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Black Dragon Kalameet

My another work for "Souls zine"
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Magnificent artwork! I love the composition and painterly feel! 
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That guy gave me so much trouble the first time I played trough the game lol. You did an awesome job portraying his strength, that pose his well made. :thumbsup: 
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beautiful, i like the cloud shapes and colors
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Awesomeness!  Creatures are amazing as well as the background and your gorgeous color design!  Incredible work. If you get time please give feedback on some of my work. 
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Dragon and background go so well here :D I like also the painterly effect of the clouds and the fire. So fabulous.
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Oh my.... I love this!!!
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Hell yeah. Though did Kalameet actually have red anything besides his eye? I thought he was completely black. Or was that for the sake of a more embellished piece of art? Looks good as hell either way but I must say, I'm dying of curiosity.
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Oh, there seems to be my mistake: I have now checked concept arts and, yeah, his wings are black, but when I worked on this picture I took as refs screenshots with red lighting.
On the other hand, I needed a contrast between this image and the other one with Seath (black dragon/white dragon, light background/dark background, red/blue etc.)

Thank you! x)
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That's fair, I was just legitimately curious. It still looks awesome.
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Very good job :meow:
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