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(Repost from something I did on Reddit)

Today, I'm going to discuss a topic that's more controversial than politics. That's right, I'm going to decide what the best alternate costumes for each character is. This probably goes without saying, but please remember that these are my opinions. Unfortunately, while I try to be a nice and respectful person to all men and women, my choices can't please you all, and with 70+ characters, we're bound to have different opinions at some point down the road. Also, keep in mind that I am no expert in color theory.

I have only one rule for myself:

  • No defaults allowed

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of characters where I think the default color is the best, such as Zelda and Wolf. However, the point of an alternate color is to be...well, an alternate color. A way to differentiate yourself from all the scrubs who just choose a character without even bothering to press the shoulder buttons. So yeah, no defaults.

If you want to skip straight to what my choices were, here is a link to a Google Sheet that showcases them all, plus a template if you want to copy my sheet and make one yourself. I also had the foresight to add extra slots for the future DLC fighter when they're announced, which also means that I will be updating this sheet and post for the DLC characters. Here is a link to a page showing every single alternate color for each character. Additionally, I also viewed each alternate color in-game by taking 8 level 1 CPUs of each character to Omega Dreamland—which I believe presents the most neutral, unbiased lighting—before pausing and using camera controls take a look at them up close.

Finally, whenever I bring up an alt, it will also have a number in parentheses next to it. This just makes it easier to tell which color I'm talking about. For example, if it says "(6)", that means I'm referring to a character's sixth alt, or what the game refers to as "color 6", or what happens when you press R six times after selecting a character, etc.

Now with all that out of the way, let's get down to business! If you want to skip around to see my thoughts on specific characters, use control + F.


Starting off, this will probably be the hardest decision of my life.

Mario has, in my opinion, the best alts in the game. Almost all of them are amazing to look at, and really good ones include his U.S.A. alt (2) as well as his monochromatic, black and white alt (4), but the best ones to me are his pink and blue outfit (3), and, of course, his wedding outfit (8).

Mario's pink and blue outfit is downright amazing. When you take his skin color into account, it comes together to form a really nice, almost triadic color scheme of cyan, magenta, and yellow, with the shading being pastel-like all around. However, at the end of the day, I have to give the W to the wedding outfit.

The wedding outfit isn't perfect. The overabundance of white might make it look almost boring to some, but to me, it's a really great love letter to Super Mario Odyssey, and the fact that it goes as far as to change his suit and hat to go the extra mile gives it bonus points. It's also the closest we can get to Fire Mario, which for some reason was cut.

Donkey Kong

I was very close to giving the win to Donkey Kong's green alt (5). The shade of green is so vivid and vibrant that it just sticks out at you in a weird way, but it works, especially since it contrasts with his red tie. DK's purple alt (4), however, is the best in my opinion, as it looks way better in game than you'd expect. Not only does his fur and tie match to create a nice monochromatic color scheme, but when you also take his skin color into consideration, it creates a nice complementary color scheme between his purple fur and yellowish-orange skin.

P.S. the render doesn't do the pink alt justice. It looks way better in game than you'd expect.


Fierce Deity Link (4) without a doubt wins it for me. The bluish-green like color is nearly hypnotic to look at, and it meshes really well with his blue and black sleeves. When combined with the orange and brown boots as well as Link's skin color, it creates a split complementary color scheme that's just really pleasing to look at. The gray hair and pupil-less eyes are just icing on the cake.

Shout outs to Royal Guard Link (5) for putting up a good fight, though. The dark blue and red on their own looks good, but when taking into account his yellow hair, it forms a nice triadic color scheme.


While I appreciate Samus's white (7) and brown (4) alts as much as the next guy, the new black alt that replaces her Dark Samus color scheme (8) takes it home. Yellow and black are my two favorite colors, and boy does this do an amazing job combining them. The yellow streaks of light all along her deep, dark black suit are so pretty to look at, and in-game, you can even see these streaks on her back, too.

Dark Samus

Dark Samus has an alt similar to my favorite for Samus's that deserves some recognition (7), as well as really strikingly bright alts (5 and 6) that you wouldn't expect from someone with "Dark" in their name. While neither of those bright alts are my favorite, I can appreciate those alts for being daring and trying something unexpected.

Dark Samus's third alt, however, is definitely my favorite. It pulls off the analogous color scheme between purple, pink, and blue so well that it reminds me of looking at the northern lights. It's absolutely hypnotic to look at.


Alright, we have to talk about Crafted Yoshi (8). I think the texture of crafted Yoshi is definitely its strong-suit, and the fact that it goes for green and yellow shading does enough to differentiate it from the green and blue shading of regular Yoshi. I think the analogous color combination of yellow, orange, and green are nice, but ultimately not as good as the red and blue color combination of Red Yoshi (2), the analogous blue and purple scheme of Blue Yoshi (3), or the bright and vivid colors of Pink and Yellow Yoshi (4 and 5).

In the end, you just gotta appreciate how Cyan Yoshi's shoes works wonderfully with his skin color (6). Cyan and purple is one of my favorite color combinations, and this is a good showcase of that. The accents of warm colors on his saddle, scales, and his soles are also interesting. Doubly so for the yellow soles of his purple shoes.


Behold! The only one of Kirby's alts that isn't entirely monochromatic or analogous! Meta Knight Kirby (8)! Yeah, if it wasn't for this alt, choosing the best Kirby skin essentially boils down to "What's your favorite color?"

Meta Knight Kirby, however, pulls of the split complementary color scheme really well. You have mostly the dark cool colors of blue and purple that mesh well, but those signature yellow eyes contrasts against them and really stick out at you.


Wolf Fox (8).

I don't care about the fact that Wolf is already in the game, Fox's wolf alt is still his best alt. It's the only one of two alts that bother changing his fur color, and oh boy it's just so amazing to look at. It's a really nice analogous palette of blue, purple, and pink.

There isn't much to say about Fox's other alts, but I think the best out of the alts that change only his suit is his orange and blue outfit (5).


