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Published: January 30, 2007
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hello everyone!! sorry i haven't been posting much ^^; busy.... *sigh*
anyway, this is the illustration i made for a card for my fiancee' :iconginame: :heart: :heart:
it was for our first anniversary :cake: and the card had like what, four pages of writing inside?? LOL ( it was more like a mini book than a card ^^; )he had a WONDERFUL reaction to it believe me :giggle:

him with his pony tail and business shirt, me with my "curly knots" and puffy sleeves; our usual attire LOL ( we're creatures of habbit :giggle: )

:star: :star: why a sushii restaurant?? for our first date he took me out to eat sushi :heart: THAT... is a ver good memory to me :heart:

hope you enjoy!!!! :hug:

done in Copic markers and ink :heart:


:bounce::star:[link] :star::bounce:

:heart: you can also read chapter one here! :heart:

thank you so MUCH to everyone who has supported my manga thus far :thanks: i'm so THRILLED you've all enjoyed it ! :cuddle:
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Tekai001Hobbyist General Artist
This is cute!
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MereChanHobbyist General Artist
this is super cute!! :XD:;;;; (cliche, I know <XD) I can really see the love you two have for one another and it really shows in your work! I :heart: it! <XD
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I just answered a food pool where I voted for sushi as the best food XD

I have never been to a sushi restaurant T^T *shame* I have only eaten homemade by me and friends... and I can't cook food. I can only make desserts :heart: (coincidence? :3)

You look really cute together and the little book was such a good idea ^^ he had a WONDERFUL reaction.. :giggle:
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Awwww congrats XD (Even though this is... what, 3 years later?!) Anyways, I love your curls XD You're so lucky, my hair doesn't curl... or straiten or anything lol XD
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I JUST LOVE THIS! ONE! >w<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You two look so cute!!!!!
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i dont know why but this reminds me of jellybeans XD!!!!
i guess the eyes the way they curve @___@ i like the popcorn flavor :P
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SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
XD HAHAHAAHA!!!! thats actually pretty true!! :giggle:
yeah!! it has to be!!! the little hand nibs scare my mother LMAO
...shes a freak i tell you!!!

p-popcorn flavor!!?? OOOH YEAH!! they d have those!!! XD im a fruity flavor person :giggle: i like mixing them to get a crazy fruit cocktail :D though i don't really eat candy that much > __ > thought you know Halloween left us with LOTS of treats so LOL everyone in my families been chewing gum and endulgeing in blowpops :D
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lol yeah XD!!!! i love making mixing flavors XD!!!
OMG!! i also heard they had weirder flavors they had vomit and earwax flavor DX!!!
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SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
yes they DOOO!!! XD those freaking Harry Potter bits of chaos!!! :rofl: LMFAO

it's soo much fun to just hand them to ppl!! :giggle: i mean like my family members who i know for sure have no idea bout such candies, just handing them one of those bits of hell and seeing them want to gag!!! LOL wooo!! good times man!!:heart: my younger cousins know about these candies so you have to like convince them that you won;t trick them :heart:

of course... i klie when i tell them this XD
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LOL!!! thats funny!!
when i heard about that i was like what it wrong with those little kids XD!!
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SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
i haven;t seen the movie with those candies (if they even have those things in the movie o __ o ) so i can;t understand for the LIFE of me what they have to do with being "magical" kids LMAO
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BlyBoy3Student Artisan Crafter
:lol: i:love: :wow: :dance: :deviation:
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CUTE! :D its very lovely!
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SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
OMG!! XD thank you soo MUCH sweety for thinking so sweety!! :hug::hug::hug:
im so happy you enjoyed it :heart:
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you're very welcome!!!! :D
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haha aww really cute ^_^. Awesome job with the colors - I cant believe you did this with copics!! It looks so amazing :). Gosh, I wish I had copics , but they're just so expensive...:(.
Anyways, I really like your art. Keep up the great work! :+fav:
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SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
OMGEE!! :heart: thank you soo much for enjoying this piece sweety!!:hug: :D im so happy you do!! ^ o ^ oh wow!! :blushes: yes i did this with copic makers:heart: it;s true, they can be very pricey, but thats why i like buying them at this website Giname found. they sell Copics for less than i've seen them anywhere!! if you're interested, i could note you the link!! :boogie:

thank you for your kindess, and i really appreciate the fave!! :glomp::excited:
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ooops soz I misunderstood XDDX (<the link thing)...
Yes please I'd love to check out that website! Sounds exactly like the thing I was looking for. :)
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SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
cuz 1,000 different things were going through my mind all at once!! XD
absoluutely sweety!! :D i'll send you a link in a note if you don't mind!! ^ - 0:heart: they sell prismas for less too incase you would like to know!! :boogie:
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yeah, sorry if I confused you a bit there -_-'...
Kewl! :D and thanx again!
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:aww: np.
Wow that'd be really cool! [link] I guess?
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SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
OMG!! what's that site you just sent me to?? im so confused XD
did you make that??
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I love your artwork. Especially since you use traditional media. Almost everything is done in computer's nowadays.
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