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How To Use Screen Tone


Manuscript & Comic Paper 101

Manuscript and Comic Paper 101 by SiSero


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Hello everyone! :glomp:

I've been hard at work on Sacred vol.2 and while answering my cousins questions about screen tone i thought "WOW!! i'd love to do a tutorial on that!!" so here it is! :3

this is a little over view of the BASICS of using tone / adhesive tone/ comic tone/ manga tone etc. (it goes by a TON of names XD ) like it states in the tutorial, some things might seem like common sense BUT you'd be surprised how long it takes for one to learn these lessons LOL trial and error, messing up, and finding tone scraps on your pets are JUST a few of the issues! ROFL

i hope you'll enjoy this guys!! HAVE FUUUN!! and feel free to ask questions!!



▋ How To Use Manga / Comic paper: explaining what the guidelines on the paper mean and how to use them

▋ How To Color With Copics: the basics + Copic marker care


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I actually have a problem right now that I can't figure out! I'm making a fan based comic but I drew  it on lined paper because I didn't have regular blank paper. But when I got blank paper the comic pages I already drew was everything I like! But I don't know how to clean out the horizontal blue lines from the there something I can' do to edit them out?
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dont mind me asking, do you know what type of adhesive paper to use for printing screentones? one that wont rip the paper when applying or taking off?
Blood-Mango's avatar
I was wondering if you NEED to use a tone Hera and tone cutter because on amazon they take a few weeks to get here and none accept prime. If I do, could you send me a link to the product? If so, that would be awesome!
I want to start using the halftone screens from Deleter (the 65 line and 85 line screens). I don't see any darker than 50% though. Can the screens be overlapped to create a darker tone?
drawcuIa's avatar
Sweet, thank you! I've always wondered how screen tones were used! I didn't know half of what you just taught me XD
triangulor's avatar
This is pretty cool! I have wanted to use tone sheets for like 5+ years (I guess that is how long this tutorial has been up!) but never been game. I am finally making a comic and I thought I have to do it now or I never will. I came here to see if you really do need to pay all that money for a conveniently shaped piece of plastic (hera). It seems like your answer is yes. *sigh* Oh well better to do it right I suppose:P. Thanks for the help. :)
SiSero's avatar
I wouldn't paint a portrait using my toes or a toothbrush ^^; Use the appropriate tools, treat your art with respect and dignity, and you'll get the results you're looking for :) You can always use primarily inking techniques for your manga (which I also do :heart: ) It will take up more time BUT will save you money (in case that's a concern of yours! :) ) I hope  my tutorial was helpful! :D
triangulor's avatar
well I already bought it. You are so right, if you are going to do art you should have the right tools!
hi again, i just been looking on ebay, seems that i can buy the screen tone paper from ebay quite cheap. will be doing that. if anyone knows any better places to buy please let me know. cheers
SiSero's avatar
that's awesome! I hope it all works out! :D
Hey, that was excellent step by step instructions. Thanks!

I recently got back into manga. And was wondering any ideas where can I buy screen tone paper from? i am really keep to follow your step by step guide, you do make it look easy.  I used to be able to buy it from Letraset years ago, but it seems they dont sell it anymore.

If you have any ideas then please let me know.

thanks for the help.

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I'm so happy my tutorial was helpful! I actually purchase my screen tone from the Japanese manufacturer DELETER. They have a US/English site that is very easy to navigate :) I this is helpful! :wave:
Greaser-Wolf's avatar
where do you get these materials? and the Manga paper?
SiSero's avatar
I buy all of my manga supplies here! The manga paper is on sale for only $6.95!-->…
I also purchase screen tone from Japan's #1 manga supplies maker, Deleter! :D -->

I hope this helps! :heart:
Greaser-Wolf's avatar
Thank you so much!
SiSero's avatar
No problem, hon! It was my pleasure to help! :D
MANGAKrAfter's avatar
You have no idea how much this just helped me....thank you.

I can also see you are a bit of a manga artist yourself (I haven't had a chance to read it yet, just noticed it right now). I am in the middle of an art video assignment, but I am working on a manga for my japanese class (I have to memorize the dialog in japanese) so I can't read it right now. But if you ARE going to be a mangaka....I welcome the competition. XD
SiSero's avatar
I'm thrilled to know my tutorial has helped you! :D Screen tone is such a in material to use :heart:

 And in regards to my manga, I can happily say that my beloved story is available in stores across the USA :blushes: It took hard work, but it's all been so worth it! If you're thinking of pursuing this as a career as well, I think you too can find real happiness and fulfillment in it :thanks: Sharing your work with others is such a humbling and joyful experience, and the incredible support my title has received has been such a blessing :heart: If you'd like, you can learn more about my title or learn about signing events or conventions, please visit my site @

And good luck on your Japanese class project! :D If you have any questions regarding tone etc. please feel free to ask!
MANGAKrAfter's avatar
Yeah...this is one: how do you get it physically? I don't have much money on me (despite that fact I do a lot of errand, my parents are kind enough to let me still live at home as long as I still go to school). I suppose I could just do it digitally, but....I don't know. I don't really like doing digital art. It doesn't have that same feel as doing it with good old pen and ink. 

Also, how did you get published? Is it self-published or are you sponsored? Did you do a one-shot first? 
SiSero's avatar
Sure,  hon! And i totally understand how you feel because I'm a traditional artist myself! I prefer doing it all by hand too :3

I buy my tones here-->…
and my manga supplies / manuscript paper here-->…

If you're on a TIGHT budget, you can buy some tone, scan it and apply it digitally :nod: The paper for manga is standard for publishers and will make it easier for you to draw you panels out without there being any guess work (i.e. what will get trimmed off when the book is printed etc.) so I suggest you invest in that for sure (a pack of 50 sheets is $6.95)

An I'm self published :) I travel to conventions all year long, I'm invited to conventions as a guest author and sell my art. It's my passion and my only income because I want to focus on nothing else but college and my art :heart: It's very fulfilling work if you do it for the right reasons (such as the love of sharing your work and entertaining ppl) but it's hard work and deserve your full attention :nod:
MANGAKrAfter's avatar
I understand, I also learned how to use screen tone digitally. check out my two latest works. It isn't perfect, but it's good practice for a new comer like me XD
guitarstoanime's avatar
really cool tut! finding stuff like these soon! 
pdfletcher's avatar
awesome, yours is a lot clearer than most of the ones ive read on the internet. Defiantly going to try this, now I know how it is done
Emmahl's avatar
Thanks, this is very helpful! I'm planning on buying screentones soon so it's handy to know how to apply them :p
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