Daethly Deviations' Journal Feature III

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Deviation Actions

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I'm beginning this journal with a request to you wonderful stamp-makers who might come across this. If anyone would like to make Daethly Deviant support stamps, that would be great. Here's some suggestions for what they could say, just to give you a general idea:

:bulletred: Proud to be a Daethly Deviant
:bulletred: I support Daethly Deviants and their Daethly Deviations.
:bulletred: I bleed Daethly Deviations!
:bulletred: I am a Daethly Deviant Suggester.

All stamps would be added to my journal, of course, and some deviants would have to earn the right to use them :giggle: For example, "Proud to be a Daethly Deviant" stamp would be used by someone who has either been News Featured by me as a Daethly Deviant, or had their Daethly Deviations featured in my journal. Sounds fair enough, right?

So if anyone has any grand ideas, suggestions or offers for stamps, just drop me a note. Thanks. :blowkiss:

And on to the features!
[May Contain Mature Content]

Saturday night fever by kishui The Girl With The Axe by EvanescentMoon Hana by BlackMageAlodia Kiss by blindingraven Galaxy Road by nickizen Kindred spirits by Ironshod :thumb115103362: Nightbringer by Niarbon :thumb117143552: :thumb116950677: when it rains. by Unionhoney My Reflection by LithiumFlowerx :thumb112780415: In a Geisha's Whispers by hidden-glow I dont want to miss one kiss. by anomalia-magnetyczna :thumb116976061: :thumb116877900: Green eyed lady by lepersabstain

Mature Content

of my dreams by q2jacek
lighthouse by q2jacek JellyFish by q2jacek cenatur by q2jacek lady in distress by q2jacek white by q2jacek :thumb117147989: whiter shade of pale. by puss--in--boots Your Splitting Personality by silverin87 Autumn by Jenya88 :thumb96807915: Stock 96 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock Umbrella by Maciej-Koniuszy Sea of Time by justeline To the Sun... by Rykardo BIG Mouth by miki3d :thumb74314844: Speak up against by alivetheycried Abby Flying by dashans Emotion Expression by silverin87 :thumb116661361: :thumb116662375: :thumb116676381: :thumb107312168: :thumb116952433: Fairy Tale by IgNgRez :thumb117048457: :thumb116997263: :thumb116537700: Little Miss-Scare All by just4fun31 In Pieces by badcciintra Light In The End by pelleron pour l'hiver by astrarxh9 :thumb116545345:

Daethly Deviant News Articles:
:bulletred:  Daethly Deviant Vol. I
:bulletred:  Daethly Deviant Vol. II
:bulletred:  Daethly Deviant Vol. III
:bulletred:  Daethly Deviant Vol. IV

Feel free to suggest to me Daethly Deviants & Deviations via note!
SisstreDaethe :iconsisstredaethe:


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thank you sweety :D