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I stepped out of the shower and toweled myself dry with a soft pink tower. Taking a bottle of scented talcum powder I liberally covered my soft skin. It made the rubber slide on so easily, it made me horny at the thought of what was to come. Resisting the temptation to play I stepped to the closet and pulled out the first rubber item. It was a red thick rubber corset heavily boned. I slipped it around my body reveling in both the scent and cold touch. I clipped the front clasps together and then taking hold of the laces began to pull. Slowly drawing in breath each time I reduced my waist to half its original size. As I always do I dress before a full length mirror so as I finished I got to see the hourglass figure I had created, flared hips, ample breasts thrust upwards and outwards....exquisite! To the corset I attached a pair of glossy red rubber stockings. Once again the act of rolling them up my legs was a delicious pleasure, the scented talc easing their fitting. I reached for the next item a pair of open crotch panties eagerly, my heart beating, I so much wanted to play with myself. The panties were glossy black with rubber frills at the legs and around the crotch opening. Once again I reveled at their cool touch, but I knew quite soon I would be hot and oh so deliciously sweaty. The dress that followed was skin tight so I really had to wiggle to get it on. It was mainly red with black side panels and both were glossy. The hem was short, barely covering my pert bottom, the bust line was low perfectly framing my ample breasts. The final touch was a pair of thigh high glossy PVC boots. It took some time to tighten the laces but it was worth it, both for the look and the tight embrace. I sat before the dressing table to make up my face. Pulling my long golden hair back I tied it in a severe pony tail. The makeup job was as severe save for the glossy cock sucker red lipstick I applied to my lips. After applying the makeup I slipped into glossy red elbow length gloves, so tight I had almost a full sense of touch with them on. Standing I swayed to the mirror and admired the dominant figure standing there. Happy with the effect I headed to the playroom where my latest slave waited. I smiled at how long she had been waiting, but then she was mine for the whole day.....perhaps longer if she pleased me.
I opened the door and saw her kneeling submissively and I had to stifle a gasp, she was exquisite! I had not seen much of her when she arrived because she was wearing her street clothes covered by her coat. She was now wearing the black and red PVC mini dress I had ordered her to put on and it fitted her ample frame like a second skin. The hem line was of course way to short and only covered a quarter of her ample bottom. She was kneeling side on to the door facing the mirrored wall as I had instructed her to do. I knew she would have had ample time to admire herself as she was preparing to worship me. Around her neck was the one item she had brought herself, it was a leather collar with the words "Piggy Slave" picked out in tacky rhinestones. The final item she would have put on before kneeling would have been the black rubber hood, which meant she now had limited senses, I watched her ample frame shiver......was it fear or excitement, a little of both I suspected. I moved into the room relishing the click of my high heels on the hard wood floor, she jumped at my movements. Slowly I circled her admiring her PVC covered form. She was a curvy plump girl the PVC only amplified this because it was so tight. It was corset like at the waist and hips but allowing a little of her ample frame to show through. The neckline was plunging and tight offering up her tits like two large melons, the PVC bulged where her hard nipples could be seen. Unable to resist I bent and took her nipples between thumb and finger and squeezed. She mewled in pleasure and pain but did not flinch away, instead  she leant into my tweaking fingers. I watched her nipples grow rounder and harder straining the PVC material of the dress. I chuckled as she let out a despondent groan when I stopped playing. I moved in front of her kneeling form and began to rub my crotch against her mask covered face. I was in two minds as to whether I would remove the mask and let her see my latex covered figure. Her piggy tongue snaked out and she began licking my crotch. However with a layer of rubber between her and her heart's desire she was frustrated from tasting me. I chuckled as she mashed her face against my crotch trying to pleasure me. Resisting the temptation to raise my skirt and allow her access, I moved behind her and watched her shiver as I slowly pushed her head to the floor leaving her ample bum high in the air
"Now what do I have to play with?" I murmured as much to myself as to her.
