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RK: Lavi by SirRaptor RK: Lavi by SirRaptor
Experimenting with style and shading otl lskdfjasdf

Name: Lavi Klein

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Rank: Soldier

Faction: Scouting

Marks: See Eli

Skill points: --

Species: Umbreon

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 160


---- Shadow Ball
---- Toxic
---- Protect


To put it lightly, hes a total douche-bag. He has no respect for anyone, especially authority and he thoroughly enjoys pissing people off. He refuses to follow orders unless they are in his best interest, and even then, he will still generally not obey. He also refuses to let anyone else see him in any pain, physically or mentally.

He keeps to himself and treats everyone else who tries to approach him like trash.  He hopes that by acting like a total dick to everyone, eventually people will leave him to be by himself. He doesn't trust anyone and basically has zero faith in humanity...

:iconmingplz: goodluckwiththisbitchguys


Born inside Wall Maria, Lavi had a pretty good life; his parents were well off, he had a few good friends with some of the kids in the neighborhood, and his parents always doted on him. When he was five, his mother had given birth to another son, Elliot. When Lavi held his brother for the first time he had immediately felt an overwhelming sense to protect him. He rarely left his baby brothers side; he would help his parents take care of him, slept next to his crib, read and sang to him and would play with him until he fell asleep. This behavior continued on until Eli had turned about two years old.

One day when their father was out on business and they were waiting for a babysitter, a strange man broke into their home. He grabbed both boys and tried dragging them out the door but Lavi and Eli made a large fuss about it. The man told them he'd kill them both if they didn't settle down. Lavi tried to reason with the guy, eventually telling him that if he let his brother be then he'd go quietly and without any fuss. The man agreed and left Eli locked in the closet and Lavi did as he said he would do.

By time the babysitter had arrived it was too late, Lavi was nowhere to be seen and Eli was too young to really give a decent story. People had searched for months and eventually gave up, figuring that he'd been kidnapped and killed, but that wasn't the case.

As the years went on, Lavi grew more bitter towards the world and eventually turned into the asshole he is today. More recently he ran into the Fletcher and struck up a deal with the Skarmony....


He doesn't really have a reason, his stubborn ass is what got him into this mess.

Endurance: 5/10
Strength: 2/10
Intelligence: 1/10
Willpower: 5/10
Speed: 1/10
Team Work: 2/10

Total: 16/16

- Solitude
- Reading
- Pissing people off

- Everything
- Everyone
- Following orders
- Authority
- Being controlled


He normally wears an infinity scarf to cover up that collar (ijustdrewitontheappforreference)

His body is littered with scars and burns.

He has 08 tattooed onto his left wrist.

He has a tongue, Prince Albert and nipple piercings.
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