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You NEED One Click Llama Button + Its Helper tool

These two tools (when used together) can make it so you can give llamas to everyone on a page with only one click. You can download only the One Click Llama Button to only give llamas individually with one click. If you enjoy giving llamas then you NEED both tools! One Click Llama Button This tool adds a button next to every username. You can click on each button to give that user a llama. An orange dot appears next to each username you've already given a llama to. One Click Llama Button Helper This tool requires the above linked OCLB button to work. It makes it so you can click one button (on the lower right hand of your screen) to give e

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full moon stock

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Ginga Meme

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Altus: Horn Types and Rarities

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Types of Mary-Sue's

Angsty Sue: This type of Sue is created for people to feel bad for because of some dark past. Every other character in the story (unless they're mean or spiteful) will always make the Sue’s angst the biggest issue in the story and the fact that she constantly dwells in her own self pity will be considered a “natural reaction”. If two characters both have traumatic experiences, the Sue will receive more attention no matter what. The main goal of these is often to have the OC cuddle with a canon character. Example one: Fred has just had his leg chopped off and will die if he does not receive medical attention immediately, but

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Orange content-holder box (Dark font)

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He Knows Something...

Game of Thrones

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Vow to a moon (4)


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Bed Of Moonlight

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Dusk Lycanroc


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We Are the Power Rangers 2.0

Fan Art - Super Sentai + Power Rangers

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Hateno Morning

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The Secret Life of Pets

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Picard facepalm (Star Trek TNG) Lucca Comics 2016

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King Fang Full Cover


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Into Spring


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Liittymismainos (2017)

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Anti Character Flanderization and OOC Moment Stamp

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You Shall Not Pass

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Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time Fan Button

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I rule the night

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My Werewolf Definition

Celestialwolf's Werewolf Definition Outline: 1. What is a werewolf? 2. How are they created?            2.1 The Bite            2.2 Birth 3 Anatomy, characteristics, attributes            3.1 Human Form            3.2 Gestalt (True Werewolf) form            3.3 Wolf Form            3.4 All three forms 4 The Shifting Process 5 World and Society 6 Conclusion 7 Werewolf Encyclopedia 8 Other interesting werewolf definitions What is a werewolf? A Werewolf is a human capable of assuming the form of a wolf or a combination of wolf and human (gestalt) at will while enjoying greater physical abilities than normal humans ever co

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O Captain! My Captain!


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Oh, it's you!

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Ginga ddl - Benizakura

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Will vs Furiadoro sketch

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