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Arr! in SPACE


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"Welcome aboard! Sorry about your ship, our weapons must have malfunctioned or something. Don't worry about the cargo you were carrying, we'll take very good care of it! Arr!"

I wanted to paint some dashing, arrghsome Space Buccaneers and asked your characters to volunteer. I was given many great options, but these five deviants are the ones whose characters picked in the end. From left to right:
:iconcheskamouse: Cheska! (Halfling)
:iconskekkel: Kel! (Elf)
:iconcaptain-savvy: Captain Sybil! (She's the boss!)
:icondaegann: Zoé! (Security chief)
:iconaltessia: Miz Betsy Careless! (Night elf)

Ah indeed. This kind of picture emerges when the artist goes totally crazy. I've done an exhausting job here, believe you me. Spent all my free time, about 3 full days. All for ART! Arrr Art!

Tools: Mouse, Paint Shop Pro, Insane Mind

PS. Sadly, I had no energy to paint the parrot... :(

PPS. Did you know? Skintight space suits are real! Google "space activity suit". So that's why they all wear tights. :)
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Its been 6 years and I'll never stop loving this and the fact Sybil got included <3