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Drow Anniversary

UPDATE! In addition to some fixes, I resized the canvas taller. Let me know if "the palace" of the Queen looks grander this way. :)

Finally finished this one...

The drow lady here is the queen of a small tribe. Drows of Eberron worship a scorpion god instead of Lolth, and prefer to live in the jungles of Xen'drik. [link]

Livingstonian adventurers are an important part in their diet. Elves especially -- o, delicious! Speaking of soylent cannibalism, it's made with a mouse. (I've since acquired a tablet, but I can't use the damn thing.)

About the queen... She single-handedly kicked the collective asses of five adventurers AND Emeralda (Paragon Level). She might not look physically intimidating... but she is.

(A Hidden PS. Yes. She ended up becoming Emeralda's, ahem, wife... That's a long story.)
(Another PS. Her name? Yea she has one, but it's not good and need to be re-invented. Right now she's just "Drow Queen".)
(Third PS. The scorpion "jewel" in her ear is in fact a living one. A pet.)

Tools: Mouse, Paint Shop Pro 7, patience.
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Do you create book covers?
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Nah, this is just a hobby.
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You did this... with a MOUSE!?!? HOLY SHIT.
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Yep. It's an unconventional tool... but it works.
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Impressive! Love the change of colors between the girl and background... she's very 

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She is more like a The Drow Foot Queen with those sexy feet and commanding presence:)
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Drawing half-naked, impossibly beautiful women with giant boobs. It's not like we've seen it before and it's really cheap. Oh, wait.
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Amazing!! Really really amazing!

How long does it take you to draw a picture like that? :D
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Thank you. :)

I'm not sure... 30 hours maybe.
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nice woman nice scorpions pets
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Very good pic.
I like the characters in the background.
I especially like the mini-story.
I wonder how she ended becoming Emeralda's wife.
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Thank you. :)

Drow politics + crazed old drow queen + Emeralda's charisma, wit and insight = "marriage". The literal, actual "marriage" is probably just one of Emeralda's many tall tales (she likes to poke and stir the conservative society) - Emeralda just charmed the queen and manipulated her so that she could escape. :)
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When someone is meeting a drow matriarch it is usually prudent to say that (and loudly) even if the drow herself isn't very wow-worthy... :D
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Agreed! :nod: But in this case, she is definitely WOW worthy! :worship:
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incredibly beautiful and I love the story there about her being in charge of a scorpion cult that are cannabalistic and hide in the jungle. Own story or a published setting?
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Published. It's from Eberron, that steampunk-ish D&D setting.

Thanks for the watch. :)
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