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Equestrian Snares

By SirRailgun
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I finally drew some MLP art. It's been a while. This is "Vinyl Scratch", or whatever you want to call her, from episode 14.
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This. Is. EPIC. I wub it! xD
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This pic is win, just win.
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Beautiful work. I love how you did the mane and tail especially.
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Now thats badass MLP art!
I love the type of brush you used!
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Ah, My Little Pony! Nostalgia! This picture is hilarious, I love it!
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Just gorgeous! Great job, Railgun!
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Ha, love DJ PON-3, love everything about this pic. Also, is Equestrian Snares a take on Venetian Snares? :p
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2 of my favorite things 8)
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Nice reference, totally reminds me of Aaron funk too.

I've yet to see a Friendship is Magic-style Pink+Green album cover...LOL
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OMG! DJ PON-3!!! :D
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DJ P0N-3 gon' make you dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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DJ P0N-3 yes!!

She is my favorite. This is so nice, I love the colors :heart:
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That's one great rockin' pony. :) Your painting style does a nice job on the hair ("fur") and the dance lights make for some interesting colors. her mane and tail are much sharper, which I'm guessing is probable due to some gel or hairspray to be a little spiky. (?) I like it either way. Also, you did a beautiful job on the speakers and other equipment.

Now I just wonder how she keeps the glasses on, but that's a question for the animators I suppose. :)
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ahah I saw this going around and I thought it might've been you
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