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I wasn't quite satisfied with GIMP's default ink settings and dynamics. So I Created My own Brush Dynamics and Paint presets to provide a better inking experience in GIMPAdjusted curves for thinner better tapered lines in gimp. 
I've decided to share here maybe someone will find them useful. To use move files or folders into proper GIMP folders. No cred necessary use how ever you wish.
 if used it'd be nice to see your artwork. Enjoy! 
Feel free to fav+ or comment if downloaded please thank you!
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Thanks a lot, I'll give it a try!

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AlyCatDrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
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Hey guys. I managed to get these settings working on my system, this setup helps me out a great deal.

I actually had to look up the video that was posted in the comments by the maker, SirWillPerkins, since installing the brushes was a big hassle. After that I played around with it to get my preferred settings. I actually made three setting options that range from thin, normal, and then to broad depending on what I need for my inking. All in all, this really helps out a great deal. 

If you wanna take a look at a small example, here's a link: Sajin Komamura - WIP screenshots The illustrations are more along the lines of sketches rather than inkings. However I implemented the brushes into the work since the lines taper and broaden out. 

SirWillPerkins, your a genius, i wish i knew about all this sooner, thanks for showing us how to do this. :)
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Hello. I would like to know where do I install this? I just downloaded and installed GIMP 2.8, but I can't locate the folder(s) where these files can go to. Any help would be appreciated greatly. ^-^
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bossyliciousgirlHobbyist Artist
hi i am new at this n really like to learn how to use it like u in yr  video but i know how to get my gimp 2.8 to look like yr :| (Blank Stare)  can u please help me with it step by step 
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SirWillPerkinsProfessional General Artist
TO install please open share folder in gimp and extract into folders with same same alternatively you can create you own following my youtube video :)
shows process of making them.…
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Donut-DoStudent Digital Artist
umm its kinda not working...
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HeartstringstheDoxStudent Digital Artist
I am having a bit of trouble with installing them. Could you please tell me which folders do you put the files in.
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diva42Hobbyist General Artist
Thank You!
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Very cool! Thank you! :D
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horse14tHobbyist Digital Artist
I like this and want to try it out but with tool-presets I have 4 folders that your Comic Ink tool-presets can go. (FX, Paint, Selection, and Sketch) Which folder do I put them in?

Thank you
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SirWillPerkinsProfessional General Artist
Sorry for late reply busy with Christmas.:) 

Shouldn't matter you can even place outside of folders. :) the folders are simply there to organize presets, you should be able to make your own folder for presets as well using a suitable name.

I've also found another neat version of GIMP modified by a Japanese Artist and a nice person at Gimp Chat forums.
It's called Gimp-Painter 2.8.7 it allows for Mypaint brushes to be used in GIMP plus texture painting and a rotating canvas 
really helpful for inking and painting..
it can be found at.

hope you had a merry Christmas. :)

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horse14tHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you
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