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Published: January 25, 2012
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aaaah can I just sit at home and draw silly stuff with gijinkas all day?
Can this be my job?
That would be really swell~!

Oh gods, I don't know why I accidently put "r" in "scones" :ccc sorry for that"""
Atually there are missing/extra letter all over the place xD" what was I thinking about?"""

Anyway, I had a free day today, and I got annoyed at my digital stuff so I decided to scribble some things with markers~! o/ (I'm really more of a traditional person")

(I guess download for a full view, because this thing is pretty huge c:" )

ok, what do we got here~
1.) Hipster Basil because... idk, I always thought he would make a good hipster with his attitude. |D" And pff, it actually fits him pretty well, I should draw him in this outfit more often x'DDD
2.) "Hey Basil, I can't play on this ukulele of Yours for shit!" "Because that's a violin, You butt-munch! >>>:c" ...How are those guys still friends?"""
3.) Heh, Randal is actually a nice kid, he is just in this phase when he thinks all girls are gross and have cooties c:" And I don't think Lucy is like by kids in general"" (and vice-versa~ )
4.) Holy Cow no, biggest tragedy :C Well, Ana doesn't handle lack of internet very well" Also cute yuris~!
5.)Random Flo, because I didn't draw him in a while c:" (yeah, I know, he was in the last devation I submited, but I drew that weeks ago x'DD)
6.) Lately I found a new band I kinda like, and all their songs make me want to draw bad guys in suits. And Max well is the only bad-guy-kind-of-character I have :U I'm probably going to write some more about him in nearby future, because he needs a proper introduction and stuff c:" BECAUSE I"M GOING TO DRAW HIM A LOT. As for now I'm gonna just say that he likes cartoons, and kills people c:" (welp, that's really all You need to know, almost""")
7.) Basil's and Devi's dads are BFFs~! ...Well, sort of. They kinda remind of Pinky and the Brain x'D
8.)Deci's shirt not only makes stupid faces and licks people, it also eats stuff :c And that's kinda scary if You ask me :c
9.) Hitting on Carmelia is like trying to plan a bamboo in the middle of a dessert. :U"

Copy-right silly-ness~
Those peeps(c) Me & ~Rei-no-Baka
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1. Czyżby miał coś bardziej hipsterskiego, niż mac?
2.Cracked me up XD"
3. Mam le wild idea, widzę tę trójkę idącą na trick-or-treating :D
5.(Ja wiem, ze nie siedzisz w fandomie, ale Flo powinien się jakoś zapoznać z Ghirahimem z Zeldy:Skyward Sword... to jest boss który przechwala się jaki jest fab, do tego ma teksty typu " this fills my heart with rainbows", autentycznie XD" Wpadło mi do głowy bo obydawj mają fabulous grzywki na oko XD" *koniec bycia fandom fagiem*)
7. Ahahaha podoba mi się jak ich ojcowie wyglądają niemalże identycznie jak oni sami, jakby się nabijali z własnych ojców XD"
9. Carmi to w sumie też kobiecina i komplementów potrzebuje :V
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evilkingrinHobbyist Digital Artist
"likes cartoons and kills people" sums up half the people i know, haha. man i love all the different facial expressions!
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Twoje markerowe skille to cudo :c
I w ogóle wszyscy są tacy radośni i derpni i straszcznie mi się podoba yo c":
lidorka's avatar
Ukulele hahahaha XDD
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RavenHeart98Student General Artist
... I swear, you're modeling Ana after me, aren't you? ''
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Eevee164Hobbyist General Artist
I like the way you drew these :D
necrolichmon's avatar
you comic and doodles are very fun to read. must see more! also, just wondering whern you will be getting back to your nuzlocke. loved reading that as well and hate to see comics not get updated.
SirPrinceCharming's avatar
Yay, I'm glad to hear that :'D
And yeaaah I hate not updating as well, and I'm already working on it, so You can expect few new pages sometime this week c:
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BottledFantasyStudent Digital Artist
If this was a job I would totally take it up with you |D
But I love the doodles they all came out so lovely as ever ~ <3 :'D
Your stuff is always so fun to look at ;v;
SirPrinceCharming's avatar
Someone needs to make this an official, payed job, seriously ;w;
aaah Thank You~!
I try to make it fun~! I usually have lots of fun drawin it myself, so yeah, I like when people like it too c': akfjalkfd""
BottledFantasy's avatar
BottledFantasyStudent Digital Artist
I know someone totally should I'd love to have a job like that ;v;
and of course ~ <3 :"D
Good fun is always good to have ~ <3 :'DDD
and yeah I understand that completely ;v; <3
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Pierwsza? xD W Polsce krew się leje o internet... Cenzura grozi :U
SirPrinceCharming's avatar
Eh, żeby się byciem pierwszym móc chwalić, to ten komentarz musiałby był pod bazgrołami kogoś znanego na DA x'D
I wiem, wiem, słyszałam~ Tutaj to samo zresztą :c
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:/ Co oni z tym światem chcą zrobić...
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