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Sacred vol. 1- teaser page
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Published: September 10, 2009
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Hello everyone! :hug: :heart:

i've been asked a LOT of questions about my manga "Sacred" lately, one of
which being "are you going to show us any more about your story?!"

and as you might know from reading the artist comments under two of my
recent pieces, i want you guys to know that my story isn't all laughs and
chaotic...chaos XD (thouuugh there is LOTS of that! :heart: )

there is a darker side to my story, and i hope that this page might at least
give you a tiny taste of that :D

:star:NOTE: all panels in this page are taken directly from
my manga from random pages :D so they may or may NOT fit well together LOL

and with that said, please enjoy this little teaser page (i guess that's what
you'd call it?? o _ o;; )

i love you all, and i'll speak to you soon!! :hug:


PLEASE RESPECT MY WORK!! these characters/story and logo are protected under federal law and are to be used in a publication. do not reproduce, claim as your own or post /print anywhere without written consent from the publishers. thank you.
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Yura-chan General Artist
sweet XD
Ravenr20's avatar
Ravenr20Student Traditional Artist
I am lovin thes story right now!:heart::heart:
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
OMGEE!! THANK YOU so much for enjoying "Sacred"!! i'm so excited you do!! :glomp: :heart:
Ravenr20's avatar
Ravenr20Student Traditional Artist
It's like the best thing I've ever read! The story is interesting!
Raigan-Chan's avatar
I awnna read it so bad! I'm going to but it as soon as possible!!!! :D
Jackqa's avatar
I got hooked when I found out Cecero has a demon inside. I usually don't like anime cause it has a lot cliche parts. I'm starting to like this one. :dummy: So yays! Now I must buy when it comes out. *gasph* It'll be a first too. Never have bought a manga before. :)
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
OMGEE!! thank you!! i can totally understand that = 3 = LOL really?! you've never bought a manga before?! I'M SO HONORED!! :iconiloveyouplz: i can't tell you how excited i am!!! well "Sacred" is now available at Barnes &! [link] a new shipment will be coming in this week so if you're still interested, please look out for it online, okay hun? :blushes: thank you AGAIN for wanting to support my manga!! it means so much to me! :hug:
Mikhal-Strange's avatar
Mikhal-StrangeProfessional Digital Artist
OOOOOO- yeah I'm hooked I'll admit it ^^;
-maybe I should support you and actaully by the rest- I'm a fan of graphic novels...
actaully I'm now considering making my Zelda fan fic a graphic're very inspiring you know =D
-though I need to finsih writing it first- really long >.<- and I keep rewriting it because I'm so damn fussy. -how do you have the pacients for this?? -do you have the whole story written out or do you just let it unfold?
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
OMGEE!!!! :eager: SO HAPPY YOU ENJOYED IT!!! :glomp:
my, thank you hun!! :blushes: if you are interested, please visit this link to my journal :heart: [link]

REALLY?!! you so should! :love: me? inspiring?! o/////o :hear: i'm...i'm honored!
i'm not sure! patience is needed but what's needed even more so is dedication and love for the story :) i'm always adding scenes to my story to make the plot more believable and juicy LOL but yes, my entire story has been written out and right now i'm working on the scripts for each chapter and volume :D it's so much fun honestly LOL :giggle: i've always loved to write ^///^

most of my story came to be because i simply let it become what ever it wanted to become and i let it, as you said, "unfold" :) but once a true plot came to be it became my job to make sure everything lined up properly so that the plot made sense etc. i hope this helps! :hug: and good luck with your manga and thank yous o much for your loving support! :glomp: :blushes:
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It's a little late, mainly because I just found out about it, but well, I can honestly tell you that you've just earned yourself a dedicated fan. I just finished reading the first chapter and I have to say that, combined with this teaser page, has got me wanting to buy the manga. Ooh, I just can't wait for it to come out in stores~!

This is such a brilliant manga, I have to tell you, and so unique! I know you much get this a lot, but you really are a fabulous artist, and the fact that you do everything traditionally just makes both you and this comic even more incredible!

