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RK:: Auberon Falkenrath (M.I.A) by SirRaptor RK:: Auberon Falkenrath (M.I.A) by SirRaptor

Name: Auberon Falkenrath

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Rank: Soldier

Faction: Scouting 

Marks: See Eli

Skill points: --

Species: Leafeon

Height: 5’11"

Weight: 172 lbs


--Grass Whistle



Auberon is a rather quiet individual. He often times appears aloof and uncaring, rarely showing any emotion unless it comes to his family consisting of Angel, Rune and Silviu. He is highly protective of the three, and will often times show varying amounts of aggression towards people who approach them. At first he may seem a bit intimidating, but once you start talking with him more, he'll relax a bit.

Everyone else aside, he's incredibly kind and to and has an undying loyalty towards his family. There is nothing he wouldn't do for his siblings. I repeat, nothing.


Growing up in a family with his twin Rune and their mother, father, elder brother, and grandma; life was wonderfully comfortable. They weren’t worried about anything and their grandma spoiled them. When they were ten, they were kidnapped by a corrupt group of Militar Polize along with twenty other children from the village. Taken to a room, they were injected with the genes. Rune and Auberon were forced to watch their elder brother die from the injection.

Silviu Orlov, thirteen at the time, scooped them up and took care of them. Angel was added to their small family and in the end, the four of them were the only survivors to this disaster. To hide the immoral conduct, the four were shipped off to separate foster homes.

After being separated, Auberon was placed into a strict middle class family in the inner walls. He was given hard and tedious work to do on a constant basis; often times only getting breaks in-between things when he passed out from exhaustion.

When the time came he was retrieved from his foster home and reunited with his 'real' family.


Forced to be there but isn't too bothered so long as he has Rune, Silver and Angel.


Endurance: 2/10

Strength: 4/10

Intelligence: 1/10

Willpower: 2/10

Speed: 4/10

Team Work: 1/10

Total: 14


- Angel, Rune and Silviu.

- Being able to relax in the sun.

- Card Games

- Spicy and Sweet Foods

- Messing with Silviu's OCD occasionally


- The Militar

- The cold- Only exception being Rune

- Being called 'bear bear' by anyone but his family


- Like his brother, he is sliiiightly yandere

- He's a bit husky-- but all of it is muscle

- Is one hell of a poker player

- Dudewillfuckyouupifyoutouchhisbabus--
star3497 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thats flipping adorable bro *rubs my face all over*
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