Well this is easy. Pikachu Libre (8) makes this one not even a contest. It's the only one of Pikachu's alts that actually bothers giving the rest of his body some color instead of just giving him a hat and calling it a day. It's also one of the only two female Pikachu alts.


Luigi's alts are pretty odd, not gonna lie. You have the complementary color scheme of his orange alt (2) as well as his analogous pink (3) and blue (4) alts. However, I'm going to give the win to his 7th alt, which feature the weirdest combinations of an odd yellowish-green and blue with not much saturation throughout. It's as if you took the colors of regular Luigi, but reversed his shirt and overalls and then pushed the hues farther apart on the rainbow. It's so weird, but it works so well in a way I can't really describe.


Bumblebee Ness (2) calls out to me, combining my two favorite colors and putting my third favorite color in there as his backpack color. Despite this, and this was really hard for me to do, I think Ness's best alt is his Master Belch T-shirt (7). The specific shades of red and blue they chose mesh really well, with the blue especially being this pleasing cyan color. Helping is that the T shirt design isn't Ness's usual stripes, but instead a unique design that I could actually see being a real T-shirt.

Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon's alts kick ass. All of them are great, with standouts being his Blood Falcon alt (3), golden alt (7), and a nice analogous color scheme of blue and purple (8). Without a doubt, though, his pink and white alt (6) definitely knocks it out of the park. Pink and white in general is a color scheme that is, in my opinion, consistently solid, especially when talking about Smash alts, and this is a great example of that. It's like looking at a birthday cake. Speaking of which, that yellow scarf is definitely icing. My one gripe with this alt, however, is the green satchel. It definitely doesn't take away from the amazingness of this color combination, but like, come on, you couldn't have at least made it yellow to match with the scarf?


Jigglypuff is another one of those Pokémon where their alts essentially boils down to choosing your favorite accessory. There's honestly not much else to say here. I'll take the bowtie one (6).


Peach has a lot of good alts that deserve some recognition, like her gold dress (2) that looks like actual gold and a beautiful attempt at a monochromatic color scheme; her green dress (5) that, when combined with her hair, creates an analogous color scheme; and her purple dress (4) that creates a complementary color scheme, also with her hair.

However, I think without a doubt the best Peach alt is her black and yellow alt (8). You have something that would've been simply monochromatic in the form of black and white, which is nice on its own, but incorporating the yellow into her dress makes it match beautifully with her hair and skin color.


Daisy's alts are actually really stinkin' good. Some of my favorites are her green and yellow dress (2) that nicely pulls off an analogous color scheme, her red and black dress (5) because red and black is always a nice looking color scheme, and her black and green alt (8).

Now look, I'm a simple man. I usually don't get angry over trivial matters like TV or video games. I'm no fighter. In fact, my muscles are really underdeveloped and as a result I'm one of the physically weakest people I know. With that being said, this is something I will actually fight you over. Daisy's purple and cyan dress (6) is most certainly her best alt, and one of my favorite alts overall, for reasons similar to Mario's third alt. You already have the godly combination of cyan and purple, but throw in some yellow shoes, and of course her skin color, and it creates a beautiful triadic color scheme all around. If Yoshi's cyan alt didn't convince you on how amazing of a combination cyan and purple are, this will.


Bowser's alts are pretty decent actually. His sixth alt combines purple and green, which is a color combination I'm usually down for, but in the end doesn't really look that different from his default appearance for me to give it the win. His green alt (4) pulls off the complementary color scheme well, and his white alt (5) deserves recognition. You have this gray, slightly blue dominant color with yellow accents on his rings for an interesting approach at yellow and blue. However, while I almost gave this one the win, I think it goes wrong with the orange hair. It just doesn't fit well with the rest of him and would've been better of if it was just yellow like his rings (Still the closest we can get to Dry Bowser though).

Which is why, in the end, the victory royale actually goes to his brown alt (2), which nicely pulls off an analogous color scheme between brown, yellow, and orange. And while most people have an aversion to the color brown, I think it really suits Bowser's monstrous appearance.

Ice Climbers

Three Ice Climber alts stick out to me the most here: the yellow and green alt (3), the red and blue alt (5), and the orange and purple alt (8).

I do admire the yellow and green alt's attempt at analogous color scheme, as I think yellow and green is actually a pretty underrated color scheme, and their orange and purple alt does look pretty cool. But the red and blue alt just wins it in the end. Not only are the shades chosen for them a good combination on their own, but this color combination also works best with the white accents on their clothes. Also, it puts Nana in the front, which is a plus.


Mr. R's Sheik (6) knocks it out of the park here. The monochromatic black and white colors really sell Sheik's ninja-like appearance and kit, with the yellow accents being icing on the cake. Shoutout to purple Sheik (4) for trying out the purple and cyan color scheme though, as well as green Sheik (5) for trying the green and yellow color scheme.


This is one where I think the default color scheme wins out in the day, but because I gave myself a "no defaults" rule, I'm going to have to settle for the next best thing. I was originally going to give the win to the old black Zelda outfit (6), but when looking at it in game, it really doesn't suit her new design and personality that well. It would've won if we were talking about the new design. Which is why the win goes instead to the Skyward Sword Zelda (8), which looks a lot better in game than you think it does, and gives her an angelic-like appearance that fits her newer design much better.

Dr. Mario

The red (2) and black (5) alts are the ones that stand out the most to me. I think the problem with Dr. Mario's alts is that they all go for an interesting color combination with his coat and undershirt, but because his coat is buttoned, the color schemes aren't as effective as it would've been if he just unbuttoned his coat.

The red alt's attempt at a complementary color scheme kind of goes lost because of this, but I think the red works nicely with the gray of his pants and shoes. Meanwhile, the black alt seems to be the only one that avoids this problem, as it goes for a completely monochromatic suit sans his red tie, therefore treating his undershirt as more of an accent. It's kind of a toss up in the end, but I'm going to have to give it to the red one.


