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*Do not post any of my pictures on social media sites in their original (unedited) form as your own work (duh) or without saying where they came from.*

1. You must inform me of when you have used my stock. I like seeing what everyone has made! You do not need to ask to use it beforehand, but you do need to tell me afterwards.
2. Cite this site, or the particular picture you used, in the description of your picture.

3. No using models for anything sexually pornographic. Several of the photos were taken before the models were 18, so manipulating those photos into something pornographic would constitute child pornography. 
4. Do not turn any of us into something horrific or monstrous. We do not want to be portrayed as anything demonic, excessively gory, etc. Normal levels of creepy and edgy are fine. It can be a fine line between too far and OK, so please ask about your picture first if you are worried it breaks out terms of use. 
5. No works depicting us as gory post-suicide or post-murder corpses. There are two exceptions:
A. If it is something poetic, in good taste - along the lines Romeo and Juliet, Lady of Shallot, etc,. So if you want to do something elegant, feel free, but nothing overly gory.
B. If it is something cartoonish in its goriness, then that can be OK. Gory but in a non-serious manner. Examples would be something like Quentin Tarantino films, or Mortal Kombat. *Even though this type is allowed, do not overdo it, I do not want things that are just completely horrific, serious or not.*
6. Please do more with our pictures than just running a filter over it or something similar. Please do more than re-colour the picture. We spend a lot of time and effort creating these stock images, and we do not like the feeling that an edit only took five minutes, when the original photo might have taken a couple hours to get.
7. Yes, I allow outside-of-DA use of my stock. However, I MUST be informed of it. All my other rules still apply with outside-of-DA use.
8. Message me privately to ask about commercial use.
9. I allow prints, both on and off DA. Just ask me first.

And finally, I would like to ask that please, if it is not absolutely necessary to switch our model's faces/heads for another model in your photo manipulations, please do not do it.  We're not forbidding this, as we realize that it can be necessary to an artistic vision, but if it is not needed for your piece and you can refrain from doing it, we would really appreciate it.

Any questions, feel free to ask.
Thank you very much,
© 2015 - 2020 Sitara-LeotaStock
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menuliProfessional General Artist
used here <3
nettle - inktober [day 10]
thank youuu !
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riley-artsStudent General Artist
The rules don't say anything about referencing your stock images. Do the same rules apply to using the stocks as a reference?
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Yep yep, same rules.
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Centurion77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So I figured it would probably be easier for you to read comments then a missed note.

I'm finishing up some concept work for a tv show right now and should be done by Monday. If you are still interested in doing the 7 heavenly virtues, I would very much like to use either whatever you come up with or we can collaborate for sure. The easiest way to contact me is by my business email: ciardullocenturion@gmail.com

Over the course of the next thee months I'm looking to open a studio (definitely no later than October) and would like to A: Not only get you paid for your poses (no nudes of course since you don't do them and they are the virtues after all) as well, B: perhaps work with you on a regular basis once I get my studio up and running.


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ValeriaAbsintheHobbyist Digital Artist
Dunno if this would be the right place to post this, but...

.:Harlequinn Angel Brawl:. by HarlequinnAngel

I used 2 stock poses of yours from your "fighter" gallery as references for my drawing here.

I don't see anything saying using the stocks as references is not allowed, but I'm sorry if I went against any of your rules ^__^;;
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Not at all! I absolutely love it when people use my poses for drawing references, and those works have a special place in my heart. Beautiful work here, thank you so much!
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ValeriaAbsintheHobbyist Digital Artist
*whew!* I was worried for a moment there; I get so scared of using stock poses since I get worried about breaking the rules and all that (and with me being a slow artist, my effort would go to waste if I had to delete it and all that).

Thank you <3
And thank you for the awesome stock poses~! I definitely plan to use more of them again at some point ^__^
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dead82Hobbyist Interface Designer
so no mortal kombat fights, too much blood and fatalities
i can work with that
what about stuck inside a venom
Sitara-LeotaStock's avatar
Yeah that's fine. Honestly most Mortal Kombat is fine, because Mortal Kombat is so over-the-top, and non-serious in the way it does gore. So I will make an edit about cartoonish gore in my terms.
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dead82Hobbyist Interface Designer
i wont fatality on you
or chop parts
i will however add fire balls
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Hahaha sounds good. :)
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