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Sixfold-League App - Naki
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Published: June 19, 2012
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Oooops it's summer time which means it's time to join another Pokemon OCT ('8 (finally something to keep me actually being more active on DA! )
(Actually it's :iconchabbit: who introduced me to it, and I just went "WHOA Ok (8 " )
This one looks pretty neat, and I enourage all my Poke-pals to enter as well~! :iconsixfold-league: (There is still a month left to finish Your Apps and stuff~! I did mine in one day BD" )
Because of the themes I couldn't use my self-insert-trainer I usually use, but designing this lady was loads of fun, and she is still more-or-less based around me so yeah BD"
Now onto the wall of text:

"Naki" (real name unknown)
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 162cm
Personality: Naki is a very happy-go-lucky person, maybe a little wild, but easy to make friends with, as long as You are not a douche. (Once You get past the fact that she is a major creeper, that is.) She's obsessed with huge bugs. She loves them more than anything, and calls them her "babies" and as much as she likes company of people from time to time, she likes to spend most of her time with her deadly poisonous pokemon pals.
Other than bugs, she has a great intrest in magic (which is common in this area) and various forms of arts. She is a happy and optimistic person so she wants to spread the cheers and put as much color as possible on everything in sight.
Naki likes to laugh and make a joke out of everything, but when it's time to battle she doesn't fool around and will be very vicious and agressive :V
Brief History: Her dad is a native of Nreole, and her mom is a citizen of Orlan. Let's just say mom's parents weren't very happy about the mocha-colored baby and Naki was forced to live with her father on the marshlands. She doesn't mind tho, she loves it here! But because her dad is a busy man, he didn't have much time to raise her which did turn out pretty good for her as well, because it made her into stron and independent young lady. (Who relies on her pokemon to protect her. Ehehehehe) She never really thought of becoming a top, award-winning trainer, but this year she decided to join the tournament, have fun, and show just how awesome her giant bugs can be.
-uses only hand-made, apricorn poke-balls.
-She is really fascinated by modern technology but is pretty clue-less on how it works
-calling her fat is not a good idea, since she sees it as a sign she can provide food for herself, and therefore, a good thing.
-She is not intrested in finding a significant other as she believes she is perfectly fine by herself
-Names all her pokemon after tourists she met.
-Collects feathers, bones, skulls, teeth and other cool-looking things she finds on the ground. Then she brings them home to make jewelery and other various ornaments.



Zbigniew (Ziggy)
Species: Scolipede
Gender: Male
Nature: Relaxed
Characteristic: Loves to eat
Ability: Poison Point
-Naki's first Pokemon. She had him since he was a tiny Venipede, and they developed a very strong bond.
-Likes Pokemon Battles but is very lazy to do anything else.
-In general he is VERY lazy and laid back.
-sort of a "big brother" figure for Naki and Harry. (Horace is a free spirit so... yeah B) )

Name: Harry
Species: Galvantula
Gender: Male
Nature: Docile
Characteristic: Quick to flee
Ability: Compoundeyes
-Electro ball
-Signal Beam
-Poison Jab
-Acts kinda like a cat
-In general, is very cuddly and enjoys being petted, especially by pretty girls.
-Despite of being a good fighter, Harry is a giant coward

Name: Horace
Species: Shiny Haunter
Gender: Male
Nature: Impish
Characteristic: Mischievous
Ability: Levitate
-Giga Drain
-He's Naki's "little helper" in doing her Voodoo magic
-As it lies in Haunter's nature, he also likes scaring the living soul out of the tourists.
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Och łał, Horacy przypomina mi wręcz piniatę :D Dobre postaci są fajne, nigdy nie pomyslałabym że taką postać też można uczynić trenerem yo :D
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onemegawattStudent General Artist
Aaa she's adorable! I really like how you did the expression panels.
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Strasznie podoba mi się jej wygląd! :heart:
zraya218's avatar

But seriously, I love everything about this character. |:
SirPrinceCharming's avatar
aaaah, glad You do! :'D
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Rainbow-MarblesStudent Digital Artist
Hi there, I drew Naki here: [link] , hope that's alright :)
SirPrinceCharming's avatar
Baaah, of course it's alright, I don't mind suprise fanarts, ever! ;A;
Rainbow-Marbles's avatar
Rainbow-MarblesStudent Digital Artist
I'm glad, haha <3
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Renz1521 Digital Artist
Oooh! I love your artstyle! This app is the bomb! *shot* XD

That character, and her companions. Am looking forward for my character to meet yours X')
SirPrinceCharming's avatar
Aaah, ah, thank You! <':

Oh I've got a feeling they will like each other :'D (Bug lovers, unite~!)
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Renz1521 Digital Artist
Oooh I hope so too XD
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AzulonaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I simply love Naki! :D
SirPrinceCharming's avatar
Aaah, I'm glad You do~! <3
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SkadiErendraHobbyist General Artist
Holy crab on a stick, your Scolipede name is Zbigniew?! xD
Ohmygod, that's rich!

I'm from Poland and that's definitely a Polish name! Not just that, it's that kind of name you give a cool character to make him sound ridiculous!
(but I'm pretty sure you already know that, since you used it LIKE A BOSS!)
SirPrinceCharming's avatar
No ba że wiem, też jestem z Polski i wiadomo mi że Zbigniewy to straszne badassy B)
Także żadne imię nie wchodziło tu w grę :'D
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SkadiErendraHobbyist General Artist
OMG, czuję się jak debil, że nie zczaiłam, żeś też Polką jest :icononionfacepalmplz:

Haha, dobry by był jeszcze "Czesław", ale to obca literka bruździ...
Świetne arty! Me gusta!
SirPrinceCharming's avatar
Nah, w porządku :'D Nawet na profilu mam że jestem s Ju-Es-Ej bo już dobre parę lat tam mieszkam, ale jestem stu-procentową Polką z pochodzenia (8

Czesław też piękne, ale właśnie to "ł"! Nikt by nie wiedział jak to przeczytać :'D
I dziękuję ślicznie <:
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"-Names all her pokemon after tourists she met." totalnie mnie rozczuliło :'''DDD nawet nie wiem dlaczego, jakoś tak, strasznie fajny detal charakterystyki :D Sama Naki też jest genialna, ten design :heart: no i fanka owadzich pokemonów - od razu wzbudziła moją sympatię :'D
SirPrinceCharming's avatar
Aaah, dziękuję~! :'D To z tymi turystami to się w sumie wzięło z tego że w sumie każde z imion jej Pokemonów jest z innego języka więc miałoby to sens? :'D
No ba, robaczki sa kochan~! :'D
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Oh my gosh how did you finish this so fast.
/Is still slaving over hers.

I love how everyone turned out~ Horace's face paint looks so great in color.
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Well I basically slept for few hours after I returned home from Your place, and then worked on it almost non-stop untill it was done :'D It really got me drawing hehehe~!
And I saw Your WIP on tumblr, and You're almost done! (8 You pretty much have only the easiest stuff left, go go go!

Thank Youuu~! (8
yeaah, I really couldn't make him justice in penicl 8D"
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