Your Drugs Are Your True Love

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Your words are fragile
Like wounds
Left bleeding
      - and unhealed

They mean nothing
Empty words
Floating aimlessly
On the wind.

As empty as you make me
'til I feel
Sometimes I do believe
I am nothing
   - to you

So swallow your pills
I'll swallow my heartache
And swallow your ills
I'll swallow my heartbreak

Once upon a time
We ventured out
Beneath a dying sun
And it was dark and lonely
But you had me
And once upon that night
I spread your palm
And placed inside your hand
A flower
Now too withered up to breathe
You left it like a fossil
Left to carve its death in time
But I can't save the foolish flower
The poor, embittered thing
Is no longer mine

I shut my eyes
And try to think
Try to breathe
(You make me so unhappy sometimes)
And in a suddenly painful silence
I scream!
My lips are spread
And angry words
Go dancing in my head
- Like a ballet
Where every lead
Loses their head
Beneath the guillotine

Oh how you say such things!
Such sweet-
                   such lovely things...
Why can't you MEAN them?
Why can't you SHOW me these words
And cease to ONLY say them?

I wish you'd climb
Down from your cloud
And off your f****** hill
I wish you'd come
Tumbling down
Pass poor old Jack
                            and lonely Jill

But you don't think
I'm worth it
Now, I begin to see
What it is to you I am
And how much to you
              I (don't) mean

Must be
Too much to ask
From 'significance'
As small as I

So swallow up your true-loves, hun
Let me bite my lips
(That quiver)
                    while you die
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stephie2007's avatar
I can extreamly relate to this right now.
It's lovely, I esp. like the end.
Thank you