And now that I have (temporarily) finished my fangirling, I must go and look through your gallery~! :heart: Keep up the fantastic work, and I'll be sure to buy all the volumes!
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
my goodness, THANK YOU SO MUCH for enjoying my story!! ; U ; :heart: i'm so honored!! :glomp: my goodness, you want to read the rest too?! THANK YOUUU!! LOL i just updated my journal because "Sacred" is now available at Barnes & and can be ordered at B&N stores! [link] a new shipment will be coming in this week so if you're still interested, please look out for it online, okay hun? :blushes: it will be back in stock soon! :D and if and when it's sold out again, a new shipment is scheduled to ship immediately afterward! ^///^

you're too kind :blushes: i can't possibly thank you enough for your kindness! i...i don't know what to say!! i'm literally speechless!! LOL thank you for feeling this way about my work and for appreciating that i do everything traditionally! it means so MUCH!! :heart:

thank you for enjoying my work my story, for being sooo SWEET to me OMGEEE and for wanting to support my manga!! you're truly a lovely person :thanks: :heart:
Kaname-Natsumi's avatar
Of course I'm still interested! Oh I can't wait to get my very own copy! Once it's back in stock I'll be sure to order it! I was serious when I said you had a dedicated fan, you know.

Oh you're welcome, and I've said it before, but you deserve every bit of the praise I've given you. Honestly, you truly are amazing and that I actually have the chance to tell you so, and that you appreciate my comments, makes my day. :aww:

You're work and story are hard not to enjoy. I have to say thank you to you too, for your kind words back to me - they make me even more excited (if possible) to buy Sacred! :heart:
sugartart's avatar
hahah, this could almost fit together as a page if the before and after was explained well-enough. (read the page before the comment and thought it made sense) the way i saw it was that the 'bad guy' was questioning cecero's 'source of strength', and a clip reel of flashbacks showed, implying his friends were that strength source. i highly doubt this has anything to do with what's REALLY going on here, but all the same i felt like sharing a thought. thinking aloud, if you will. :D
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
LOL XD what a crazy scene this would have been ROFL (HAHAHAHAHA!!! SERIOUSLY?!! :rofl: that's too funny! XD ) i've had ppl read my manuscripts in the American format and when i tell them "'re reading it backwards XD" they've said "but it made sense! ARE YOU SURE?!! LOL" WTH?! that's so weird to me!!

oh man...*looks at page...that makes SO MUCH freaking sense!!! XDD :heart: i love it!! LMAO oh MAN i wonder what ppl who have read this and have now read the manga, what do they think? it's available now online at so...*dances* I'M SO EXCITED!!
sugartart's avatar
hahah me too! i'm not able to order it online but i'm keeping my eye out for it in borders. :D i'll let you know if it makes it to australia, and naturally pick up a copy too. XD
EriKooriKo's avatar
EriKooriKoHobbyist General Artist
"I love you man!!"
"you're naked..remember?"
XDDD Oh my, too funny!!
Uh, I wanna buy your manga but I'm in Italy..How can I buy it? :/
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
HAHAHHAHAA!! XD :heart: oooh, those boys! :giggle:

oh sure hun! :D (i MIGHT have told you this already, so please forgive me for being repetitive ; __ ; )so far barnes and nobles and borders book stores have accepted my manga and it will be available in the upcoming months! these stores also ship over seas and have stores over seas so it shouldn't be hard to find my manga :) i'll be updating you all on it's official release through journals and deviation, so please look out for those! :D
EriKooriKo's avatar
EriKooriKoHobbyist General Artist
Woah, I hope I'll see your manga here in Italy soon! :D
Yeah, I'll certainly look them :3
unexpected-destiny's avatar
If the dark part is about men being naked then I'm fully into itXD
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
perhaps it is > U >
DarkRedPhantomX's avatar
DarkRedPhantomXProfessional Artist
DX Can I order your book now please?! It looks awesome!!!
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
OMGEE!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :glomp: hopefully you'll be able to pretty soon :thanks:

if God permits i'll have some great news to share in about 3 weeks :thanks: the manga i being reviewed to see if it's good enough to be in stores/online, so i'll continue to pray! i hope it passes the review ; U ; :heart:
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yamiko-michiProfessional Traditional Artist
that is such a neat idea just like a movie preview awesome!
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