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Random sketch by Sitara21 Random sketch :iconsitara21:Sitara21 0 0 i'll stay... by Sitara21 i'll stay... :iconsitara21:Sitara21 0 0 Untitled Drawing by Sitara21 Untitled Drawing :iconsitara21:Sitara21 0 0 drakathvskii by Sitara21 drakathvskii :iconsitara21:Sitara21 0 0 Xiiiah Kagiso redrawn by Sitara21 Xiiiah Kagiso redrawn :iconsitara21:Sitara21 3 0 Xiiiah Kagiso. by Sitara21 Xiiiah Kagiso. :iconsitara21:Sitara21 0 0
Character background XIII
So I need more iron, leather, and steel.. lets see if someone is willing to help me out.  Someone who doesn’t know what I am..
I gently touch the enchanted collar around my neck, if it wasn’t for master I would have been over come by dark magic. But thanks to this collar and moving to a new village I can live a normal life. Just have to make sure that no one finds out what I really am.
“XIII, son. go gather ingredients for our latest project.” An older mans voice rang out from around the wall.
“yes master, I will be back in a few days time” I responded pushing my black and white bangs out of my eyes.
I heard the familiar grunt from master that meant alright go but be careful. So I grabbed my near by backpack and strapped it onto my back and grabbed my katana and strapped that to my black tunic. My black jeans stayed put with a brown belt and black boots covered the cuffs. I opened the door and walked out of the blacksmithing building walking tow
:iconsitara21:Sitara21 1 1
Character Background. Project Eclipse
White, that’s all I see… everything is white…--
“…Project Eclipse seems functional….”
“Onee chan, Onee Chan! Look what I drew isn’t it pretty?”
A small girl runs up to her older sister. Her bright blue eyes shining as she shows off her latest in pursuing her artistic talent.. light blond hair tied back into a high pony tail and bangs swooped to the side.
“Tayla, that’s really good, you should show mom and dad.” The older sister responds.
Tayla runs inside the house as the elder of the siblings stays outside fixing the laundry that had been air drying throughout the day. Unlike tayla whom is about 6 years old, the older sister is 19. Also unlike Tayla whom can use elemental magic along with the rest of the family, the older sister cannot.
“Kagamine! Hurry up with the laundry!” a woman’s voice can be hear
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Oc breakdown 3 by Sitara21 Oc breakdown 3 :iconsitara21:Sitara21 2 0 Oc Breakdown 2 by Sitara21 Oc Breakdown 2 :iconsitara21:Sitara21 0 0 Oc breakdown by Sitara21 Oc breakdown :iconsitara21:Sitara21 2 0 splash. by Sitara21 splash. :iconsitara21:Sitara21 0 0 Image by Sitara21 Image :iconsitara21:Sitara21 0 0 caught in a bubble by Sitara21 caught in a bubble :iconsitara21:Sitara21 2 0 Untitled Drawing by Sitara21 Untitled Drawing :iconsitara21:Sitara21 0 0 DeathXIII by Sitara21 DeathXIII :iconsitara21:Sitara21 1 1


HHJ - Melancholy by Darqx HHJ - Melancholy :icondarqx:Darqx 427 283 Creepypasta by Darqx Creepypasta :icondarqx:Darqx 726 469 HHJ - Homework by Darqx HHJ - Homework :icondarqx:Darqx 552 294 Leek Dance Loituma by Darqx Leek Dance Loituma :icondarqx:Darqx 969 707 Holiday Run by Darqx Holiday Run :icondarqx:Darqx 347 235 Teeeaasing - PB AT by Darqx Teeeaasing - PB AT :icondarqx:Darqx 336 166 AT - Whathafuk by Darqx AT - Whathafuk :icondarqx:Darqx 353 341 Quick Combat by Darqx Quick Combat :icondarqx:Darqx 399 273 HHJ - Newbie Prank 57 by Darqx HHJ - Newbie Prank 57 :icondarqx:Darqx 324 227 HHJ Xmas - The Tradition by Darqx HHJ Xmas - The Tradition :icondarqx:Darqx 481 352 Hedone HighJinks - Bed buddies by Darqx Hedone HighJinks - Bed buddies :icondarqx:Darqx 383 191 Hang on by Darqx Hang on :icondarqx:Darqx 431 239 HEY HEY HEY .D by Darqx HEY HEY HEY .D :icondarqx:Darqx 475 327 ohshit ZOMBIES by Darqx ohshit ZOMBIES :icondarqx:Darqx 721 303 Hedone HighJinks - Zombie Plan by Darqx Hedone HighJinks - Zombie Plan :icondarqx:Darqx 521 322 If life were a game... by Darqx If life were a game... :icondarqx:Darqx 899 542


Pa080080 by Sitara21

I am stuck on what character i want to cosplay as. based on how i look what characters do you think i could pull off doing for a cosplay. any character doesn't matter the gender.  

ive thought of 
arisa fruits basket
Karkat vantas
Kankri Vantas
Jiro from blue dragon
Miku Hatusune
Rin kagamine. 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I taught myself how to draw, though as of now i have started taking art classes.
I had been in choir from 5th grade to 10th, i dropped out of choir in 11th

Update: i graduated June 11th 2013


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