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Sacred: Volume 1!!! XD

IT'S OFFICIAL!!! i've received a copy of my manga and i've given the printers the "OK" to print volume 1!!!!WOOOOO!!!

in this journal, i'll be showing you a few more previews of my manga's pages along with showing you the books new size etc. i hope you'll enjoy!!! :heart:

:star:my manga is called "Sacred" and is scheduled to be released early Fall 2009 > U < EDIT:new release date coming soon. please look out for updates!

:star:i've now made the manga smaller than the size i originally planned it to be for one reason: i wanted to make the manga affordable for you guys!! so now that the manga has it's new smaller size i can sell the manga for only $8.50!! i'm so happy, and i hope you guys are happy with the price too :thanks:

:bulletblue:the manga reads from right to left like a traditional manga!

:bulletblue:is the size of an English translated manga (5 X 7 1/2)

:bulletblue:Pages: 224

:bulletblue:genre: Occult/Comedy/Drama

:bulletblue:Rating: this one volume is rated "M" because of violence, gore, and some nudity. The nudity is artistic, but just so that no one is outraged LOL i need to warn you.

:bulletblue:ISBN: 978-0-615-26905-4

:star: here's a little look at the books spine and you can see the barcode and ISBN there XD (PLEASE ignore the back ground ^^; i was in my office and it's filled with paper, supplies and toys LOL)

that's my hand ^ - ^

A few previews!!

:star:here are a few pages from "Sacred"! some you've seen in my last manga update, some are new!

:star: the pages are laid out the way they would appear in the book.

:star:EDIT!!!:star: now you can read chapter one here on!! click the thumb nail image below! :D

:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: Sacred- Volume 1: Cover by SiSero:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

it was SO difficult to chose which pages to show o __ o;; i didn't want to spoil anything crucial ^^;


okay, this is only update numbe 1 of 5

over the next few weeks i'll be updating you guys of what's going on with the manga. here's how it's going to happen.

:star:Update 1(7/9/09)…-proof copy

:star:Update 2(8/20/09)…-books have been printed

:star:Update 3(7/27/09)…-chapter 1 of "Sacred" is being posted

:star:Update 4(12/4/09)…-i'll update you on what stores have accepted the book

:star:Update 5 (12/09)…-the official release date

God willing everything will continue to go according to plan and schedule :thanks: i'm so happy, so nervous, so excited...i've prayed so much over the past 2 years that i've been working on this project and i will continue to have faith that God will continue to guide me...i so thankful. i've worked hard and i'm going to CONTINUE to work hard!! :w00t: i want this so badly! i'm so thrilled to see these first steps happening!! :heart:

Thank you

all i can say is THANK YOU for all of your loving support guys!! i love your enthusiasm, your wacky personalities, and i tell you right now you guys make me work even harder! i love you all!! :glomp:

i hope you'll enjoy my manga when it's released :heart: :blushes:

Friends List!! WOOOOO!!!

MY DA BUDDIES!! (( in no paticular order LOL ))

:iconoryen: :iconky-baby: :iconthebeautifulworld: :iconeva-rocha::iconsagomekitsune124: :iconluinguini-12: :iconpixeldix::iconkissuu: :icongutterface: :iconthecreatorof4: :iconkakoshichiko: :iconleina-haruka: :iconakatsuro: :iconrursus: :iconlivewire07: :iconamitrixwolf: :iconmashmaro: :iconthreshie: :icontamster224: :iconazarath: :iconlechymonk: :iconshuwaty: :icondigital-twilight: :iconk-ayu: :iconkatewonka: :iconkawaii-ruber-ducky: :icongi-loves-you::iconsisters-of-the-night::iconbottle-rockets: :iconkewpiehunni: :iconsora-sweetie: :iconvinnie14: :iconvonny88: :iconb10ndevamp:  :iconhydrolicious::iconarinoco: :iconstrawberrypierogi: :iconkyoaware: :iconhakukagi::iconnyneko: :iconlyfesend: :icondananew1: :icon3eoclock: :iconkankuroffxi: :iconsirenyaazi: :iconbnd-lawrence::iconstorm90xm: :iconjoeman454: :iconshiko-jaie: :iconchibistef: :iconokeru: :iconsand-story: :iconmakiloomis: :iconbluebebopgirl: :iconfoolish-somnium: :iconinnocent-insanity: :iconslipknotcrow: :iconelequinoa: :iconug1106: :iconlinkatrix: :iconpoisonedwaters: :iconguardianyashu: :iconxmashterx: :iconcommit-it-to-memory: :iconliltrix7: :iconfirestar3590: :iconfefnir-fanel: :iconryou-0013: :iconmds-oblivion: :iconsutinen: :iconprincessofdonutland: :iconorangetigre: :iconumeki: :iconlolita-stocking: :iconkazuki88: :iconrunawaykid: :iconkilderok: :icondeerly-hime: :iconnaniatachi: :icongr3y5ky: :iconpostcognition: :iconmistresslegato: :icontaormina: :iconfantomu-urufu: :iconempnezz: :iconadi-san: :iconm-buggie: :icon1337-fiend: :iconlazymills1986: :iconshamiart: :iconkittygg87: :iconheirofglee: :iconmoyobear: :iconforever-nymph: :iconzaije: :icongrasskitten: :iconstarflower135: :iconpillowdemon: :iconcalli128: :iconkeeperofthedead: :iconnuma430: :iconlukitas07: :iconredchinese: :iconheartsandhockeystix:

... and the list is STILL growing!!:D

LINKS!!! ^ o ^

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that is so coooool that you're published! ohh, i get so excited when i see artists on deviantART do well. :) if i may ask - was it an arduous process?