Another "choose your favorite accessory" one. Team Aqua Pichu (5) gets my vote. First of all, generation three. Second of all, team aqua from generation three. Third of all, the blue and yellow color scheme it creates looks great. That's all I need to write.


The pink (8) and black (6) Falcos are the biggest contenders here and it's tearing me apart deciding which one to choose. On one hand, I appreciate the red accents all along black Falco's suit and shoes. On the other hand, you have an analogous pink and purple color scheme all along Falco's entire body that makes his yellow beak really stand out. Also, pink Falco!

You also gotta love how both of these alts really play off of Falco's red eyelids. For the black alt, it fits with the red accents, and for the pink alt, if fits with the color scheme. It's probably the most subtle part of Falco's entire body but I really like how neither alt changed it and instead played off of it.

It was a really tough choice, but I think the black one wins out in the end. I've always liked red and black color schemes, and I think it barely edges out against the pink one.


Oh god these are all really good. Help.

I think his white alt (5) gives a nice "white knight" vibe that definitely suits his hero-like personality. His blue alt (6) does a good job creating a unique blue and red color scheme, though admittedly it's really similar to his default appearance. His black and yellow alt (4) pulls off the color combination in a very similar way that Peach's black alt does and meets results almost as good. But his 8th costume, the purple and cyan alt, gets the win for me, as it's one of his few alts that incorporates his blue hair well within its color scheme. Purple and cyan is still one of the best color schemes ever, and as a result the alt just looks really freaking good.


Similar to Marth, these are all really good, but the ones that stand out to me the most are Nowi Lucina (2), Tiki Lucina (5), Lissa Lucina (6), and Tharja Lucina (7). I appreciate Tiki Lucina as much as the next guy, especially thanks to the green and pink. Similarly, I appreciate Nowi Lucina's purple and green as well as Tharja Lucina's black and purple. Lissa Lucina, however, is the winner here for me. The yellow and brown analogous color scheme here plus the white does wonders for her outfit, but what really sells Lissa Lucina for me is the hair. Not only is it beautiful, but it's the only Lucina alt where the hair manages to look actually natural instead of looking like she used hair dye, and it still works well with her yellow outfit.

Young Link

All of these outfits are pretty basic, but I think the one that works the best here is the dark blue alt (3). The dark blue outfit contrasts well with his bright golden hair, making the alt look overall appealing.

Oh yeah I guess I should talk about the Dark Link outfits (8). I'm not really a fan of them. Sorry if that offends you, but if you are a fan, ask yourself two questions:

Do you like Dark Link?

Do you really like Dark Link?

That's what I thought.


I always like Old Manondorf (7). I know some people aren't really a fan of the blue-skinned Ganondorf alts, but here it goes really well with his purple cape, leading to yet another cyan and purple color combination, which I'm always a sucker for. Shoutouts to the red and green Ganondorf (6), which I consider the runner-up here.


Now we get to Mewtwo, whose alts are almost all pretty basic that it essentially boils down to "What's your favorite color?" And all I have to say is thank goodness for Edgy Mewtwo (8) for being the clear winner here, since it's the only alt that goes beyond the basic "differently colored tail" strategy and ends up being completely different (and better) from the rest.


Roy's alts are kind of similar to Mewtwo's to a lesser extent, as all of his alts kind of pull the same song and dance where they simply change his armor color and cape before calling it a day. None of Roy's alts change his hair though, so I think the best Roy alt would be a color that really plays off of his red hair color well. I also think the best Roy alt should have warm colors all around to match his fiery attacks, narrowing the best Roy alt down to two choices: His red alt (2) and his golden alt (8). While his red alt does do a good job throwing in some purple in there as well as an interesting greenish-blue color on his cape, I think these cool colors also hinder the fiery theme we're looking for, leaving the winner to be the golden Roy. Golden Roy not only has warm colors all around, but it's also the only one of two Roy alts to not make the cape color the same as the armor color, which is a plus.


Chrom has a lot of good alts that stand out to me. I'm a fan of his purple and yellow alt (6) for using my favorite color combination of all time, but I can't give it the win. Purple and yellow give a kind of wacky fun feeling, and the last thing I'd expect it to go good with is "serious noble hero that leads an army". His green and yellow alt (3) also pulls off the analogous color combination nicely, as I think green and yellow is a very underrated color scheme. I really like his cyan and black alt (8), as I believe it's a straight up solid combination, though I actually think it would be better without the purple this time.

But the best Chrom alt, in my opinion, is his absolutely badass red and black alt (2). Red and black is an absolutely amazing color scheme, and the way they use them in his alt really evokes power. Though if I would change one thing about it, I would remove the streaks of purple in it and would make them black instead, making it simpler. Still a great alt though.

Mr. Game & Watch

Another choice that goes down to "choose your favorite color", though I can't actually do that since black is the default color. However, unlike the other "choose your favorite color" alts, this one provides really interesting shades and hues, leading to my new favorite alt for Game and Watch (yes even when we take into account the default black one): His dark green alt (7), whose deep color already accelerates it by quite a bit, but it's made even better by the light green outline as contrast, making his overall shape stick out at you like a neon sign.

Meta Knight

Meta Knights alts are all great. A decent amount of them are monochromatic, the best of which is his golden "white knight" alt (2) that I have always been a fan of. His pink and yellow alt (6) is freaking gorgeous, making his headband and especially his cape absolutely hypnotizing to look at. Staring at his cape in the render is like looking at a sunset, and as a plus the alt goes well with his golden sword. But if his pink alt is great, then his Galacta Knight alt (7) is freaking godly. Not only does it look exactly like Galacta Knight, but pink and white is just such an incredible color combination for reasons I explained when going over Captain Falcon's best alt. There are even accents of yellow on the mask and cape that make the colors even better in my opinion, leading to an overall bright color palette contrary to Meta Knight's usual "dark knight" persona. And as a plus, the sword is also pink to make it almost like Galacta Knight's sword.


