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Dark Cutie Slaughters

Here is another amazing gift from our generous dear friend Daniya! :icondaniya-art:
Here are the Dark Cutie Slaughters! :skull:
These pixel icons are soooooo fantastic! :heart:
Many thanks again for this wonderful gift, dear Daniya! :heart:
Together Forever by Sisterslaughter165
:bulletblack: Don't hesitate to visit her amazing galleries!!
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Hi..Sylwia77, how do you spell your last word for your deviant ID Sisterslaughter165..?? Is it Laughter or Slaughter? Fear the katana! :D (Big Grin)

I'm always thinking it's Slaughter because you have a wonderful dark art. Love 

Sister Slaughter (Gift) Brother Slaughter (Gift) 
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Our username may be pondered by both, but these works
speak by themselves! Dark Cutie Slaughters by Sisterslaughter165
Sisterslaughter by Sisterslaughter165 Brotherslaughter by Sisterslaughter165
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Those are superb, the Slaughters..! Fear the katana! This probe's for you!

I'm just curious whether I made a right icon for you or not. Huggle!

Sister Slaughter (Gift) Brother Slaughter (Gift) 
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Ooh! Absolutely! You don't worry about it! :icondoublehugplz: :heart:
You've hit the bull's eyes these pixel icons!! :faint: :iconlordvaderplz:
We have such varied taste with art and  
we love all the pixels you create! :icongoodideaplz:

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Glad you love my pixels. :hug:
That's the miracle of a small world, dot world. :D

Here is a small winter gift for you. I made it yesterday. Hope you like it.

Live Laugh Love

It's so fun to make pixels. :D

Starry Night #2 (Free) Sparkling Have a Great Day (Free) Starry Night #2 (Free) 

 Snowy Kia Laughing Snowy Lily Laughing Snowy Ira Laughing
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Of course! We want to explore your fantastic gallery again! :iconexhibitionplz:
Well,we'd want to know how to make pixel icons someday. Lol! :D
Ooooh!!! Wooow!!! You're so generous and a very nice person!! :omfg: :faint:
Oooh!! Absolutely!!! We loooooooooove it soooooooooo much!!! :iconyaayplz:
We don't know how to say! :blush: Many thanks for everything, dear Daniya! :icondoublehugplz: :heart:
Well, as you like to make pixels, maybe we have a very good idea for you! :idea:
Much deviants are a big fans of Star Wars and most of them (like us) are  
crazy now, because of the new movie. May the Force be with you! :iconprincessleiaplz: :iconhansoloplz:
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It's always my pleasure to make pixel for you and friends as  gifts. This is the month of holidays and gifts. :hug:

I'm just doing editing and animation from available pixel resources. It's almost the same when we do photo manipulation. But this animations need a little bit math. They have to run to the right count so they can animate continuously and smoothly without start and end point.
I love deviantART! 

Sometimes they make me dizzy when they run to the wrong count again and again. The animation will look so ugly.
CURSE YOU! I think I've fainted. :D (Big Grin) 

Let me see what I can do with Han Solo and Princess Leila. They are on the way to your page......... :eager: by darkmoon3636
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It's very nice to you! Well, if we'd have much  
more time, we'd be very generous too! :icongoodideaplz:  
We've already made some animation works, but maybe
it wasn't quite perfect, but we'll do it again. And, we'd
like well learning to make pixels icons and emoticons. :iconstudyplz:
Well, you are very talented, Daniya! We dare to imagine that
this not quite easy to do it, as beautiful as you do so well! :iconcool-smileplz:
We already saw them! They are perfect!! We think that deviants will love them! :iconmasteryodaplz:
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That's very darkly cute!!
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