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DrawThisAgainP1 by Sissiissis DrawThisAgainP1 :iconsissiissis:Sissiissis 10 2 Goozim Attack by Sissiissis Goozim Attack :iconsissiissis:Sissiissis 13 0 Xmas sweater by Sissiissis Xmas sweater :iconsissiissis:Sissiissis 11 0 That Sinking Feeling by Sissiissis That Sinking Feeling :iconsissiissis:Sissiissis 23 8 Flame oN! by Sissiissis Flame oN! :iconsissiissis:Sissiissis 5 0 From Heaven Pic by Sissiissis From Heaven Pic :iconsissiissis:Sissiissis 12 0
From Heaven
I Dreamed I was walking among clouds, I Believed I was Lost when suddenly a shinny light blinded me, when I was capable of seeing what was in front of me I saw it... well actually I saw HIM... I saw his back at first, two beautiful white wings, but from the way my heart was beating I knew it… -" Maes?"- I asked with fear and tears in my eyes, he turned himself... - “Hi Roy!... it's been a while”- he said smiling at me... the same sweet smile he used to give… - “Am I dead?”- I said.... - “No, you're in between... I just came to say hello”- he replied - “I miss you!!”- I screamed while my face looked down... I could feel them... my tears falling on my face just like the day we burried his body... but this time I felt like a lost child, he approached and hugged me, his wings sorrounded my body <em>
:iconsissiissis:Sissiissis 5 0
Training Trap by Sissiissis Training Trap :iconsissiissis:Sissiissis 11 2 Alt Rowena WIP by Sissiissis Alt Rowena WIP :iconsissiissis:Sissiissis 7 0 Doofie little doodle by Sissiissis Doofie little doodle :iconsissiissis:Sissiissis 16 2 Magic Flu by Sissiissis Magic Flu :iconsissiissis:Sissiissis 10 6 Jade1 by Sissiissis Jade1 :iconsissiissis:Sissiissis 5 0
Errantes del Tiempo
S= Hola a todos!, sabemos que ya nos conocen, pero saben... antes esta ciudad era hermosa, llena de luz y vida, libres de miedo, libres como las aves, incluso dice la leyenda que el Tirano Doofenshmirtz sonreía y nosotras éramos sus chicas favoritas.
A= Ah sí, esos tiempos tan lejanos... saben? Nos llamaban Doofians, siempre al lado de ese curioso hombre, mi hermana por su parte era más unida... su mamá y Heinz eran novios... pero dejando de divagar y volviendo a nuestra narración original... Doofians... ese nombre me gustaba, antes de la crueldad de Doof habia maldad dulce, su némesis era un ornitorrico verde llamado Perry... el era un agente secreto! Y mascota de nuestros mejores amigos y vecinos, los Flynn Fletcher!
S= Sí y nosotras teníamos una ornitorrinca de color lila su nombre era Noreen... y al igual que Perry ella era una agente secreta!, es curioso que nos dejaran estar cerca de ellos pues sus
:iconsissiissis:Sissiissis 1 1
LPDI Pagina 5 by Sissiissis LPDI Pagina 5 :iconsissiissis:Sissiissis 2 3 UNCLE by Sissiissis UNCLE :iconsissiissis:Sissiissis 3 4 Magical Kagami by Sissiissis Magical Kagami :iconsissiissis:Sissiissis 13 5