Pit's golden alt (2) and blue alt (5) go well with his hair for different reasons, since the yellow makes it blend in while the blue one makes it contrast. The yellow alt also contrasts nicely with the blue on his bow while the blue alt contrasts well with his golden rings. I think the blue alt is the better pick in the end, since it leads to an overall contrasting "blue and yellow" color scheme while the yellow alt kind of evokes only yellow besides Pit's bow.

Dark Pit

Dark Pit's blue alt (6) deserves a mention for pulling of an even better show of blue and gold, which contrast nicely with each other, and even match with the blue on his bow. The blue is also darker yet still saturated, making the bright yellow stand out more. However, his red and black alt (3) steals the show here. Black is still the dominant color, but the red is so bright and vivid that it stands out, and as said before, the color combination evokes power. Also, red and black reminds me of the devil, which is fitting considering who we're talking about (but it makes less sense if you played Uprising where Dark Pit ultimately helps Pit out in the end but that doesn't ruin the color scheme at all so ignore that).

Zero Suit Samus

ZSS's black alt (4) definitely wins it for me. The dark black just makes the bright yellow on her hair, skin, and shoes stand out more. Not to mention all of the bright yellow electrifying moves she does in game. Shoutouts to what in my opinion is the runner up, green ZSS (5), for pulling off a yellow and green color scheme well though.


God I love yellow and green Wario so much (5). It pulls off an analogous color scheme well, but the inclusion of his purple pants and blackish blue shirt makes the color palette amazing overall. His pink and blue alt (6) also deserves a mention, giving him an interesting pastel look...though I don't think it fits well with his character.

Wario's classic outfit (2) wins for me though. It showcases yellow and purple, my favorite color combination of all time, and it's a really fitting combination for someone as goofy as Wario. Though it is technically an alt, I hope this doesn't count as cheating by choosing a default appearance, since this is what Wario's seen wearing most of the time in all of his appearances. If it does count as cheating, then I consider the runner-up to be yellow and green Wario.

Also if that's the case, then it's pretty fitting that the character I cheat on is Wario.

...(Don't take that out of context).


These are all great alts, but for me the clear winner is the red and black alt (3), which is another great showcase of a killer color scheme. The black fits well with the rest of his gear, and the brightly saturated red contrasts well with all of it. The splotches of black all over the red outfit makes it looking like inverted blood, which is an interesting look for him. Shoutouts to light green Snake (7) for coming close though.


Some quick honorable mentions to Ike's black alt (8) for pulling off a great "dark knight" approach, as well as Ike's blue alt (7) for a good monochromatic approach (okay, monochromatic if you ignore his gloves, shoulder pads, and sword). But Ike's best alt is without a doubt his purple and red alt (3), which ultimately executes a great analogous color scheme between his red cape and boots, his purple outfit, and his blue hair and pants. The end results looks stunning, and it's definitely my favorite Ike alt.

Pokémon Trainer

Okay, here we go. This is gonna be hell.

The best Squirtle alt in my opinion, and this was really hard to choose because all of the Squirtles look really freaking similar both in the renders and in game, is the green Squirtle (3). Not only does the green go well with the yellow underbelly, but using a Side-B gives you a nice Mario reference.

The best Ivysaur alt is the purple and pink Ivysaur (4), which is an already nice analogous combination that gets even better when you throw in the green of his leaves, as they contrast nicely with both colors.

The best Charizard alt...kind of boils down to your favorite color honestly, but I think the white Charizard (6) looks absolutely badass. Though blue Charizard (7) contrasts the best with the orange flames, I still think white Charizard wins it in the end for looking better overall. Plus white and orange is still a pretty neat color scheme.

The best trainer alt is definitely the female FireRed/LeafGreen trainer (2) and it's not even a contest. The only one that comes close is the female Black/White trainer (6), but even then, the FireRed/LeafGreen trainer just has a better combination of colors thanks to her bright (but not too saturated) shades of red and blue.

And if you're using all three, I'd go for the white Pokémon (6). You get the best Charizard, the second best Squirtle, the second best Trainer, and Ivysaur...kind of gets the short end of the stick here, but 3/4 is still a 75%, which is a passing grade in the U.S.

Diddy Kong

For me, this is a big toss-up between ZeRo's Diddy (4) and the red and green Diddy (5). Both are nice and have fur that looks natural, but I think ZeRo's Diddy wins in the end due to the yellow accents on the hat and shirt. Whereas I find the yellow brim on red and green Diddy's hat to be a weakness, it's a strength for ZeRo's Diddy. Also, purple and yellow is a freaking awesome combination.


Don't get me wrong, I like Lucas's Claus alt (2) more than the next guy, and his Masked Man alt (5) pulls off an interesting attempt at gray A color scheme I don't think I've ever seen before on a character. However, I think his last two alts (7 & 8) are the best ones overall for him, simply for going the extra mile to change his T-shirt design into something I could actually see being a real T-shirt. I think his Boney alt (7) is the best look for him in the end, as it adds a reddish-brown color to a typical analogous green and yellow color scheme, and meets great success doing so.


Sonic's alts are infamous for all just being different shades of blue. Though, some alts do experiment a little bit by mixing different shades of blue with different shoe colors. Like, his 8th alt actually makes his fur a bit more purple and makes his shoes green, buut...while I think these are valiant attempts to give Sonic more interesting alts, I still think they could've done much better if they were just allowed to change his fur color more. Which is why, in my opinion, the best Sonic alt is his least blue alt, AKA his black alt (5), because it kind of cheats by making him entirely black but technically still tinted blue. The black contrasts well with the whites of his gloves and socks, as well as his white accents on his shoes. Leading to an alt for Sonic that's actually legitimately interesting. It's also the closest we can get to Shadow.

King Dedede

God, all of these alts are actually amazing. They all put forth an effort to create interesting color combinations and all change Dedede's triangular design on his belly into something else (with the exception of his monochromatic alt). Therefore, I think all of his alts actually deserve a mention here.

Dedede's second alt is another great showcase of how awesome pink and white are as a color combination. Combine that with the purple of his gloves, the blue of his skin, and the purple and blue logo on his back, and you have a great analogous color scheme between pink, blue, and purple (Though some yellow is thrown in there as well so I guess it's more split complementary).