Using my booted foot I nudged her knees apart allowing me easier access. Her pussy came into view, lust swollen and glistening with syrupy pussy juice. Unable to resist the temptation I slipped two fingers inside eliciting a gasp of pleasure from her. She was molten hot and very wet, so much so my fingers easily slipped in to the knuckle. I pumped my fingers in and out a few time chuckling as her hips joined the rhythm and then slipped them free causing her to groan with frustration. The same two finger then found themselves at her puckered hole, and with a little pressure they too slipped inside. She was just as hot but the grip was so much tighter. Gently this time I eased my pussy juice slick fingers inside her. She wiggled her ass to accommodate them, sighing when my knuckles came to rest against her puckered opening. Slowly I eased them free and moved once more before her. I offered my sex slick fingers to her and she caught the scent and groaned. Her piggy tongue popped out between her rubber covered lips seeking the fingers. I kept them just out of reach reveling in her submissive ministrations. She groaning in frustration having not found my fingers, then mewled as I moved them closer and tongue met rubber fingers. She slavishly licked them clean and even allowed me to thrust them into her mouth, fucking her third hole with them. I reached around her head and located the zip for the hood, slowly I unzipped it, careful not to catch her hair and also to prolong the act and frustrate her some more. When she saw me her eyes opened with shock, and then very quickly traversed my body taking in my attire. Her gaze finally came to rest at my crotch and she licked her lips unconsciously.
"I see piggy slave is ready to worship me" I murmured unable to keep the lust from my voice
"Yes Mistress" she crooned.
I swayed to the couch and positioned myself legs slightly apart skirt tightly wrapped around my throbbing crotch. She shuffled forward and once again licked at my rubber covered crotch. For a few seconds I let her lick but to be honest I was as horny as she was so I relented. Salaciously I lifted my bum and rucked up my skirt allowing my six inch tranny cock to spring into view. It was as hard as iron and I do not think I had been as hard in my life! Precum had leaked profusely from the purple tip and now glistened wetly. She licked her lips and waited eagerly like a greyhound waiting for the hare. A wicked grin curved my lips at the sheer hunger in her eyes
"What do you say Piggy" I smirked
"Please Mistress.....oh please......please may I worship you.....please may I pleasure your tranny cock...." she gushed
"Yes you may" I said demurely when deep inside I was lusting to have her lips and tongue pleasure me.
She moved between my legs and I felt her hot wet tongue on my cherries. I gasped as she sucked first one and then both into her mouth. She looked up and made eye contact, I saw the look of complete lust there and realized I must have mirrored her look. She kissed and licked up the six inch shaft and then quickly engulfed the purple head eliciting a gasp of pleasure from me. She then proceeded to take the whole shaft and I tensed feeling my tranny juices start to bubble. Sensing this she allowed my quivering tranny cock to pop from her mouth. I was in a whirl....did I want to cum...oh hell yes.....did I want this pleasure to last...again yes, however I knew I could not have both.
"Do you want to taste my tranny juice" I growled stalling for time
"Yes please Mistress" she simpered oh so sweetly, she grinned knowing she had me on the ropes
I smiled wickedly at her, causing her grin to falter. Yes she may be pleasuring me but she will suffer for her smugness
"Make me cum......but know this you will suffer for your impudence" I growled lustfully
She greedily sucked me inside her and immediately my climax swelled. I gasped as my tranny cock swelled, then I filled her mouth with tranny juice screaming my pleasure as I did. She swallowed it all eagerly and then sat back a look of submissive remorse on her face.
Standing I slide the rubber dress over my still hard but now satisfied tranny cock and swayed to the cupboard swinging the doors open to reveal its contents. Her gaze had followed my hip sway and a gasp escaped her lips when she saw the contents.
"Head down ass in the air!" I commanded over my shoulder
I took the riding crop from its hook and turning to her swished it through the air. A shiver ran through her body at the sound and I reveled in the effect. I put the crop back....maybe later and lifted down the paddle. It was leather covered, flat on one side and had the word slut on the other in sharp studs.
"So for you impertinence....six strokes" I commanded
"Yes Mistress" she simpered
"Six strokes each side" I added with a grin and watched her submissive reaction.
I moved behind her and saw her tense, and so I waited. Sensing the pause she sighed and relaxed. I raised the paddle and.....
She shuddered under the stroke and whimpered slightly. I paused watching the red print slowly bloom. It made my tranny cock twitch.
"What do you say?"
"Thank you Mistress.......please may I have another?"