Kingsman x Little!Reader ~ Pleasure to Meet You
"You have a daughter," Eggsy stated plainly - flopping down onto the seat next to Merlin without invitation.
"Good afternoon to you too Eggsy," said the other man wryly - eyes, however, not leaving the little figure digging through the dirt a little ways away. "Do take a seat."
    Eggsy had the good decency to look sheepish at the unspoken reprimand. After so many years in Kingsman, he really ought to have learned his manners by now. 
"To answer your question," the older agent continued. "No. I don't have a daughter. (Name) right there is my niece." 
"Oh..." Eggsy breathed in understanding, leaning back in his seat. "You babysi'in then?"
"She spends her weekends and breaks with me at 'arry's house," Merlin replied, smirking at the sight of his niece who continued to expand her excavation plot - defacing the otherwise beautifully maintained greenery.
Eggsy eyebrows furrowed at the Scotsman's words.
"Wait, so Harry knows 'bout her then?"
:iconrandmwriter:RandmWriter 106 23
Kingsman x Little!Reader ~ Bottle Caps
Being Kingsman was nothing short of being a hero.
    The agents had dedicated their very existence to the task of keeping the evils of the world at bay - rarely sparing a moment for rest in the fear of losing momentum. They would traverse the flames of hell day in and day out (on their well polished oxfords, of course) to afford the world the luxury of ignorance.
Never thanked. Never acknowledged.
But for them, to see those they loved safe and sound was reward enough.
    You see, each of them had something they fought for. Something that spurred them to stand after a bullet-wound to the shoulder and/or a stab wound to the leg.
    For most of them, it was their families: their spouses and children. For Roxy Morton, it was her parents and grandparents. For Eggsy Unwin, it was his mother and his precious little sister, Daisy.
And for Merlin and Harry Hart, their motivation came in the form of a little six-year-old girl named (Name), whose fi
:iconrandmwriter:RandmWriter 90 20
[Mycroft/Reader] You didn't answer my question
You looked up at him and a slight smile appeared on your lips as you just kept staring into those breathtakingly blue eyes of his. Honestly, you could loose yourself in them any time; it was like staring into a starry night and for a moment you briefly wondered if he minded you starting at him like that.
He didn't. He would never admit it, but he actually kind of enjoyed the way you were looking at him. He loved the way your (e/c) eyes started to shine whenever they met his. He loved the way you always seemed to smile when you took your time to just take everything about him in; his haircut or the way his eyes looked like in all kinds of lighting. He loved how your face softened when you glanced at him; how relaxed you seemed to be whenever he was near you.
Moments passed and neither of you said anything or even moved. You had actually lost yourself in his eyes by this point, causing a dreamy expression to form on your face. You didn't notice and he didn't mind. In fact, your calm and
:iconcrimsoncrowley:Crimsoncrowley 67 8
I Want You- Mycroft x Reader 1/2
You longed for his touch, his warm breath against your neck as he devours every single bit of your body with that perfect mouth of his. That’s all you wanted. That’s all you craved for every single time you came face to face with this perfect man, and you were going to get what you wanted…tonight.
You had been dating Mycroft Holmes for quite a while now, four months to be exact. Yes, he kissed you and gave you all of his glorious attention; he even bought you expensive gifts from where he went away on work trips, but the thing is, he never touched you in the way that you wanted him to touch you. Every time things seemed to get more heated, he’d stop and make up pathetic little excuses and you weren't going to believe them for one moment, you knew that Mr Holmes was just shy at this kind of stuff and tonight you were determined that you were going to get rid of his shyness.
Upstairs, you dressed yourself in the sexiest pair of underwear you could find, those und
:iconthorn-in-her-side:Thorn-In-Her-Side 100 34
Mycroft x Reader (one-shot)