Dedede's third alt is another good showcase of green and yellow, with blue thrown in there on his shirt and back to contrast with the yellow. I especially love the 8-bit Waddle Dee design on this one's belly.

Dedede's fourth alt is yellow and purple, and the end result is sooo good. This combination works especially well for Dedede, as purple represents royalty while yellow represents fun, leading to a color scheme that's absolutely perfect for someone like Dedede. In this alt, his beak and feet blend right in and look like they're a part of the yellow accents, and the design on his belly does a good job at making him look like royalty.

Dedede's fifth alt is another good showcase of how godly of a color combination cyan and purple are. His blue skin fits right in here, while his yellow beak and feet give the alt a nice triadic color scheme of cyan, purple, and yellow. Also, the logo on the back is yellow and purple, my favorite color combination of all time, and the design on his belly is...hypnotic.

Dedede's sixth alt is a monochromatic one. It certainly stands out, but I actually consider this his weakest alt. I think the overall grayish-brown color doesn't really fit with his character. Not helping is that they didn't change the design on his belly. Though I do think this is still a good alt, just not as good as the rest.

Dedede's seventh alt changes his coat to be blue to match with his skin, and to make the yellow accents stand out more. It kind of tries to incorporate this weird salmon pink color in his design through his shirt, but I think that would've been better off as being either a light blue or yellow. However, where this one really shines is the absolutely hypnotic design of waves on his belly. If we were to judge alts on belly designs alone, this one would win.

Dedede's eighth alt combines my three favorite colors of all time—black, purple, and yellow—and incorporates all three colors masterfully. The dark black and deep purple really lets his bright white and yellow colors stand out more. It's basically two pairs of opposing a double complementary color scheme? I mean, yeah, the purple and yellow is definitely a complementary scheme, but black and white technically aren't on the color wheel and the black is technically a shade of's kind of complicated. Also, the checkerboard pattern is icing on the cake.

Despite how much I've gushed over the eighth alt...I think the overall winner is still the second alt, AKA the pink and white one. Don't get me wrong, all of these alts are fantastic, but while I think that in my opinion, the pink and white Dedede barely, and I mean barely, edges out over the rest.

Geez, that was long. These alts kind of compete with Mario for "character with the best alts" in my opinion.


Okay, after the bloodbath that was deciding the best Dedede alt, I think the best Olimar alt is definitely the pink Alph (7) no contest. Red and black Olimar (2) kind of comes close, but I think the fact that Alph's alts actually change his hair color makes them stronger overall. Also, Brittany was a hilarious character in Pikmin 3.


Lucario's alts are actually pretty neat. A lot of them attempt a variety of intriguing color schemes using the fur on his chest alongside the fur on the rest of his body, such as the pink and white Lucario (8). Other Lucario alts I think are worth mentioning are the blue and yellow Lucario (6). Yeah, you could argue that it's not that different from the default, but I think the more saturated yellow contrasts well with his blue fur. There's also the monochromatic Lucario (4), which I almost gave the win to, as it does a good job making Lucario's fur gray and white so that the black accents feel right at home.

However, you also have to keep in mind that in-game, Lucario will always be surrounded by those blue flames. Which means that the best Lucario alts in my opinion are the light blue and purple alt (3)—whose light tones contrast well with the black accents—and blue and green alt, which I consider the winner overall (5). The blue and green analogous colors make the light blue aura fit within the color scheme, and the high saturation on the alt fits well with the bright and vivid saturation of the blue aura. The render doesn't make it look like the best, but when you imagine that blue fire on his hands, and also see the alt in-game, it becomes the strongest choice.


The "no defaults" rule kind of goes into interesting play here since that technically means I can't pick Japanese R.O.B. (2), since that's the default if your copy of the game is Japanese. I think the Japanese R.O.B. is a strong choice, since it's one of his few alts that aren't monochromatic or analogous, but even if I was able to choose it, I still wouldn't consider it the best R.O.B. alt. Other R.O.B. alts that also come close to winning are his yellow and black bumblebee alt (3), and his green and brown military alt (6).

Red R.O.B. (8) is the winner. I love red and black as a color scheme, and it works so well here when you also consider what R.O.B. does in game: The orange fire on his burner goes well with the red color, the red laser fits within the color scheme, the green eyes whenever R.O.B. gets hit is good contrast, and the cyan meter on his body is also good contrast.

Toon Link

Don't get me wrong, I love the blue and green alt (7). The blue shirt and the green sleeves are analogous to each other, and the blue contrasts very well with the yellow hair (being exactly opposite to his hair color on the color wheel). However, I'm actually going to give the victory to the purple alt (4). Not only is the purple complementary to the yellow hair, but I think the bright and high saturation of the colors works better with the cartoony appearance of Link, whereas the washed out tones on the 7th alt don't really energize me as much. It's a simpler color scheme, yet I think it's a little more effective.


Wof's alts all kick ass, and a lot of them deserve a mention here, such as his brown, yellow and green alt (2), where the dark tone of the brown makes the yellow accents stand out more; his red and yellow alt (3), which has a warm color scheme on his outfit but doesn't fit well with his purple-tinted fur; his green and yellow color scheme (5), which pull off the analogous green and yellow combination nicely while also throwing some purple in there; and his orange and blue outfit (6) and blue and yellow outfit (4), both of which do a good job with contrasting colors. Especially the blue and yellow outfit, which I deem second place to.

But the best Wolf alt, and I'm sorry for giving this color scheme yet another victory, is his black and red alt (7). As mentioned before, it's a color scheme that evokes power, and here it fits with Wolf's role as a serious rival to Fox. He just looks more badass, more dangerous, more edgy. It's like a black widow. The dark jacket also makes his golden boots and shoulder pads shine more.


Ok, this is going to be really hard for me to do.

