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By SirPete
With my friend, we are tryed make some, creepy bloody scar on hand. This is our work...
Work...about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Some day, uses this on our "B" horror movie :D.
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acrosstheu's avatar
Would this stain clothing? My friend and I are going as two of my characters for Halloween (one of which has scars on his chest) and he might refuse to go shirtless.
SirPete's avatar
Hi. Dunno. Everthing should be wash-able. Colors what we use were... some water based, so if you use a same, that shold not be a problem.

Another thing is, if this mess will stick on cloths :).
Traumatica's avatar
I LOVE the way you explaied it xD and the materials used.
Maybe gonna try it ^^!
SirPete's avatar
Try it, not much hard to do it :P
JenovaX's avatar
Velmi realisticke...Hned jsem dostala chut :XD:

natlin's avatar
ta jazva vyzera super:D ale z toho tutorialu dvakrat mudra nie som:D
SirPete's avatar
jo no :)), tady jde o to, jak se stim kazdy popere sam :D
xcmoudikx's avatar
No...moc chytrej z toho nejsem, ale vypada to huste...XD
SirPete's avatar
Ja vim :), tutorial takzvane na "howno"... ovsem :)... jak jsem zjistil ... Jde to :).
Tak ze tak do dvou roku, mi musis dat POST adresu... abych ti zaslal, DVD... beckoveho horroru :). Ponevac tohle mame s kamosem "Czfachtou Starzsim" v planu natocit... Prozatim Scenar je v progress rezimu (tedy v priprave ;D )
xcmoudikx's avatar me pripomina, ze sme s deckama taky chteli natocit horor...tedy spis parodii...hehehe....este bych mel mit nekde scenar....jinak az to tedy budete mit, tak to bude urcite mazec...;)
SirPete's avatar
hehe, scenar jsem jeden uz napsal... ale postupne to menime a menime ... hargh X)
Magnusman's avatar
zkusš někdy tutorial na "neuvěříte, že to nejsou skutečné zvratky"?
SirPete's avatar
Vsechno vyzkosim... vzhledem k tomu ze fakt mam v planu (a uz dlouho) s kamosem natocit Bečkovy (ceckovy, deckovy) horrovy film :)...
Mimoto... zwratky jsou uz v planu... a primo do střev X)
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