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Published: September 22, 2009
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hello everyone!! :hug:

so sorry for the odd posts lately! i promise to have more artwork up AFTER the con this weekend ; U ; :heart:


this was TOTAL serendipity!!
we couldn't find the USB wire for the camera, so i took a photo of the camera showing the photos i wanted XD

then i fell in love with how it looked :giggle: so sorry for my wierdness :blushes:

only after i finished this ID did we find that pesky USB wire!! XD LOL go figure > U <

TOMORROW'S MY 22nd B-DAY!!! :heart::eager::heart: my goodness!!! TT U TT and this weekend is the New York Anime Festival!!! WOOOO!!! :w00t: i can't wait to see some of you there!! :hug: i'll have soem new artowkr and completed commissions after the con! right now i'm trying my best to juggle commissions and convention prep ^^;


if you haven't read it guys LOL.....:heart:

:star:PLEASE enjoy Chapter 1 of my upcoming manga, "Sacred"! :D:star:


:bounce::star:[link] :star::bounce:

thank you so MUCH to everyone who has supported my manga thus far :thanks: i'm so THRILLED you've all enjoyed it ! :cuddle:
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is this a wig? i thought you had curly hair :matteo:
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SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
LOL XD i DO have curly hair! VEEERY curly hair! i just used a flat iron here :3

maybe you can't tell it's my real hair in these pics either ; A ; LOL (i've never been asked that before!! XD )
CherryFlamingUke's avatar
omg i just realized you took a pic of a camera i thought it was a pic of you inside a t.v XDDD im sucha idiot!!!!
HellWingz's avatar
lmao it took me a while to realize this too
i thought they were old t.v.s from like the 60s

hey if we both thought this, then... there couldnt possibly be 2 idiots out there, could there? :matteo:
CherryFlamingUke's avatar
Indeed I believe so XD
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strawberryzombieStudent Digital Artist
yer beautiful 8//3
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hakukamizakiStudent Photographer
you should so submit it normally and see how it looks ^-^

one above the other still of course!
OfGermanBlood's avatar
OfGermanBloodStudent Photographer
you are very pretty!
sminr's avatar
sminrStudent Digital Artist
Wow you are so prettyy > U < :heart:
And the photo thingy looks cool =w=
i thought it was a tv XD
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AtrinoisaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy belated birthday!!! (extra belated...homg am I slow...)'re so cute! Talent and good looks?? It should be illegal. =P

and I looove your hair cut! It's similar to my original characters hair,'s also how I wish my hair was but since it's so curly, I just can't pull it off. (straightening it isn't an option because it's just that curly, it only curls back up on itself after an hour or so.) o.o
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Aw, cute hair is cute! :3
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
HAHAHA!! XD aww!! :heart:
deerly-hime's avatar
deerly-himeProfessional Interface Designer
you look so beautiful hun~
Feonalily's avatar
you are so beautiful o-o
i'm jealous lol <333
ryou-0013's avatar
The hair, the haaaaaiiiirrr!!! >w<

Also, happy belated birthday, hun! Best wishes for you. :blowkiss:
Kawaii-RUBER-DUCKY's avatar
Your hair looks awesome - I really like the new look :D
Happy (late) Birthday! I hope you had a good one :party:
I don't think I'll be able to go to the convention...
Have fun and good luck this year! I'm sure you'll do great~
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OMG!!! YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!
HAHA!!! i cut my hair a few months ago just like that just much shorter upto my chin LOL
i loved it! sadly my hairs long :(
i love the new look! its good to have a change
oh! and happy be lated :) :cake:
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
so sorry i'm so late!! OMGEE!! ; __ ; forgive meeee!!!

LOL :giggle:

last time i saw you (at AnimeNEXT) my hair was like this! only it was allowed to be curly *giggle snort*
awww!! you must have looked so PRETTY with your hair like that!!! ; o ; :heart: yeah!! i wanted it MUCH shorter BUT i have really curly hair! so i need to leave it longer (when it's straight) or else when it curls up...INSTANT FRO!! XD LMFAO

and THANK YOU for the b-day wishes!! :glomp: *eats slice of cake*
kittygg87's avatar
aahh!! i see! i didnt notice cause it was curly!!
but it was fun having my hair that short! im prolly
gunna get nother really short cut :D but for now imma
bask in my longish hair haha im struggling to get curly
hair :( but it just gets frizzy!! damn product :shakefist:

your welcome!
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darkittyloveHobbyist Artist
Beautiful!!!! I love how it turned out too!

XxXLilAeroXxX's avatar
Awww hey you look so pretty =^^=
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ChibiSlaveStudent General Artist
At first I thought it was an old television screen or something... idk lol
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ElvynneProfessional Interface Designer
LOL I love this pic XDD You're so prit-ay :3
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