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Great Wave on the Great Sea

Wind Waker meets Hokusai
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B I use this remix for a school report, is this remix also made with photoshop?
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Thought you should know that @venturiniarts on instagram is selling this laser printed on wood blocks and giving no credit to you as the artist.
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Astonishing work! ♥
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Hello, SirNosh. This is Konrad from the YouTube channel, Commonwealth Realm. 

I would just like to ask if I could feature your artwork in the next episode of my series Zelda Unknown (on the sea province in Zelda Wii U) and give you credit for the work you have put into this one. 

Sincerely greetings, Commonwealth Realm.…
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Also, I like your Youtube chanel so far. Started checking out some of the Zelda videos. :)
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If my response isn't already too late, go for it.

I made it out of an existing image of The Great Wave Over Mt Fuji by Hokusai , and game art owned by Nintendo. If you mentioned that I composed the image somewhere in the fine print of the credits, that would make me smile, but I'm not too worried about it.
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Hi,SirNosh, I have seen your excellent works in your website, Can we have a further communication about job opportunity? My skypeID: neteasegames
or I can call you at your convenience.
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This is beautiful! OMG.
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This is a great idea! I love these kinds of mashups.
This is so epic, words can't even describe how happy I am!
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can I use it as my wallpaper?
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I don't see any reason why not.
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Awesome! *-*
I love the way you made Link and the others fit perfectly with the Hokusai painting!
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Thanks. It was pretty simple to do given that the game art for Wind Waker mimicked the aesthetic of the block printing style that was largely defined by Hokusai's work in the Edo period.
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How can this have only 70 view? oO
It's awesome! :clap:
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you are welcome.
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