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Dark Elf Assassin

By SirTiefling
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Myeah, me lethargic and not in artistic mood. So... when in doubt, use dark elf assassin! Drows are evil and like to slice art blocks to pieces. :)

Tools: Mouse, Paint Shop Pro 7
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It's absolutely great. Side note : I think your work might've inspired/influenced The Inevitable End from Critical Role that Mercer did, especially the spiderweb cloak.

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Thank you. :)

Wellll, I'm sure there've been many spiderweb cloaks in the fantasy before this.
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                     Oh WOW! 
     That girl is breathtakingly beautiful!

               Kingdom Hearts Emoji - Namine #1  Eddsworld Patryk Emoticon 2     

But better enjoyed from a SAFE distance...
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Thank you very much & very true. :)
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The spider-web cape is a nice touch. 
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Beautiful design and artwork!
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have to say it again --I love this one!

too bad you don't do commissions?

As I use this pic as inspiration for my twin drow assassins once and awhile! That I write fan fic about!

Like I said before your the only one that has great form and cool armor that makes sense!
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Thank you, again. :)
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Her outfit is gorgeous:wow: Great work :clap:
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Thanks. It makes her job... easier. :)
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Unless the art is of that to their Goddess Lolth in Forgotten Realms. Then they wouldn't dare tamper with it, unless it were to be used to cause a "accidental" death in the midst of a power struggle. Then she may enjoy the use of her art in that way.
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Drows are drows. Predictable, really.
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now you sound like Jarlaxel.
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Made your pic into a MTG card for my Purple Mana Card set. Unfortunately, I'm limited to what I can do with my creator. But here's the link anyway.…

Hope you like it!
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The pose you've given her makes her look ready to lead a death dance.
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Yes, I think she's a shadowdancer.
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