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Manuscript and Comic Paper 101

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Published: January 9, 2011
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How To Use Screen Tone

How To Use Screen Tone by SiSero


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Hello everyone!! :glomp:

How are you all enjoying 2011 so far?! I hope it's treating
you well! :thanks:

It's so exciting to me when I get questions from you guys
asking me about the publishing process and about how to
created manga pages! :blushes: it's wonderful to know that
so many of you want to go out there and make your
own manga!! :heart: so to help you guys out, i've created
a tutorial on how to use tone and now *drum role* a
tutorial on "How To Use Manuscript/Comic/Manga Paper" :love:

there are LOADS of lines and boxes on the paper adn it can
confusing ^^; so i hope this will clear up some questions
you might have :)


please enjoy and i hope this iwll be helpful :thanks:


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Travinity's avatar
TravinityHobbyist Digital Artist
Does measuring it on ruler work?
tdpubs's avatar
tdpubsProfessional General Artist
Thanks for the demonstration. One thing I noticed is that there is no explanation for the live area dotted border. It may seem self explanatory, but some folks may not know that.
AralonSky's avatar
AralonSkyHobbyist General Artist
I know it's a bit late, but sometimes in manga's you see that people draw characters outside the borders.. Why won't that be cut off? Or do they put the pictures a bit lower and smaller so they fit? 
ElDougieFresh's avatar
ElDougieFreshHobbyist General Artist
I have a question.  Would any Publisher accept Manuscripts done in Digital Format like CSP, even though it's in the required format?  And if so, how do you submit it?  Do you need a special printer, or do you just email it to them?
CrazyFangirl01's avatar
CrazyFangirl01Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Where do you get this type of paper from?
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
You can find it by googling it or searching on Amazon :D
Chiibe's avatar
ChiibeStudent Filmographer
What exactly are the purpose of the dotted lines in the middle? I've looked up a few tutorials on how to use manga paper and some say draw inside the dotted lines and some say draw inside the borders and now I'm just confused :noes: 
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
No problem! :heart:

The dotted lines: When creating a page where the illustrations are within a panel (the white of the paper frames the panels all around) use these lines as guides to know where to add your panels. Panels should be within this border.

Page Number Boxes: Located below dotted lines. This is where page numbers should go. Notice how they are located neatly below the dotted lines (which is where the lines of your panels should go.)

Inner Border: SAFETY ZONE!! Anything drawn beyond this line runs the risk of getting trimmed off when the book in sprinted! So keep all crucial things (i.e. faces, dialogue etc.) within these lines!

</b>Outer Border</b>: Draw beyond this line to have a "full bleed" page (a page where the illustrations touch the edged of the page/illustrations are cropped and are continued beyond what can fit on the paper)

I hope this helps! :D
nisofeve's avatar
Hello Sisero, I'm Hanis from Malaysia. can I put your Tutorial on screen tones and manuscript/comic paper on my facebook page (with credit).
mariadelhuerto's avatar
i have a doubt,this paper is only for one page?Then why these people make the manga manuscript in a page divided in 2 parts?… ,even i see page in 2 parts in the anime 'bakuman'.
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
This is for one page :) However, turn it sideways and it is now used for a two page spread :nod: I've worked with publishers in the USA and this is how they format pages ;) I hope this answers your question! :heart:
jurc61098's avatar
jurc61098Professional General Artist
Question : can I please habe the maesurements of the grid. I want to make the mangapaper myself  :D ( sorry if this comment is repeated, I did not see it appear) 
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
Hello dear,

I honestly don't know the measurements to the grid and wouldn't want to give you the wrong measurements either. But you would be able to purchase a pack of manuscript paper at any art store for about $8.00-$12.00 and would be able to accurately recreate the grid on plain paper :) If you decide to crate the measurements yourself, I recommend using Bristol paper or any other high grade/professional grade paper. Anything less then that would not make a good impression on a publisher and may prevent your manuscripts from being accepted. When a publisher receives tens of thousands of applicants a month, they will find ANY little thing to reject a submission. During an internship, I've seen manuscripts being rejected because the author didn't address their letter to the proper editor!!

Professionalism means everything :nod:

Take care, God bless and good luck! :wave:
jurc61098's avatar
jurc61098Professional General Artist
thank you for taking the time to reply! ^_^ also, thanks for the advice! 
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
No problem! You can actually purchase manga paper from this site for only $6.95!!-->… This is my favorite brand! :love:
I wish you so much luck,  my dear! Feel free to message me when ever you'd like :3
jurc61098's avatar
jurc61098Professional General Artist
*have the measurements
TysonLaFollette's avatar
Ah! Thank you for the informative guide! :)

Comic paper is unavailable in my area locally, so I really wanted to know just what all the little marks are used for. You've explained it all wonderfully. :la:
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
They don't sell it in my area either XD I Buy them from this site!… A pack of 50 for $6.95!
I'm so thrilled that my tutorial was so helpful, my dear! I hope that this link along with this tutorial will be of use to you! :heart:
TysonLaFollette's avatar
Thank you for the link, but I've taken to drawing the guide lines using a ruler on regular old paper, and I find that I like it. :shrug: It's kind of exhilarating to make something so professional and sharp looking on my own. :)
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
Understood :) That's how I feel when I stretch my own canvas and mix my own paint. But please keep in mind that I'm giving you advice as a professional in the field. Publishers don't make a habit of accepting drawings done on anything that isn't industry standard manuscript paper ^^; I've heard of artists being told to redraw illustrations on manuscript paper so that they could be sure that the size and measurements are exact. Regardless of what you choose to do, I wish you luck :)
TysonLaFollette's avatar
Thank you for the warning. It sounds like the sort of thing that bigwigs in industry would do.

I don't have to worry much at this point. All my comics are just for fun. (Well, except maybe one.)
SiSero's avatar
SiSeroProfessional Traditional Artist
Basically (it's the sad truth...)
But just keep having fun, explore your abilities, and one day if and when you feel like you want to submit a story to a publisher, you know what to use :D
Kokoppuccino's avatar
KokoppuccinoStudent General Artist
Haha! When I thought this was used for animation.. I'll have my fun here. This is really helpful thanks!
Jamocha101's avatar
Jamocha101Student Digital Artist
I was so happy to find this, because I had done a frantic Google search before, and could never get any information. But even with this, I'm still confused--not your fault; mine, because I'm such a novice and have no idea what to do. I desperately want to publish a simple comic book--sixteen to twenty-four pages, or so--and I have Bristol sequential art paper that looks similar to this to do it. However, there are some things about this that I don't understand. Please be prepared, the following questions will sound very stupid:

I don't get the general procedure of drawing and printing the comic book. You say that you're supposed to draw up to the outer margin, and I get why, but how do you know that you're drawing to the outer margin on the computer? Are you supposed to have a digital image of it and open it in whatever visual creation tool you're using? I usually use SAI, for example--should I scan the Bristol paper and open it in an SAI document, then simply draw on top of it as if I was doing it traditionally?

Also, does the printer just "know" where to cut off the image? Once you've printed the pages, you're supposed to cut the outer margins and stuff (like where the ruler is) by hand, right? I also don't understand how you arrange the pages to go in sequence, but that'll have to wait until I understand the bare essentials.

I'd be thrilled to finally get some answers...sorry for the length, that's germinated from my thriving naivety. Thanks for your time, if you ever get to read~ :)
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