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November 7, 2011
Grim Fandom by *GRB76 The suggester notes, "With a fantastic sense of composition, magnificent colors, eye-catching details, stunning backgrounds and most of all humor, the artist presents fantasy and Sci-Fi worlds you would love to jump in to in order to meet his characters! And a little detail which mesmerizes me: he uses a mouse and not a tablet to paint!" The gallery is amazing!
Featured by WDWParksGal
Suggested by DameOdessa
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Grim Fandom

Powerful necromancers are often quite popular. If they are sexy elf babes, they are often TOO popular. In a graveyard, that is.

My original plan was to remake this picture:

As usual, I had thousands of additional ideas but struggling with the rodent ate my patience. For example, the character's familiar is a flying stone gargoyle. I should have added it here...

Character's background:
(Eberron trivia incoming!) Phi (she prefers the name "Angel") is a Paelion survivor from the House of Phiarlan who wishes to keep her dead relatives very close to herself. Angel's ultimate goal is to become a lich so that she can vengefully demolish the House of Thuranni. She never developed a Dragonmark.

Tools: Mouse, Paint Shop Pro.

Thank you, *DameOdessa and ^wdwparksgal for the DD. :)
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Yes indeedy!  :omfg:

What's the world coming to when a half naked elf can't wander through a graveyard in the middle of the night without getting assaulted!  :no: 
SirTiefling's avatar
She knows how to cast fireballs, so she'll be okay. :)
Kaedegirl's avatar
Ah... I missed it :p it's gorgeous! my god you've improved so muuuuch in such a little time! I love it!
Aphrayael's avatar
So, touched by Xoriat ! :)
Aphrayael's avatar
Really impressive job ! Simply fantastic, I'm speechless on seeing your work !

Is this Irian's symbol she has on her right hand ?
As a Paelion member, I'm surprised to see this instead of the Mabar's one ;) But it's quite interesting, it provides a strange duality between what she is (a necromancer using mabarian energies) and her origins, which engourage using the Irian's ones.
SirTiefling's avatar
Thank you very much. :)

Angel the elf necromancess does not only have some duality, she has the mad crazy! :)
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Great detail, this kicks a lot of a$$!
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Undead: But wait! We can sparkle just like that Edward guy!

Phi/Angel: That makes it worst!
SirTiefling's avatar
I... see. Who's Edward?
TheEliCash's avatar
:iconedwardcullenderpplz:Edward Cullen from Twilight
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MAN your stuff is cool! :]
SirTiefling's avatar
I'm very glad you like it. Thank you for the watch. :)
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Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
SirTiefling's avatar
Thank you very much. :)
Angie-Pictures's avatar
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«Angel's ultimate goal is to become a lich so that she can vengefully demolish the House of Thuranni.»

Instant win, sir! (:
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