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I'm open for stamp requests for this time!
You can now ask me for a particular stamp and I'll be making it for all of you as soon as I manage to get on my work-PC. Also, in case you didn't know: you can't request stamps that are already planned/listed to be listed in a certain set! Instead you might want to ask for stamps that don't belong to any of them or are just random additions to the existing sets. Thank you very much for visiting this journal!

Information on Art Trades and Point Commissions can be found here!


  • Drop your idea in comment section below or by sending me a note!
  • No extremely offensive or harmful themes can be asked from my stamps!
  • Enjoy the stamps the way they are and decorate your profile with them as much as you please! :heart:
  • Do not repost/resubmit them into your back-up accounts or galleries without my permission!

Requested stamps (:

:iconhansethedog: Mankey x Aipom (Pokemon) WORK IN PROGRESS...
:iconhansethedog: Primeape x Infernape (Pokemon) WORK IN PROGRESS...
:iconkishire22: Alucard (Hellsing Ultimate) WORK IN PROGRESS...
:iconzhaituki: "Rapid-Eye Syndrome" Madara (Naruto Shippuuden) WORK IN PROGRESS...
:iconzhaituki: BV 238 (War Thunder) WORK IN PROGRESS...
:iconarvin-sweetiepupfan: Flo (Clifford's Puppy Days) WORK IN PROGRESS...
:iconalybur: Hapu (Pokemon Sun & Moon) + text WORK IN PROGRESS...
:iconsaralibrary: Mod Souls representation (Bleach) WORK IN PROGRESS...
:iconwoomysquidbagger: Their OC Iniabi x Cynthia (Fire Emblem: Awakening) WORK IN PROGRESS...

Here are some examples:


The whole gallery and all basic sets of these can be seen by clicking this link!
The whole gallery of requested or gifted stamps can be seen by clicking this link!


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Bullet; Black Has to have more than 3+ members.
Bullet; Red Has to be founded within three days (at least).

Currently featured groups:

:iconwerewolves-ftw: :iconhellsingultimatefc: :iconfans-of-captain:
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WoomySquidbagger's avatar
Might I request one? And can it be made from anything?
SirSuetic's avatar
Yep, pretty much anything can requested and as long as it follows the website's rules.
WoomySquidbagger's avatar
Alright, cool, then I’ll request one. I’ve noticed that there have been “romance” types of stamps on here, for certain works and such. Might you do a stamp themed after the 2012 Nintendo game Fire Emblem: Awakening, focusing on the canon character Cynthia and my OC Iniabi? I don’t have art on him, but you can find art that another user, martian-swordswoman, has made in the drawing “Request: Cynthia and Iniabi”. Or you can find it in a “Works Related To My Own” folder on my profile. I’d send the link, but it won’t let me for some reason. If you do the request, thank you so much.
SirSuetic's avatar
Is it OK for martian-swordswoman that I use her artwork as a base to my stamp? If not, I can try out editing/partly drawing the said characters by myself and then make them into a stamp. That shouldn't be a difficult task.

Yup, I know the Fire Emblem series. I have been playing those games for quite a while and they're pretty cool.~
martian-swordswoman's avatar
hey! sorry i replied so late, but yeah go ahead! i don't mind at all :D (Big Grin)
SirSuetic's avatar
Thanks for your response! :) It was actually pretty quick compared to usual "Thank for favorite!" spam wave on my profile, lol.
martian-swordswoman's avatar
oh, awesome!! and yeah those thanks for the fav comments can get old real quick haha
WoomySquidbagger's avatar
It would probably be alright with her if she was asked, but you should probably just draw/edit the characters yourself, both for originality and so it doesn’t seem like you are stealing her art. I had just shared that art with you because I don’t have art that shows what Iniabi looks like, but she does.

Oh, that’s great to hear. Which ones have you played? And in the case of the IniabixCynthia stamp, make Cynthia the white haired Henry!Cynthia version.
SirSuetic's avatar
I'm just making sure that everyone is feeling good with what I'm doing because it's not uncommon that artists tend to go mad when their artworks are used on stamps. Also it's pretty easy to replicate Iniabi since he looks very much like Morgan but with only few differences in looks. A white-haired Cynthia? Got it! She isn't very difficult to do either. :p

I have been playing the old school Fire Emblem games such as The Blazing Blade and The Binding Blade. I gave Awakening a try but it wasn't that good. The mechanics were pretty dull and the story way too predictable. However pairing up the characters was pretty fun! :D

Fire Emblem Warriors, although being just a crossover, is pretty good too. I'm also maining Roy on Super Smash Bros and have an account on Fire Emblem Heroes.
WoomySquidbagger's avatar
Don't worry, I understand perfectly well what you mean. I'd understand why they'd think that. Yeah, true, but that was purposefully because in my works I do, Iniabi is his son, so he obviously inherited much from him. Yeah, it's the SumiaxHenry!Cynthia. No, she's not, you're right about that.

Cool. I haven't been able to get them, but I know of them. Awakening was actually my first entry in the series, and it has to be my favorite. And yeah, it was. I always go with Chrobin and Female Robin.

Yeah, it is. I have it and have built up my units to be superunits. Cool, I have him in Smash Melee/Wii U and I sometimes play as him. I don't have Heroes, though.

Anyway, let me know when you get the stamp done, thanks.
AshyWolfy's avatar
May I... have one? ówo

Also thanks for the llama n.n
SirSuetic's avatar
Sure! :meow: Just tell me what I'm going to make or what themes you would like me to use.

Nah, you're welcome. ~
No need to inform me about them twice.
AshyWolfy's avatar
Oh ok n.n first let me have all the info and I will send you a note :3
SirSuetic's avatar
I'm looking forward to see what's gonna be in the notes. :)
AshyWolfy's avatar
Oh yeah jaja xD
AlyBur's avatar
hi there, are you still open to stamp requests?
SirSuetic's avatar
Yes, I'm. Just doing them a bit slowly than usual because of some other stuff in real life and the most accident I got into.

What do you like me to do for you? :)
AlyBur's avatar
i'm wondering if you can make a stamp with Hapu
SirSuetic's avatar
Yes! I can do one after I'm with few stamps here in the queue. If there's some specific details you want me to add into that stamp, you can tell me about them too (like text, additional pictures, background image, etc.)
AlyBur's avatar
Maybe just her name next to pic. Thanks, and sorry for late response
SirSuetic's avatar
OK, no worries. Your request is added to the queue.^^
AlyBur's avatar
ok, thanks pls note when its finished!
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