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If I can't be your prince

By SirMei
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Hi guys, I'm back! sort of. Thank you so much for all the comments and new year wishes, I hope all is well to you!
Here's one of my old drawing. I hope you guys like it.
Thank you!

Burgerpants, Bratty, Catty, Mettaton (c) to Toby Fox
Art + Design by me :iconsirmei:
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Mettaton gots a handfull of ASS

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I Ship Cattypants ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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FourSwordsVioHobbyist General Artist
me too!!!
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GloomySpaceChildHobbyist General Artist
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veritablySlothHobbyist Digital Artist
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miraclelight18Student Digital Artist
bratty's human form looks amazing
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MoragArdainHobbyist General Artist
I love this.
I ship Burger with both brat and cat
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Its mister Burgerpants~
I love him so much, poor him...I I seriously adore this drawing!
You really captured the perfect emotion meant for him!
; u ;
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Demonspirit101Hobbyist General Artist
i love how you drew these characters together you did a very good job at this! i hope to see more artwork from you in future keep up the good work! ^^
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SirMeiHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you so much!! I love that little section of the story. I wish they have more XD
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Astra-GalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
wiii this is amazing :3
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alyandfriendsHobbyist Digital Artist
bugerpants looks amazing!
this is amazeballs! <3
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akkameHobbyist General Artist
AAAAAAW you're alive I'm so happy, hope you're fine ;w; ahzuidfththtrhiu !!!
OMG OMG BURGERPANT IS SO DONE AND CUTE !!! *^* And the precious trash besties are amazing ;u; this just made my day !!!
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Reisen-chan2002Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mei-senpai is back!!!! \(*o*)/ i missed chu (?

Ohhh yesssss, Undertale ewe

Poor Burgerpants xD da sexy rectangle gets all the gurls (?? :v

Btw i liked so much your human desings *--*
 *Catty expression is hilarious! xD*
Awesome work!

"Would u smooch a ghost?"
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ShocapikHobbyist Artist
Aww my zombie, that's adorable ~
What's this from though ? Or is it just you ? 
And is it just me or does the dude have a sort of cup of ice on his head ? 
Dat spam though-- 
Springtrap - WTF 
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MuffetAndHerPetHobbyist General Artist
I think it's from Undertale, dearie~
The art seems original
And that dude's name is Burgerpants, because in the game everyone calls him that so why not
That is just his work hat, the robot thing is his boss...
This is getting a little confusing xD
Muffet Spider Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale 
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ShocapikHobbyist Artist
Na-Nah, I've already start Undertale when I've comment that but I've just started so, don't worry, it's clear now because of your explanations (I'm not at this part even now, I4ve continue playin' but school eat all my time, I want to playyyyy---) 
Thanks a lot for your comment though, it help me so much--
Thanks Undyne duo Icon 
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MuffetAndHerPetHobbyist General Artist
Oh k, np lol
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It's a really cool drawing! I am a dummy! 
I've got one question; why did you change your username?
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minori27Hobbyist General Artist
You returned \o/
Welcome back:3
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SirMeiHobbyist Digital Artist
thank youuu >__<
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AyliareiHobbyist Digital Artist
Yay /o/
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SirMeiHobbyist Digital Artist
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I love this!
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