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Two things in this journal:
1. Quick Life Update
2. Charity Auction announcement!


As you may all have noticed, my life was a bit of a mess a while ago. I would like to mention that it has gotten much better. I'm still swamped with homework and math still isn't making sense, but I am enjoying Psychology (the academic class I added) so much more than I thought I would and I find I am really happy to have Mr. Rice as a teacher again (he was my english teacher two years ago) As for the other class schedule goofs... none are fixed, but I got into the highest choir in the school (which meets during lunch/after school/when we can steal time/etc) so I feel that I have a challenge and I'm much happier.

Volleyball has been going well (win or lose, I am just happy to feel that I am improving and learning) and overall things are starting to balance out.... I even got my final college list together! It's exciting. I have a TON of app work ahead of me but come decision time it will be well worth it (or so I will keep reminding myself)


Now..... drumroll please.... an AUCTION!

FusedElegance is holding an auction to raise money for the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). She has invited other artists to join in and I have offered up these two sea glass pendants:… and…

If you want to start bidding now then feel free! Just leave a comment on the deviation with your bid. :excited: (Starting prices are $18 and $24 respectively) I will be able to accept money through paypal (or cash if I know you in real life)... I will update here if I can open any more payment options, but for now don't worry, I will work it out with you individually if need be.

As soon as I receive information about the other artist's entries I will be sure to tell you all.... until then, I hope to see comments from you (bidding or critique or just a nice hello)
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Glad things are better. Things may have been a mess but I have a feeling that you're a person who will find some way to deal with just about anything. Hope you don't mind me saying so but I think it's going to be interesting to see how things progress with respect to both your art and your life. If they turn out like I think they will you're going to do very well by anyone's standard.
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(After reading your "Reading:" section) Oh dear... I'm being an influence on you! Good or bad, this can't turn out well for the net sanity of the world....

(P.S. - It's "*Iain* M. Banks", by the way ^_^ .)
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Way to go. I wish i could sing. And just remember. Overcoming tough challenges just means you're that much more awesome than you thought :)