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What's up everyone! Missed you all! 😊 We have not been on in a long time! With college, summer and friends we haven't had much time lately. So we have some big news! :excited: If you haven't guessed from looking at our latest favorites, we are now My Little Pony fans! Yes! And our favorite shipping is FluttershyXDiscord! :love:
So while we got into the fandom, we came across a fanfiction titled: "The Opera Phantom Discord" by Alexandrite Ward of So as a fellow Fluttercord shipper, the story focuses on discord as the phantom and FluttershyXDiscord as the main couple. There's like 50 chapters! But it gets so intense that you can't put it down! We loved this fiction so much that we had to bring it to life in some way. After watching the famous "Bride of Discord" by DisneyFanatic2364 on YouTube, we got an idea! We are going to illustrate the entire story, narrate it and post it on YouTube! Yes! :excited: It won't be easy with school having just started, and it's many many chapters means a lot of work. But that's why it's called Artwork. It will all be worth it in the end! The story is more for 18+ due to its amazing detail and sexual suggestions, but that won't stop us! :)
A good story deserves to be told. And a good story deserves to be brought to life! 
If you haven't read this fic please check it out! 

Link to Alexandrite Ward's "The Opera Phantom Discord":

Link to DisneyFanatic's audio drama "Bride of Discord" episode one: 
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Submitted on
August 25, 2016