Now look, I love the Ness-obsessed Villager (6). She just looks so creepy, so eerie, so...wrong. She looks absolutely awful, but that's why I love using her. Because she's an absolute monstrosity to look at. Every time I play Villager, she's the alt I choose, because her eyes stare directly into your soul and make you shudder.

But I know people love the Kawaii Anime Villager (2) for the complete opposite reason. She looks pure, harmless, and innocent. How could you say no to that face? She's one of the most precious things on this very Earth.

I have to admit, all of my love for the Glue Girl (also 6) is ironic. Everything's so bad it's good. The only genuinely positive thing I could say about it is the yellow and blue stripes it has on its dress. That's about it. And while I'm so so tempted to give the "Best Villager Alt" award to Rugby Girl (still 6), I just can't in the end. It's like saying The Room is better than Coco. Not helping is that Psycho Villager is kind of a discredited meme at this point.

But this doesn't mean I will stop using Ness-stalking Villager (6). The pink Villager may win this battle in the end, but I will always be a man who picks the monstrosity that is Villager's 6th alt, even though I admit that it's most definitely Villager's worst alt.

...Oh yeah, the other Villager skins...exist I guess.

Mega Man

Before saying what I think the best Mega Man alt is, I wanna give quick shoutouts to the orange Mega Man—which for some reason has hard-to-see light green accents— and black and yellow Mega Man (8), which I deem as the runner-up.

The green and yellow Mega Man alt (6) absolutely kicks ass. It is my favorite display of green and yellow thus far, which I think is a very under-appreciated color scheme. Here, both colors are so highly saturated, making the alt as a whole look really vivid, and while some may see that as a bad thing, I think it benefits Mega Man's cartoony appearance and helps him stand out more. The light shade of green especially helps makes him look even shinier than he already is. It is by far my favorite Mega Man alt and is definitely the winner here in my book.

