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whoop ok I had to do a lot of thinking, but what the heck, let's open up those commissions ('8
This is my first time doing this, so please bare with me, I'm more nervous than I should be, but I'll try my best~

At the moment I'm taking digital commissions only. Because if I were to take orders for traditional drawings, I'd feel obligated to send people the originals, and post offices kinda scare me away and it's just too much hassle. So without further nonsence:

(I apologize for not having many good examples, hopefully I'll be able to add to the list soon ('8 )

1.Sketch with simple shading/monochrome color, no background
-Headshot/Bust: 2$
-Waist up: 4$
-Full body: 7$
-Every additional character: half of original price. (for example, You want a waist up picture of two characters, that would be 4$ + 2$ = 6$ total)
Kjkkjl by SirPrinceCharming sfjklsfjlksfswf by SirPrinceCharming tumblr m58bfeViuT1r6skcco1 500 by SirPrinceCharming

2.Clean lineart with cell shading, simple/no background
-Headshot/bust: 8$
-Waist up: 14$
-Full body: 20$
-Every additional character: half of original price added to total.

Lululu by SirPrinceCharming Poke-lolis by SirPrinceCharming sfksjmjolskgosg by SirPrinceCharming (wish I had better cell-shading examples, but I lack at the moment ;w;" )

3.Digital painting simple/no background
-Headshot/bust: 22$
-Waist up: 35$
-Full body: 46$
-Every additional character: half of original price added to total.

sfnksfvlkwsf by SirPrinceCharming Joltik used Discharge by SirPrinceCharming wfkhiwf by SirPrinceCharming asdjlisjflsw by SirPrinceCharming

Please keep in mind, that I am flexible and I don't have to stick to this price chart at all time. I wanted to take it slow and easy at first, but if You, for example, specifically want something with more elaborate background, we can discuss that! Just send me a note! And if You see any other picture in my gallery/tumblr blog and You want a picture in that style let me know, and I'll figure out a price for You! Also let me know if You want it in my "default" disney-ish(?) style, or if You want me go more cartoony. <:


Things I will do for sure:

-Ocs~! Gotta love 'em.
-fan art of canon cartoon/video game/show/movie characters (I should be ok with "crack pairings" and such, I think! )
-gay, lesbian, hetero couples, they're all fine with me
-pokemon! Although please note that I don't draw them that often, some species may be a bit difficult for me, but I'll try my best~! (Also they would probably be cheaper than human characters, depending on how complex their designs are.)(or if You want a human with a pokemon, we can figure out a price for that when You order!)
-gore, to a certain extent. (I wanted to say ANY extend, but then I remembered people can come up with really interesting stuff sometimes... )
-nudity/smut, but let me explain this one.*

Things I don't do:
-Robots/Mechas, simply can't draw those, sorry.
-Anthros/Furries. Because I have no experience drawing them, if You ask me for a character with a wolf snout it will be my first time drawing such character, and it probably won't look so good (8" Normal-looking people with animal features are ok though! For example, this is as close to furry as I'll go:
dadadaum, arts for Luke by SirPrinceCharming
-OCs + canon character couples Sorry, but I just... can't 8(

*I know artists are usually all "no porn plz I'm not drawing this! 8( " and that's cool, but I shamelessly admit I like drawing porn, and if this is something You want to commission, I'm more than happy to deliver! I'm ok with stuff ranging from tasteful nudity, to gross explicit porn, as well as many kinks, but here's the thing:
I've been on the internet long enough to know some people are into really crazy stuff. It's against all points in my moral book to make fun of people based on their fetishes, and I'm really tolerant about this kind of thing, but in some cases I might not feel comfortable drawing a certain fetish, and will refuse. So the best thing to do, before ordering a porn commission is to send me a note, and simply ask if I will be ok with drawing it before ordering. Don't be shy, there's a good chance I'm secretly into it as well... Or I'm not, but I find it interesting and have no problem drawing it! Worst case scenario is that I will tell You off in most polite way possible.
(Also, if You want to see some of my nsfw stuff, here's a "nsfw" tag on my tumblr blog:… (penises everywhere, so be warned!))

-You send me a note, say what You want (the more specific, the better~!).
-I tell You how much it'll cost, and if You have no objections I put You on my list.
-Half-way trough my work I'll send You a sketch (or a color sketch for digital paintings, since I have a weird process of doing them) and You tell me if You want anything fixed/changed etc. (this excludes sketch commissions, those are paid up front.) -If there is anything to be changed, I work on it, and send You a sketch again, and as soon as You are ok with it, You send me money to my pay pal.
-Once I receive the payment, I will finish working on Your order, and send it to Your e-mail.

-Once I send You a wip, don't be shy to ask me to fix something!
I want You to be happy with the thing You buy
-With that said, it does not make it ok to be rude. I try my best to be polite and understanding, and I expect the same from You!
-If You want me to work on a specific size of canvas, PLEASE MENTION IT IN YOUR ORDER. Because maybe, for example, You want a nice picture for a header of Your journal skin, which has to be in specific format. Or it's a gift for someone, and You want to print it, to fit nicely into a frame. I don't know unless You tell me. (or You want a transparent background, idk!)
-As far as gifts for people go, I will make sure to make those orders my priority and finish them as soon as possible.
-I'll be putting watermarks on finished commissions.
I'm not a big fan of watermarks, and I almost never put them on my drawings, but these are things people payed for, so I wouldn't want them to be stolen. The commissioner, of course, will have a not-watermarked version sent to them via e-mail and they are welcome to do what they please with it. If You want to upload it somewhere, You can, it's Yours.
-If You wish to be an anonymous commissioner, or not have Your commission uploaded anywhere on the internet for whatever reasons TELL ME. Otherwise I'm probably going to upload it either on DeviantArt or my tumblr blog, and say who is it from!
-If You want me to draw Your original character, please make sure You have a reference picture for me. It can be very simple, as long as I can get a clear idea of how they look like. I won't accept orders based only on a word description!
-When it comes to OCs, please write me something about their personality/history along with the reference! I like to know a thing or two about a person I'm drawing, it makes it easier and more fun for me!

Pay pal only for now, sorry! (If You never used pay pal, and have no clue how it works, do not fret! It's very easy and I'll explain You how it works once I'm ready to take Your payment.)

And I think that's all~! I probably forgot something, so I'll probably be editing this journal a lot in future!
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piratemonkeyofdeath Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i would like to buy something and have already sent a note to that affect! if its not doable, let me know, we'll figure out something, definitely want to buy something! ^^
SirPrinceCharming Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012
Wooo, thank You~! (8
piratemonkeyofdeath Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you are very welcome!
TheKeymashingQueen Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
i wanna commission you oAo
SirPrinceCharming Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
Yes, bueno~! <3
I'll reserve You a spot, just send me a note with what You want (8
TheKeymashingQueen Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
thanks ;w; and once everything is figured out I will send you the cash o u o nb
SpasmodicDik Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
good luck with everything Weird! QAAAQ <3333333
SirPrinceCharming Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
Thank Youuuu~! ;w;
I just hope someone will want to buy something from me :'D
SpasmodicDik Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
Of couuuuuuurse ~~~ <3 ;v; *casually switches accounts without telling people* /o/
Naww no worries ~ <3 c: I'd be right there buying something from you myself if I ever had any actual cash |DDDD *usually ends up sticking with points / art trade stuff*

But with your art I'm sure people would just be willing to buy stuff! 8D
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