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HgU:: Keung by SirRaptor HgU:: Keung by SirRaptor
Full size and other forms-
Check out that total shittastic attempt at a dragon |D

[General Information]








Human Form/Half Form 5'10"/ 6'2" / Dragon form- Varies. Full size is 30 feet long, smallest is 2 feet long.


Human Form/Half Form 154 lbs/200 lbs || Dragon form- Varies. Full size is about 1 1/2 tons. Smallest is only a few pounds.

Sexual Orientation:



Spiritual Dragon

An entity with a strong spiritual and celestial connection that can take the form of a dragon. They see through the veil that separates the world of the living and the world of the dead, and as such, can communicate and interact with the spiritual energies of both. They naturally attract wandering souls and spiritual energies of the dead as well as give off a calming presence to that of the living.

The color of the dragons scales reflects the lighting and color of the sun and night sky. During the day the scales will reflect a brilliant golden hue, while at night they glow a soft white like the moon and reflect small flecks of brilliant colors that represent the vast amount of color found in the universe (almost like an opalite effect). He seems to be the only one of his kind.

[University Info]



Location of House Symbol:
Below the hairline on the back of his neck


Major Department:
Paganistic Magics

Classes Taught:
Human History
Protection Magics
Crystal Magics
Light Magics
Dark Magics



-Headmaster: For whatever reason, the proximity he keeps with the HM effects how well he functions...
-Underbelly: In his dragon form, the underbelly is the most vulnerable to attack.
-Marking: Somewhere on his body there is a marking in the shape of the dragon. You manage to damage that and he won't be able to change into his full dragon form until it heals.
Familiar: Shared energy


[Offensive Skills]
- Air Manipulation: Can be used to control the wind, fabricate tornadoes, and concentrated blasts that can be as sharp as blades or as an extension for his weapons. Also uses this ability to fly and run at faster speeds.
-Knowledge of Magics: He has the knowledge of and is able to perform the various forms of magic that he teaches.
-Weapons Summon: Can summon a staff that also transforms into a sword. This weapon is bound to Keung and cannot be used by anyone else.

[Defensive Skills]

-Barrier Creation: Can make barriers to shield himself and others for certain periods of time.
-Enhanced Healing: Can heal quickly. Smaller injuries like cuts or bruises within a few hours, larger wounds within days/weeks/months depending on the nature and severity of the wound. Injury to his dragon marking takes a slower amount of time to heal.
-Spirits Lullaby: Tone of voice that appeals to a persons spirit. The effects can range from things like soothing and calming someone down to making the target fall asleep. In extreme cases it can be used to exorcise a spirit.
-Tough Scales: The scales in his dragon form are tough and difficult to stab through.

[Passive Skills]

-Spiritually Attuned: Hes able to see, interpret and recognize peoples spiritual energies. This includes being able to communicate with wandering spirits and locating people on the island along with empathic capabilities.
-Enhanced Physical Abilities: His physical abilities are better then that of a human but he doesn't possess super strength or speed naturally in his human form. He's also rather flexible.
-Endurance: He has a rather large amount of endurance. He can keep himself going for long periods of time without getting worn out or tired easily.

[Personal Info]

Keung is generally a very calm and laid back person. He wields an ungodly amount of patience and because of that he rarely gets angry with people. He is also very kind and gentle with people, willing to lend a hand or an ear to anyone who needs it. He's a firm believer in second chances but doesn't hold as much faith for anything beyond that. He can also be incredibly stubborn.

On the off chance you do manage to get him angry be careful. Most often times its a quiet anger that he waits a while to act on as to build anticipation and anxiety. Other times he'll get violent- unafraid to break or put holes in school property to get his point through. Hes not the type to usually hold a grudge but he can and he will if you've done something serious enough.


A majority of Keung's past is lost to him. He has no prior memory of anything involving his past including his real name, age, family, origin and his species. His earliest memories are usually kept to himself, although, those also possess some grey areas that he just can't recall. He was taken in and given a name by the HM and became a loyal member of his crew, after the incubus found him and rescued him off of an enemy ship. As they traveled around he learned a lot about the world and what existed in it from the HM.

He helped HM as a part of his crew with getting the island and school set up, after it was discovered when their ship washed up on its shores after a storm. Using the skills that he'd learned from HM over the years, he very happily became one of its teachers.

- Pretty much everyone tbh
- .....Especially HM, Nora and Ezio
- Pastel Colors
- Any type of Tea
- Singing and Dancing
- He loves to learn new things and share the gift of knowledge with others. (Things about HgU and HM not included |D)
- The occasional prank
-Shiny objects and treasure though he doesn't find them entirely distracting

- People who try to take advantage of his kindness
- Disrespect. Respect does need to be earned but don't act like a little punk or he'll treat you like a child.
- Getting violent. He will if he has to or when someone finally wears through his patience.

Relationship Status: Single

The marking on his cheek seems to radiate some faint magic power but its exact purpose and origin is unknown. It seems to be completely irremovable...if someone attempts to remove it will release a powerful shock in defense.
- He tends to call HM anything but HM when talking to him directly....unless hes angry.
- His natural hair and eye-color is golden.
- He tends to swat at the air around him a lot. It never seems like anything is there but Nora seems to think its hilarious when he does this so who knows....
-Has a kraken familiar named Ezio. (App TBA)

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