Wii Fit Trainer

Well these alts absolutely suck. It's pretty much "What's your favorite color?" + "What gender do you fap to?" So uhh...yellow and female I guess. The 7th alt wins.
Rosalina & Luma
I love Rosalina's dark red alt (5) for being a very deep color yet still highly saturated, her purple alt (6) for having the dress being complementary to her hair, and her red and white alt (8) is always a treat to see. But for similar reasons that I gave Peach's black and yellow alt the victory, I'm going to say the winner is Rosalina's 7th alt. You have this dark, black dress with bright, saturated yellow accents all around, matching with her hair as well. Bonus points for having the stars on her dress being yellow, making looking at her black dress similar to looking at the actual night sky.
Little Mac
Quick shoutouts to "Almost U.S.A." Mac (4) for being the best Mac alt without the hoodie. It's a really nice mix of blue and red—with the blue being very dark yet saturated—as well as a bit of white thrown in there. However, the best Mac alt is without a doubt Hoodie Mac (6). I love myself a pink and green contrasting color scheme. Both colors are highly saturated, making Mac stand out a lot more when using him in-game. And yeah, I know the hoodie is pink, which represents femininity in graphic design, being the exact opposite of what Mac is supposed to be, but you know what? I think the pink actually makes him look very manly. And I know the other hoodie alt (8) avoids this issue by having the hoodie be green and the gloves be pink, but I'd rather be using the real Little Mac instead of some Wireframe copy.
Greninja's alts seem to have fun experimenting with his body and tongue color. In the case of Green Greninja (6), it makes both colors analogous. In the case of Pink Greninja (3) and Gray Greninja (7), it makes them monochromatic. And in the case of Purple Greninja (5), it makes them contrast.
Choosing between the pink alt and the purple alt is absolutely tearing me apart, Lisa. On one hand, the dark purple contrasts with both the green tongue and the yellow accents. On the other hand, the pink alt just makes Greninja nearly entirely monochromatic and does a good job doing so. Also, pink Greninja!
I think in the end I'm going to have to go with the purple alt. I admire the contrast between the body and tongue color, and the dark color of the body goes well with the light color of Greninja's water attacks. The pink alt came really close though.
God, do I absolutely love Palutena's 3rd alt. It's yet another godly showing of cyan and purple, but the yellow accents make the color scheme of her dress triadic, and it's absolutely gorgeous to look at up close. Throw some green in there, and have it be complementary to the staff and shield color, and you have yourself a recipe for success. However, I think this alt barely loses out to Palutena's red alt (6). The dark, saturated red tones along her dress are gorgeous and help those gold accents stand out more, but what really sells the alt is how the red dress is complementary to her green hair color. Palutena's green hair always looked good, but the red outfit makes it look even better. I think the cyan and purple alt, while good, throws too many colors in there, all of them being bright and vivid. Whereas the red alt lessens the palette a bit but makes everything look beautiful.
Mitt gang (8).
I applaud Green Robin's (3) attempt at an analogous green and yellow color scheme, as I think it works out well. Not only does the green cloak go well with the yellow accents, but it also fits with his yellow hair, Levin sword, and all of his thunder attacks. I also like the white and red Robin (7) for pulling off the color scheme well, but I think it goes a bit wrong with his hair, whose dark color does not look well with the rest of his body. The blue Robin (5) has an outfit that contrasts with the yellow accents, making them stand out as a result (and it even throws a bit of purple in there). Finally, I know the pink Robin (8) has its fans, and I can't deny that it certainly looks pretty.
Despite all of this, I think Red Robin's new look (4), which I will now call Red Robin Requiem, is the best Robin alt. You have a red and yellow color scheme throughout the entire body, creating this really nice analogous blend of warm colors (sometimes the shading of the yellow accents leans a bit more towards orange). I think what really sells this alt is the new hair. Instead of being red like in the last game, it opts for yellow, which still fits within the color scheme of the cloak, but instead of blending in, it pops out at you like all the other yellow accents. It also helps that the hair looks natural instead of looking like it's dyed.
All of Shulk's alts are good, but ones that really standout to me are his Melia alt (6), which is a good analogous combination with pink and blue being the main stars of the show; his Sharla alt (5), which I think is very under-appreciated, as the combination of the bright saturated blue and the dark saturated red is freaking fantastic; and his Riki alt (7), an alt that I absolutely love for combining purple with a great saturated yellowy-orange color, plus a few black accents all around. This color scheme is fantastic, and I was really close to picking it. However, while I think it's fitting for someone like Riki, who is a very fun, comic relief character, I don't think it fits Shulk's serious nature. You could argue that Shulk has become a bit of a meme status, but I think the best alt for Shulk is:
Dunban Shulk (3). Black and white are the stars of the show here, and while they're a good monochromatic colors that contrast with each other, there's also a bit of red thrown in there to make things interesting (and for some reason weird yellow accents on the sleeves and shirt). The black color is always tinted red to make the red colors feel more at home, and said red colors help incorporate the Monado's red color into the alt. It gives Shulk an overall "noble hero" appearance akin to an anime protagonist, making this alt fit his personality the best out of all the other alts. Helping is that sick black hair.
Bowser Jr.
Larry (2) has always been my favorite Koopaling. Partially because his yellow skin contrasts well with his blue hair, partially because his clown car's blue accent is complementary to its orange face, and partially because his in-game model doesn't stray too far from his canon appearance unlike Morton (6) or Iggy (5). But it's mostly because his name is freaking Larry. Like seriously, that is a god tier name right there.
Shoutouts to Morton though (6). I like his color scheme, but his in-game model makes him way to small.
Duck Hunt
Two alts stand out to me the most as being possible contenders for the best Duck Hunt alt.
The first is Duck Hunt's second alt. The dog is mostly black with elements of white and brown in there, but what really sells this alt is the duck. I absolutely love the tones of green and purple they chose for it, with the green leaning a bit towards blue. The two colors play off each other nicely and it would definitely make this the best alt if we were to judge the duck alone.
The second is Duck Hunt's eighth alt. The dog still has its brown colors, but they're a bit darker this time, while the duck is this red and black color. The brown color of the dog is tinted red, as is the duck's black color. Combining this with the yellow on the duck's feet and beak makes the color scheme analogous overall.
Both alts are good, but I think Duck Hunt's eighth alt is the better choice for having more consistent colors overall, as the dog and duck kind of harmonize with each other. The dog's eyelids on the second alt is a bit of a turnoff for me as well.
All of these alts are kind of similar to me, but the one that stands out to me the most is the black and yellow alt (4). The black is tinted purple, making it complementary to the yellow headband. Plus, the gi also matches with his hair. When you think about the special effects of Ryu's moves in the game, the black gi seems to fit best with them. The gi matches with the black calligraphy of his down special while its dark color also highlights the brightly colored hadoukens. Shoutouts to blue and red Ryu (6) for coming close though.
I think both of Ken's black alts (2 and 8) deserve a shoutout for similar reasons I chose Ryu's black alt, but the winner for me is Ken's purple outfit (3). The purple is complementary to his hair color, as well as all of the fiery moves Ken has in his arsenal. The gloves even change color to match with his gi.
All of Cloud's alts only give slight tints to his usual outfit. I think Advent Cloud looks cooler than regular Cloud. Regular Cloud certainly has better hair, but Advent Cloud has a slicker outfit. It's the cape that really sells it. Out of all of the Advent alts, I like the purple tinted one (8) the best, as the outfit is complementary to his bright, yellow hair. Out of the regular alts, the blue tinted one (3) is the best for similar reasons.
Shoutouts to the 2nd and 6th alts for me literally not being able to tell the difference between them at first.
The male Corrin alts actually do a nice job experimenting with the armor color's relationship with the cape color. For example, the red alt (3) makes the cape purple to create an analogous color scheme while the green alt (7) makes the cape red to create a complementary color scheme (7). The female Corrin alts do the opposite, having the armor and cape match but changing the color of the accents. I'm aware that the pink Corrin alt (6) is a pretty popular choice, and I can appreciate its monochromatic color scheme. However, my favorite of the female Corrin alts, and my favorite choice overall, is the black Corrin (8). Score another victory for black and yellow. You have the black armor making the yellow accents stand out more as usual, but the black is also tinted blue for extra contrast. Also helping is that the yellow accents match with the Yato's color.
