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Eclipse - Twitter

Eclipse - Twitter I kinda don't do shit on Twitter, but....... here it be |D
Just a reminder that commissions are still open. I haven't really been doing much on deviantart as of late, but it's still going strong elsewhere Though ngl, I need to revamp my commission list

Let's Address the Elephant In the Dark

Let's Address the Elephant In the Dark

Now, I bet you're not wondering, "what elephant should I be noticing in said darkness?" well... it's something that I avoided looking at for quite some time and I feel that I should probably address it directly. But first, let's start from the beginning of why I decided to make this journal. So today I have been watching a video that pretty much talks about why BELIEF is more important than TALENT, an excellent video in a whole line of excellent past, present, and future videos from an artist who is very raw in the way he talks about things, let alone paint. I've been watching his content for quite sometime now and with each video, even the

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Hello ^^ u do warrior cat rps ?


Not sure if you remember our conversation; it kinda died off a few months ago and I think both of us got more important things to do these days anyway. I just wanted to come back and say ‘thank you’ for listening. I’m sorry for having occupied your time like this, but talking to you really did make me feel a lot better. Not sure how you felt about it, but I want to let you know that if you need someone to talk, you are always welcome to send me a note anytime.

Hope you are doing well and are healthy

SiscoCentral1915Hobbyist General Artist

Oh yeah, sorry about that ;w;

Ever since Deviantart massacred itself, I just couldn't bring myself to jump back in here willingly. But yeah, you're welcome~! I'm glad our talk made you feel better ^^

I always like to help others out so, I'm glad it all paid off in the end :3

Also I'm doing alright. Been finding out stuff about myself that has led me to better my state of mind as of late, so I'm much better off than the last time you saw me uwu

Been messing about on Twitter so ye, my page is just kind of in limbo until I bring myself to do commissions again. I have a few ideas on what to do with it and to better my page n stuff lol

hi, sorry for the incredibly late reply! ^^;

I semi-left deviantart to avoid certain drama and am much more active on discord these days (I'll note you my discord if you ever need me responding quicker)

glad to hear that your state of mind has improved! I've honestly not cared to improve my page either, so I understand;; eclipse is still rather messy

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How is everyone doing?

This layout is murdering me right now.

I can't handle it Obi Wan Facepalm Icon

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Happy late  Birthday! ! ! ! 
Make it one of the best birthday you make of it this year!! stay heatly and best wishes~~
happy DA B-day :3 MenInASuitcase Day128 - Happy Birthday Kao Emoji-16 (Happy Birthday) [V1]
ShadowEclipexHobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Happy Birthday,
From all of us to you!!~
We wish it was our Birthday
So we could party too!!~
Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D