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I'm still working on chapter 3 of The Glass Pond. I expect it to have 15 to 20 paragraphs by the time it's done. If you'd like to check it's progress here's a link.…
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If you're watching me, comment on this Journal. :O
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Before I start let me first start off by saying sorry for being so lazy. I promised to write a lot over the summer and I did the opposite. But ignoring that I had a stroke of genius, the names of my two sequels to The Glass Pond. These two stories are called The Spartan Who Was Taungsday and Half Asleep in MJOLNIR. I also modified some back stories on my wiki, the overall story is going to be a lot darker. Not childish violence dark but I mean emotionally dark as well. I've changed the protagonist's mother from a smuggler working for the Republic to a spy disguised as a dancer working for the CIS. SPOILER ALERT: She gets caught and guess who executes her? That's right, CC-1117, the father of the protagonist.

This is based kind of off both real and fictional stories. There was this spy who worked for the Axis Powers in World War I who served as an entertainer to the Allied Servicemen. She was later caught and executed. The other story is that of the Fox Sitcom Raising Hope, where the father has to take care of his daughter after the mother is put to the electric chair for being a serial killer. She comes back to life later in the show though but in the ends dies again after getting hit by a bus. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Peace/War!
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Greeting Earthlings, or maybe you prefer to be called Humans? I have some big plans for the remainder of this summer, you know assuming if I survive summer school (I suck @$$ at Algebra 2). For starters I would like to completely revamp my novel I started back in 7th grade (I'm going to be a Sr. in High School soon <.<). Though the story is still unique  and violent it screams a lack of flow and depends to much on the reader knowing about the fiction (It's a Star Wars-Halo Crossover for those who do not know). Overall to childish and jumped to much during the beginning, another bad thing was that I tried including friends as characters when I knew I should not have added them. Not to say they still couldn't be in it in some shape or form, they would just be far less important. For more on it follow this link to my wiki.…

Secondly is a Halo fan novel set in the save universe as above, though this probably would not be written until Halo 4 is released this November. My initial thoughts of it would be an entire platoon of SPARTAN-IVs led by Jugar-007, designated marksman (sniper) for the SPARTAN-II squad Purple Team. Initial concept of this platoon was simply "Gold Team", a task force of one SPARTAN-II, two SPARTAN-IIIs, two Sangheili, and one SPARTAN-IV on a mission for a forerunner A.I., this story was called Veterans and was actually a crossover between Halo and Call of Duty.… follow link for more info.

The third think is the more relaxing activity, vore pictures and short vore stories. If you do not link vore then I warn you now, don't click on them. So that's pretty much it, there may be a chance of me posting some RPs into story format onto here but don't count on it. But now it's 1:44 in the morning and I'm gonna have to call my girl friend to say good night. May the force be with you, so say we all, and Rangers lead the way!
I seem to be unable to upload the correct picture, and instead of getting the hothothot I get gifs that I have already deleted from my computer, what am I doing wrong audience?
Well, here I am. No I did not steal that from the last line of Firefly the T.V. series <.< so shush.
Well, insert journal stuff here.