Jeanne Bayonetta (5) stands out to me the most for being the only alt to change her hair color, and I appreciate the overall red and white aesthetic. I don't really get the dislike towards this one, I actually genuinely like the color scheme, and looking at it is like looking at red velvet cake. However, I'm actually going to give the victory to the other red Bayonetta alt (6) because, I mean, come on. It's a red and black color scheme. Not only is the color scheme itself cool, but I said before that it reminded me of the Devil, and look at who we're talking about here. It's arguably even more fitting. Adding to that is the Bayonetta 2 design has red attack trails, which fits with the alt's color. Speaking of the attack trails, I'm going to give shoutouts to Green Bayonetta (4) and Yellow Bayonetta (3) for both having outfits contrasting against their attack trails. White Bayonetta (7) also deserves a mention for being monochromatic sans her guns.
God, Inkling's alts are all so good. Each one is dedicated to a different color, but unlike the other palette swaps that change same parts of a character in the same way, such as Mewtwo or Wii Fit Trainer's alts, Inklings alts all actually choose clothing to match with the colors they represent. A good example of this is the green alt (4), who gets a green jacket instead of the default Inkling's T-shirt. The jacket also has black sleeves, so he also incorporates black into his design with a black bandana, black shorts, and black shoes (tinted red for some reason), creating a green and black aesthetic overall. It works especially well for the green alt because the weapons always have green accents on them, fitting with his color scheme.
Other Inkling alts that deserve a mention include the popular Purple Schoolgirl Inkling (7). She's wearing a purple skirt, a purple tie, and a black jacket that's tinted purple. However, she's also wearing a yellow blouse that's complementary with the other purple clothing items. The purple also contrasts with the green accents on the weaponry. There's also the pink Inkling (5), who wears black and gray clothing which all have pink accents on them, though the red cap fits pretty loosely with the theme. The nerdy cyan Inkling (6) also deserves attention for being a good representation of an analogous cyan, blue, and green color scheme.
None of these Inklings are my favorite, however. That would be the yellow Inkling (3). It's another yellow and black alt, but this time yellow is the star of the show, and boy does it pull that color scheme off well. She's wearing the hero outfit from Splatoon's story mode, all of which has yellow and black clothing. Yellow is the dominant color for the shirt, while black is the dominant color for the pants and shoes, both of which still have yellow accents. Her headset and shoes, however, has blue lights that are not only pretty to look at, but contrast with her yellow color scheme, as does her eye color (for bonus points, the black on all of her clothing is also tinted blue). If you look closely, you could even see a blue squid symbol hanging from her waist. The yellow is also analogous with the green accents on the weaponry. This alt just does an amazing job playing off of the color yellow, and that's why this is my favorite Inkling alt, as well as one of my favorite alts overall.
Ok, I know people will be angry if I don't say it. Meta Ridley (2) is badass. Mecha Ridley (8) is also good, but I feel like it's cooler when something is half robotic as opposed to when something is entirely robotic. Meta Ridley's robotic parts are also tinted purple and red, fitting with Ridley's usual skin color. However, in addition to all of his mechanical incorporations, Meta Ridley also changes the color of his wings to be a yellowy-orange color, which is complementary to the rest of his body as well as fitting with the bright yellow/orange accents on his eyes and chest.
If you want my opinion on what the best Ridley alt is that isn't mechanical, it's the blue one (4). The purple wings are analogous with the blue skin.
Blue Simon (5) is the best alt in my opinion. The blue armor contrasts with his orangey-brown hair, pants, and skin color. The blue and white aesthetic on his armor is neat to look at overall (probably because it reminds me of his more handsome Echo Fighter), but it also goes particularly well with his side-B, which has the same color combination. Shoutouts to pink Simon (6) and black Simon (8) though for being the runner ups here.
And now we get to the factually better version of Simon Belmont, who also happens to have better alts. Ones that deserve mentions are his black and yellow alt (7) alongside both of his red and white alts (2 and 8). The green Richter (4) is the best alt, though. It's one of the few alts that change the color of his accents, changing them to yellow in this case. It's another good show of the green and yellow color combination, with the brown of his hair and boots fitting right in. However, the white color on his headband and pants is also tinted blue, leading to a solid analogous color scheme on the alt overall.
King K. Rool
K. Rool's alts are all badass, giving him not only a variety of interesting skin and cape colors that range from being very dark to very bright, but also going as far as changing the tint on his belly. Some of my favorite alts are the blue K Rool with the red cape (3), the pink K Rool with the red cape (5), the black K Rool with the red cape (6), and my absolute favorite K Rool alt overall, the dark red K Rool with the green cape (7). Both colors are dark with low saturation, and they're complementary to each other. The dark colors makes his giant gut and cuffs (both of which are also tinted red by the way) stand out more and look more shiny in comparison. It's also the only K Rool alt that changes the accents on the cape to match with the skin color.
My favorite Isabelle alt has to be the red Isabelle (4), which ditches the plaid pattern on her jacket, makes her ears slightly more saturated, and most importantly, adds both red and blue to the color palette. When you also take into account her yellow fur, it pulls off a good triadic color scheme between the primary colors, with the red being dark yet saturated, the blue being dark and unsaturated, and the yellow being light and generally unsaturated with higher saturation on the ears. The runner-ups for me are the green alt (6) and the pink alt (3), the latter of which pulls off a more subtle triadic color combination.
Black and blue Incineroar (4) deserves a mention here, as not only does the purple tint on the stripes make the color scheme analogous, but the it's all complementary to his bright orange fire attacks. Both of his black alts (3 & 7) are the winner here, and I think it's interesting how they remain with the default's black and red color scheme but apply different tones of both colors in different areas, making the alts look different but keeping the overall feel the same. They're both good, but I think the 7th color is slightly better. You have a monochromatic color scheme with dark tones to match his villainous "heel wrestler" look, but then you throw in the red accents on his chest and hands that really grab the viewer's attention. Bonus points for the black and gray color being tinted blue and purple, giving subtle contrast every time Incineroar uses a fire attack.
Piranha Plant
So all of Piranha Plant's alts are revealed, on the site I provided, and we even have this image to see how he looks in-game. I'm a fan of the green and yellow alt (2) for another approach at a green and yellow color combination, as well as changing the stalk color while still making it look organic. Its purple alt (7) contrasts with the green stalk as well as the yellow pipe, giving it an honorable mention as well. Finally, its blue alt (8) borrows the stalk color from its green alt, not to match with the yellow color, but to instead contrast with it, which I think works out nicely. My favorite Piranha Plant alt, though, is definitely his pink alt (4). The bright, highly saturated pink head (whose white spots are also tinted pink by the way) contrasts with the green stalk, which is dark but still saturated. The blue pot is also dark like the green, but has lower saturation, and the combination of these three colors is just so pleasing to look at. The specific tones they chose for all three main colors just looks hypnotic, making the pink Piranha Plant my color of choice.
That was a lot to type, but I finally got through every character. If you agree/disagree with me feel free to comment for further discussion. Feel free to use the template I provided on my Google Sheet to share your own choices as well. I'll keep this updated for Joker + the future DLC fighters when they're announced.

How do I get noticed as an artist? I'm talking about both on DeviantArt and on social media.

In terms of DeviantArt, I make sure that every time I post art, I share it with all of the groups it's applicable to. I often browse and post on forums, especially ThumbShare, though not that often. 

I recently realized that posting all of my art to social media is a good idea, and that just DeviantArt and Discord probably isn't enough. So today, I just started posting art to Twitter and Reddit and just got an Instagram account. I'll probably get a Facebook account soon, too.

I only really get around 30 favorites per artwork, which isn't bad, but then I see deviants with around 100 and 1,000 and wonder how they do it.

Is there anything more I can do to try and get my art noticed? Thanks.


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