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Exploration (finished)

By Sirzi
Finished YCH-picture for PathfinderCS.
This is the second time when somebody asked me about a deer OC. :)
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Is there some story behind this image? I mean, a doe on an adventure it seems, but that's pretty obscure.

*reads descrption*

I take it as no, would be cool if there was some story behind it, though.
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Well, I think if anyone must to make the backstory for this, it would be the OC's owner. I'm just an artist. :)
If it would be my OC here, then of course I could tell some backstory about it.
I expected this answer. Thanks for the response. :)
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I could probably think of one if I had the time. Autumn is friends with a group of archeologist and scholarly ponies who all have an interest in exploring and discovering lost & ruined temples, and the like, and Autumn has a goal of finding a lost, ancient city of deer. :)
This is a nice background on what is happening, it sure brings abstract depth to the image. :)
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Well, I have a certain love for my pony and deer OCs, and I like to give them back-stories as such. I was just lucky that Sirzi had this background as the YCH. It fits perfectly with my OC group. :)
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ИИИИ!!! Ты превзошёл сам себя) Офигенская ланка ^^
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Ого, даже так? ^^;
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ЕЕЕЕЙ. Отличный олень!
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Yep. And not last one)
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Thank you Sirzi for the opportunity to have Autumn in one of your YCH pieces. Been waiting for that for quite a while. :)
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You're welcome. I'm always glad to draw a good deer OC. ^^
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Hey Sirzi, what's around the doe's neck? I'm saw it before on Bramble, but I'm not sure it's the same thing.
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Yes, as it says before, it's the same thing.
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Oh; it's the same thing. When I wanted to make a deer OC I wanted to base them around how the deer in the comics were presented, and a key part of that was the potion-filled container around their necks. :)
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