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"Back on the road, my face began to heal. The raw flesh, congealing to an ugly mess of scar tissue. From the right, you got handsome Jorgy Ancrath. From the left, something monstruous. My true nature showing through, some might say." -  Mark Lawrence, The Broken Empire.

So this drawing of mine, was inevitable. I am a huge fan of soundbooks -  i love hearing the voice acting, and the emotion in the readers voices, if they are really good. And i ended up picking up The broken Empire, by Mark Lawrence, by chance. And that voice actor, he was amazing. He made this book series magical for me. But of course, far more so, Mark Lawrence made this book series magical. At first, i did not like it. I didn't think i'd be strong enough to read it. It is dark, and grim, and hopeless at times, and shows you, what most books won't show you these days. It shows you a person, going through the worst imaginable things possible, but -  he does not end up a hero, or good. No. It breaks him, and turns him into a shattered, cruel person. Which is why i found it so hard to read. It was harsh. But, really, the books grew on me. The more i learnt of the main character, Jorg Ancrath, the more i understood him, and related him. And during the books he grew alot, evetually earning my respect and turning out better then i thought it was possible he could. I won't spoil anything, but those books are amazing. And i didn't realize it, but i have been searching for books like that for years, and i found them in The broken empire. So of course, i had to draw Jorg. I love his character i do, and god i love the books. I seem to have run out of words after this essay but.. enjoy <3
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