“Up! Now!” You groaned into your pillow and looked over at your clock with squinted eyes. It was 2:15pm and to be honest you had no intention of getting up today, you were going to stay in bed and sleep because you couldn’t sleep last night and you’d quite frankly had enough of everything and there was just no point. “(Y/n) I’m not going to tell you again. Get out of bed, now!”
“No, you can’t tell me what to do with my life, go away.” You grumbled putting your duvet over your head.
“Don’t make me order you.”  You lifted your arm from under the duvet and held it up above your head whilst pulling one finger.
“You can’t order me about Mycroft, I’m a grown woman!”  You argued sinking further down under the duvet, still half asleep.
“I’m taking these files to Sherlock. If you’re not up by the time I come back I won’t be hap-”
:iconthorn-in-her-side:Thorn-In-Her-Side 129 25
The Park - Mycroft x Reader
“Oh for Christ’s sake Sherlock!” You cried, quickly grabbing the gun from his hands. “Why the hell are you shooting at the wall!? What has the wall ever done to you!?”
“BORED!” He groaned flopping himself in his chair dramatically. “BORED!”
“JOHN! JOHN COME HERE NOW!!” You heard John’s bedroom door fly open and he came stumbling out, a look of panic on his sleepy hedgehog like face.
“What!? (Y/n) are you ok, what’s happened?!” He exclaimed his arms flailing about everywhere.
“You honestly didn’t hear all that?”
“Hear what?” He asked cocking his head to the side like a confused puppy.
“The gun shots?” You stated pointing at the wall.
“Oh god, Sherlock. You’ve been at it again?” John looked towards Sherlock and then the wall as he let out a loud sigh. “Jesus Christ.”
“BOOOOORED!!!” He got up and tried to grab the gun
:iconthorn-in-her-side:Thorn-In-Her-Side 102 15
Dreaming - Mycroft x Reader
In his dream, Mycroft was back at his home after a long and tedious work trip. Unlocking the front door, he smiled as he dropped his travel bag down in the hallway, soothed by the familiarities of his home: the large painting above the mantelpiece; the wooden cabinet that held bottles of his favourite whiskey...the young woman sitting in his favourite armchair.
Mycroft knew he was dreaming. This didn’t have to make sense. But still he felt a sense of panic as he fumbled for the light switch; gasping when he found himself staring into a very familiar face.
Soft, slightly tousled (h/c) hair. Bright, (e/c) eyes framed by long eyelashes and peering out from beneath perfectly shaped brows. Mycroft knew immediately that the reason he recognised those features so well was because they were the same ones he thought about every day.
“Don’t tell me you don’t remember me,” you purred, a coy smile playing on your dewy red lips that Mycroft often daydreamed about..
:iconthorn-in-her-side:Thorn-In-Her-Side 108 35
Mimmikyu by AliceBlack19 Mimmikyu :iconaliceblack19:AliceBlack19 3 1 Mimmikyu by AliceBlack19 Mimmikyu :iconaliceblack19:AliceBlack19 3 7 Ask the Totalolis: A Bigger Rear? by Mr-Samson Ask the Totalolis: A Bigger Rear? :iconmr-samson:Mr-Samson 254 10 Ask the Totalolis: Deeply in love by Mr-Samson Ask the Totalolis: Deeply in love :iconmr-samson:Mr-Samson 137 12 30 Year Peber Run by senji-comics 30 Year Peber Run :iconsenji-comics:senji-comics 23 6 Ellys Cake World by senji-comics Ellys Cake World :iconsenji-comics:senji-comics 78 7 Lb 67 by senji-comics Lb 67 :iconsenji-comics:senji-comics 20 1 Lb 65 by senji-comics Lb 65 :iconsenji-comics:senji-comics 36 20 CeeT Page 95 by Angelus19 CeeT Page 95 :iconangelus19:Angelus19 408 137




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Ya que me gradué junto con :iconaliceblack19: en Diseño Gráfico y cada vez más nos acercamos a hacer la Maestría me he decidido a hacer comisiones gratis!!!!

Por ahora solo haré 5 y ya les aviso cuando haya más así que quien quiera digame Yo quiero comisión de… (Tema o personaje que quieran)

Y si no quieren o ya no hay espacio y leyeron este Journal pues ya de perdis escriban un comment XD


------- English------

Since I graduated along with :iconaliceblack19: in Graphic Design and also we are getting closer on the Masters Degree I've decided to make free commissions!!

For now I'm gonna make 5 and I'll let you know when I can make more so tell me if you want one "I want a commission of… (You pick the Theme or Character)"

And if you don't want but you read the journal well at least write a comment about it XD



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