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I started yesterday drawing Kaidan Alenko from Mass Effect series. He grew to be one of my favorite characters so I decided to draw him. I started  pretty well and the lineart is almost finished. Next up is coloring.
The problem is that I have to read for the exam that determines if I'm to get a place in university. So I had to concentrate on it, rather than art. But I have to do something else too or else I blow up. Art is a good way for that, and I always seem to have too much ideas anyway.

The lineart started out pretty well, his face is the only problem at the moment, I'm quite terrible on drawing face line art. Making it a look alike is sometimes quite difficult. I'm starting to be quite good on it on pencil, but using a graphics table is somewhat different.

That's it for now, hopefully I finish it soon, cause I'm pretty excited  about it.

Mass Effect 4ever<3
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I finally released those drawings I promised. It took a while cause going downstairs and using our scanner is such a pain in the ass.
But I finally did it. Me so proud of myself.
I also drew some of my favorite K-Pop artists, and boy am I happy with them.

In my personal life I'm doing very good at the moment. I'm at a training in our local newspaper until end of May. So I'm getting a lot of
practice for my future career. Also in May are the entrance exams for my studies ^^' better start reading to those asap. They went
quite well the last time but I have to be better this time.
Well I hope all of you are doing good as well.

Keep on dreaming.
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Even tough my page has been quite empty I've been quite active in real life.
I had little mental breakdown as nothing that I tried to draw didn't seem to work.
So I took a little downstep and now I've been drawing more from models rather than from my imagination.
It has worked since I gained some of my confidence back.
I may put some of those here. You just have to wait and see.
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I've been inspired by so many things lately that I have to say. Only thing that makes me mad is that I haven't done any of them. But I will soon I hope so you can see what's happening in my mind.
I think I'll do some photography next time because I really haven't done it for long time. Except for once.
I've also started a new drawing so in that line is also happening. I think I've improved in drawing humans during January so much, mainly because I've started to draw humans more often. But god it's difficult. Why must we humans be so difficult to draw?!? >:O
So hopefully there's going to be something next week. No, I promise there will be something next week.
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After been absent for many months I finally made something.
I'm so happy I was able to finish my work that I've been doing for so long.

My life has been pretty hectic right now. I have some personal issues and soon is time to stress about school again. I hope not too soon.
I also hope that I'll be able to do now more artwork because of my brand new Bamboo pen & touch!!! :D
I hope you others are doing well there.
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I am truly sorry for the lack of anything since forever, but as I've mentioned I don't have a drawing tablet atm, so I'm little limited.
But don't worry, I'm training all the time, so when I start again I might come up with something good.
So until that you just have to wait.
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Been quite active in drawing, I've drawn all kinds if things but mostly scetches. So nothing too important to show. Hopefully I get an inspiration and draw a complete one soon.
And because my toe nail was removed Thursday I haven't been able to walk in few days.
So it has been possible draw and read quite a lot. :D
It's raining outside currently and all that summers warm and sunshine are gone. That could inspire I think. We'll see.
Remember to comment my new deviations. There ain't time when I wouldn't appreciate them!

And in the end have good day. ;)
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I was yesterday in Jyväskylä (City in Finland)
So I was just checking out some magazines and saw this magazine. I once got a few years ago and got pretty excited. I wasn't so much into computer drawing then so it sank into the selves of mine.
Back to present. So I was watching it and "mentioned" to my father that I saw this great magazine but I unfortunately don't have that much money, So I'll guess I don't buy it....
And surprise...When we were back at our car, he gave it to me! >:D How sly is that?

So I just want to say how awesome and inspiring magazine it is. It has many great articles about using different techniques, but the most important thing for me is the pictures that inspire me.
So I promise more pictures, and cause my Summer Holiday finally begins Saturday I'll be able to make even more! :D
So be sure to check this out and of course buy it!
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I keep constantly forgetting my password...
Changed today like third time.
I also read my whole psychology book today. Only had one lunch between two periods.
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I haven't been here lately, but I should probably put some art again.
Just wait few days.
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I may put some of my artwork today, but I'm not sure...
Well I can decide that later
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