At six I stopped
"Pour me a glass of wine" I commanded
She stood rather stiffly and I realized she had been on her knees for some time. I watched her waddle to the drinks tray admiring my handy work on her ample exposed bottom. After offering my drink she once again returned to her kneeling position ass in the air. Knowing the next strokes were going to be very painful I wickedly placed my half full glass on her ample bottom and stood. She did not need to be told what would happen if the glass fell. The first stroke was extra hard and the glass wobbled dangerously, a yelp of pain also escaped her lips. Again I waited and this time was rewarded with the word 'Slut' picked out on her glowing red bum in purple spots...soon to be bruises. When I had finished slut was stenciled on her quivering bum six time but the glass was still there. I picked it up and drained it, god I wanted to fuck her! I moved behind her and knelt raising my skirt as I did. I placed my tranny cock at the entrance of her dripping pussy and then ever so slowly slipped it inside, she gasped with pleasure. Slowly I pulled out and looking down marveled at how wet it was, just right for what I was about to do! I placed it against her hot puckered hole and she shuddered. I pushed gently and felt the resistance
"Relax honey and we will both enjoy it" I cooed
I felt her relax and the head of my tranny cock popped inside. Slowly I sunk the whole rock hard six inches into her until my cherries were resting against her swollen pussy lips. She sighed at the feeling and wiggled her bum getting used to the feeling. As was I, it was just as hot as her pussy but the feeling was oh so much tighter. I slowly slipped out and then in again reveling in the tightness. Belatedly I wished I had the crop to hand and then a wicked thought crossed my mind. I slipped from tight confines and ordered
"Fetch me the riding crop piggy slave"
She stood and waddled to the cupboard, submissively she then presented it to me before once again adopting her submissive pose. Eagerly I slipped my tranny cock into her puckered hole and began to fuck her, she shuddered at the fucking and awaited the kiss of the crop. I did not use it until I was quite close to climax using it to goad her into fucking back as my orgasm mounted. She too began to scream as I filled her with a second load of tranny cream and I wondered if it was the pain or the pleasure that had sent her over the edge! Exhausted I collapsed on the couch and she followed submissively to clean my tranny cock of both our juices. I languished in her ministrations for a while and was surprised to find myself getting hard for a third time. I had her pause in her efforts to get me another glass of wine and then allowed her to continue.
"Since you have been a good piggy slave I will allow you to cum" I stated indulgently
"Oh thank you......thank you Mistress" she gushed
"But you will have to do the work" I smirked
I pointed to my once again hard tranny cock and she eagerly moved into place as I relaxed on my back on the couch. She straddled my thighs and slowly lowered her ample frame reaching around to guide me into her molten hot pussy. She sighed with pleasure as she was fully impaled on my tranny cock. Slowly she began to grind, as she did I reached up and tweaked her rock hard nipples through the PVC. She gasped with pleasure doubling her efforts and screaming her first orgasm, I was not even close myself so I allowed her to continue pleasuring herself and in essence myself. Reaching up I unbuckled the top of her dress allowing it to fall free and reveal her udder sized tits. I grabbled them both and mauled them savagely causing her tempo to build and a second orgasm to flourish. I too was starting to rise so I sucked a strawberry sized nipple into my mouth and chewed on it. She yelped in pain a yelp which immediately turned into a scream of pleasure as a second orgasm washed over her. I felt her pussy juices soak my cherries and drip round onto my throbbing tranny pussy. Now I was on the brink of orgasm myself so I took over the fucking lifting my hips to meet her downward thrusts. I reached up and took hold of her ample bum watching her eyes spring open as I did. Her bottom was a mess of crop stripes and paddle prints so the touch must have been painful. She was however in sub space and in the throes of a multiple orgasm so she was lost to pleasure. She grabbed her tits and mashed them into my face and I relished the battering finding a hard nipple to chew on. We both climaxed within seconds of each other screaming our orgasms to the rafters. I collapsed feeling as though my cherries had been completely squeezed dry...which in fact they had. I felt her full weight on my thighs but not for long because she was soon obediently licking me clean. I marveled in her submissiveness as her tongue lapped at first my cherries and then my tranny pussy! I had to reluctantly stop her trying to get me hard for a fourth time pleading exhaustion. With wobbly legs I got to my feet and looked down at her, she looked up submissively
"How would you like to be my permanent piggy slave?" I asked hardly suppressing a grin
"Yes please Mistress"
"I will think about it....get dressed and you may let yourself out" I said imperiously watching her eager face drop then turned on my heels
I strutted to the door a wicked grin on my face not looking back at all. Who was I kidding she was a keeper...but it was always good to keep them eager!


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