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Ok so
I just failed a pathetic attempt at getting a summer job, but I'm not gonna talk in detail about this because WOW EMBARRASING. But this was kinda my last hope at geting a part-time job, and it was shattered to pieces and I feel bad about it because DANG I really wanted to make some money this summer.
So I though, heck, I'm gonna start doing commissions. Because that I can actually do. Unlike customer service holy shit can anyone imagine me working at customer service that is impossible DAMN. Nothing huge that would take me weeks to complete of course, but doing some simple pictures for people on DA/tumblr I am more than happy to do.

But here's my problem:

I have no clue where to start... because I need some sort of a price chart, and ugh, here start the steps, and this is why I haven't opened commissions yet, even though I was thinking about it for quite a while now.
Because I really have no idea how to price my stuff.  (8""
Knowing my ridiculously low self-esteem I would sell it WAY too cheap, which I don't want to do because I actually always try my best when I work on something (excluding stuff I draw at 3 am just for shit and giggles) , especially if it's meant for someone else. (Plus, I don't think I'm THAT bad of an artist at this point? maybe??)  But then again I'm afraid of overpricing it and having people go all "wow who does this pompous chick think she is!? B( "  
Uh, I wish I could just get someone who I trust to do this price chart for me, and I'd just go along with it.

And then I have another problem, because I don't even have any good examples to put up, because my art is so inconsistent it's not even funny. I have at least three different art styles I use, with things in-between, and even the way I color is all over the place because I often like to try different things 6w9  Not to mention the stuff I draw in my free time for myself is... how do You put it...  usually not something I would like to put as a commission example 8D"  yeah.

So yep, I'm just really nervous, and I don't want to do this alone. It's first time I'll be doing something like this, and I don't really trust myself with this kind of stuff, and I'm just really lost and confused.
Or maybe I'm just thinking too much about this?

P.S: Sorry for being all whine-y in this journal, it's just that calling this job lady made my stupid anxieties rush back in, and now I feel like a total loser again. But I'm pretty sure I'll get over this by tomorrw, so try to ignore it! (8
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Rainbow-Marbles Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Aww, sucks about the job, I know what it's like to get turned down for something you want. :(

As for commissions, I'll say like someone above me: charge what you think your time is worth. A good way of pricing that is to calculate how much time a picture of the types you'd like to open commissions for (say, sketches, full-colour, etc etc.) and multiply that by how much you want to be paid by the hour.

Does that even make sense what

Here let me try to explain with an example:
Say you take 3 hours to make a coloured piece of a character, from head to toe, with no background. You could decide to work for "minimum wage" which is something like 9$ here, so you could charge 27$ (3 hours x 9$/hour) for that kind of commission.

...I hope that makes a bit of sense to you ;A;
SirPrinceCharming Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
Aaaah yes, it makes a lot of sense, actually~!
I actually never thought of it as pay-for-time thing, I though it was based more on artistick skill ('8

That helped a lot, thanks~!
Rainbow-Marbles Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I'm glad I could help! :D
Animalstamps Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Hi, I can understand. I tried to get a job too, there wasn't many places I could go because I don't have a car to drive... not that I know how really... That was weeks ago, I don't think that want me... I just want a little money.
SirPrinceCharming Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
Sob, I actually had two good opportunities, but one place reached max number of people they can employ for summer, and other required lots of social skills, which in my case, are on negative scale ('8
TheNekoStar Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The best tip I can give, was something someone I respect said to me: Charge what you think your time is worth. People commission artists because they can't draw themselves, or can't do your particular style. You can always start at whatever price you think is fair, and if they claim it's too high, then ask what their budget is, and work with them. Naturally set a "lowest you'll go" in your head, but don't let them know. Just keep it in mind for yourself as the lowest you'll go for the time you spend on that picture for them.

If they still turn you down and you already hit that point, then they need to find someone else to do the job they want, and I guarantee it WON'T be in your style. If they turn you down for price reasons, then it probably means that you are their first commission too, and they don't have the buyer/seller experience yet. They, and you, need to keep in mind that it IS a transaction of goods and trust. You also may want to consider a 'half now, half when it's done' policy, or perhaps they wait to pay until it's sketched, then you send them the messy sketch to them them the progress, and THEN they pay, OR you can do it the way I do it: They pay up front. Why? Because they came to me. By this point they should know my style, and what to expect when commissioning me. I DO want them to be happy with their purchase, but you don't get to try groceries at a store before you buy them. (Free samples excluded.)

Anyways, hope this helped!

TL;DR- Charge what your time is worth, and have them pay up front.
SirPrinceCharming Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
Yeah, I was planning to do the "send-a-picture-in-progress" thing from the start, but it's all good advice, thank You~! <':
TheNekoStar Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Anytime. :3 *hug*
Runol Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012   Digital Artist
Well you can't sell yourself short gurl~

Charge what you would normally charge and hour, it is your time and effort they're paying for~
That being said, you can do it!~~
chabbit Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012
Aw, I'm sorry that your attempts at getting a job failed Kinga. D:

Maybe try making some new examples of the style you have right now, and after that put up a poll asking how much people would pay for them?
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