget. Pixie threw her hair back and though she wasn’t advised to grow it out due to the show requiring a heavier frame and might cause an unbalancing, she showed no concern for it gave her a chance to see if she liked the new look or not. Even though it was a bit more of a mature than cute it was something that she would think about in the future. But that’s the future and not the present for now it was just another few days from hearts and hooves day and she and her special some-dragon, had diner plans, and possibly more, but the more she thought about it the more the crimson coated her scales. Pixie enjoyed these moments with echo and though out the yearlong tour she couldn’t dismiss the ups and downs
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 1 0
pokemerc chapter 102
Pokémerc chapter 102
Neptune’s shimmering eclipse
“Sheesh you would think a decent fight would present itself to me…but no just weak pokemon controlled by foolish trainers.” The bird sighed as she walked through the combs of her newly built addition to her home. The ship was now a morbid malformed, glistening with wax chambers that held pokemon and humans all in some sort of stasis. “It would be saddening if she couldn’t find the one she wanted.” The bird laughed as she turned in to one of the empty hallows. The pidgeot hated the fact that she had to wait for it meant she couldn’t just start eating her guest.  But then she remembered that she had an issue that had escaped her song so she would have to hunt it down and tie up the loose end.  As she strolled through her hive she listened for any strange noises that seemed beyond struggling or sleeping but the halls were silent and she couldn’t stand it for no other crea
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 1 0


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if i told you that i would be late
how could you relate to this predicament
that i have placed upon my plate
with little reason to update my
mistake into something beyond an
effort to hesitate for to procrastinate
is the explicit excuse that got me
first thrown this fate.

Yes the realization of this tardy
that will scar me leaving nothing
but the faults the bind me to this
perfect relation between me and
she who raises my day from the
scarlet seas oh please let this be
just another day where i can explain
how i foolishly let time slip away
Tardy… :iconyakovlev-vad:   i loved the scetch and i loved this version it is a play on words and the rhymescheme is meant to flow at a fast pace that is why itis rhyming through out the poem with its flow for we all know one must never be late. 


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