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There Be No Dragons Here

Gift pic for :iconaqyil-m:

Sadly, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune have successfully murdered my inspiration and made me feel quite ill. The quality of this picture isn't as high as I'd like it to be. :(

UPDATE: Fixes.
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in role playing game
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There's my dragon. If you know what I mean
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Uhhh, I don't actually...
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I like the red clothes under the armor (what we can see of it lol) and especially the sword!  It looks very dangerous to zeh dragons :D (Big Grin) 
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Thanks. :)

I think the dragons simply saw her and swiftly flew away in panic. There be no dragons here, they're just out there. There! :D
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I totally thought this was Aerin from "The Hero and the Crown" by Robin McKinley. The second book (set far far into the future from the first) is called "The Blue Sword." Aerin slays dragons, by the way.
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Can't say I know the book, but if a redheaded warrior woman is going to eliminate some dragons, she is going to need a good weapon and a strong armor. Wearing such tools could, unfortunately, make them all look somewhat similar, but at leasts dragons etc know that their days are now done. :)
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Really like your stuff!
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I like some of your other pieces better, but I enjoyed the declarative title for this one quite a lot :)
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The orcs are gone too. :D
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If I was an orc I think I might have run after the first dragon was taken down xD
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That sword is almost too cool.
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Well not anymore obviously
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She also killed the dinosaurs. :(
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she's over 65 million years old? :)
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No, many of the dinosaurs survived the extinction event. They escaped and settled the inner core of Earth, their civilization flourished there for millions of years. Then, in the middle ages, the 'saurs returned... and met this girl.
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Ahhh okay, thanks for clarifying.
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