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Building a Life Together
Each new day feels like the last
Because the trouble of life is in the past
Because our separation has been ended for almost a year
And life keeps getting better, by just having you near.
The struggles that come are easily dismissed
For when two are as one it's easy to resist.
Our days together have been nothing but grand
Building a life together walking hand in hand.
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Sink or swim you're right there by my side
Holding my hand in the open, and every time I hide.
The voice of reason when I give into madness
And a touch of comfort when I'm consumed with sadness.
Your mind isn't dark and polluted like mine
And you heart doesn't have a twisted design.
But yet you always make my emotions feel valid
And you breathe life into me when my soul is pallid.
Everyday you give me a love so true
And everyday I'm so lucky to have you.
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Pain can come and go so easy
One minute you're fine
And the next you've lost yourself
It's like a pressure that pushes you down to your knees
And shackles you down in submission
It's a feeling that you just can't describe
That no one who doesn't feel it can comprehend
It comes without reason
Without warning
Without mercy.
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Dark Water
It always starts like a puddle of water that suddenly breaks apart my stride
And before I know it, it becomes a torrent that takes me on an agonizing ride.
No matter how long it's gone
Or how bright the dawn.
The darkness can always creep back in
Piercing like a million needles destroying my skin.
It makes it's way up into my heart
And into my mind, where I fall apart.
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My greatest dream was just to be your protector
But through so many ordeals I've been nothing but a specter.
You've felt so much pain that I never wanted you to feel
And taken so many wounds that will never heal.
You've been hurt by people closest to you
Used and abused, there's so much that I never knew.
But my greatest shame is that I've added to that pain
And on my soul my folly has left a permanent stain.
But there is still one thing that I can do
One last pain that you will never go through.
Your heart still beats, for every scrape
Even if it's bent, its still kept its shape.
So know that I will always be yours, and nurture your every ache
And that no matter what comes to us, I will never let your heart break.
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The Greatest
You seem to think so little of the greatness that you are
And don't seem to realize that you have come so far.
So much strength has been gained on the journey you've been through
You've never stopped a minute, you've walked, you've ran, you've flew.
You have such resolve and so much drive
Even alone, you always seem to thrive.
I've never seen one stronger
Or one who could hold out for longer.
You've taken the hardest blows in stride
And you never give up, no matter how many times you've tried.
In my mind, there is no limit to all of the things you've done
So no matter how many people I meet, you'll always be the greatest one.
:iconsirlogan997:Sirlogan997 2 0
Extra Mile
I love you for more than when you're at your best
Even at your worst, your love still beats in my chest.
I love you for more than the times that you're next to me
Never while you are away, has my love began to flee.
I love you for more than just the things that are good
Even when it's stumbled, our love has always stood.
And I love you for more than what you can do to make me smile
Because to be able to make you happy, I'd always go that extra mile.
:iconsirlogan997:Sirlogan997 2 0
If It Happens Again
If it happens again, I'll lose all hope
If it happens again, I'll be at the end of my rope.
If it happens again, my world will fill with pain
If it happens again, my love will be slain.
If it happens again, from this world I'll flee.
And if it happens again, it will be the death of me
:iconsirlogan997:Sirlogan997 1 1
Sometimes it seems that I focus on only the bad
Not the good in life, but only what makes me sad.
I think only on what brings me down
And how in this pain I seem to drown.
I think of how often that I want to die
Not knowing why I'm this way, but wondering why.
But it's not always just so hard
And not every inch of my heart is scarred.
Because there is one that I know will go to any length
And she isn't my weakness, but my greatest strength.
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Twin Hearts
I close my eyes and will the pain away
Anything at all to slow my decay.
I grow stronger to fall short once more
And still I'm better than ever before.
Because through all that I have been through, I haven't been alone
Whether I've been held by you in person, or consoled over the phone.
Two hearts beat within my chest
They beat as one, and have passed every test.
So I'll always be prepared for whatever nightmares I must face
Because at the end of the day, I'll always find myself in your embrace.
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Five Years Until Forever
There isn't much that I haven't told you before
You know all that happened before you came to my side.
You've heard of my worst moments, and been there for the best
You've kissed me as I've smiled, and held me as I've cried.
Five long years I've called you my own
The only five years that haven't been a waste.
In that time I've never doubted how much you mean to me
And I want you to know that you could never be replaced.
For all of the bad days, we've had a hundred good
With each word you say, my heart will still quake.
So just keep being yourself, forever and always.
And know that I'll be loving you with each and every breath that I take
:iconsirlogan997:Sirlogan997 2 0
I'm in agony, but won't let it show
A hearth burned in my heart, but was covered in snow.
Time after time the struggle repeats
And time after time my will depletes.
I want to give up, and just hang a rope from the ceiling
But instead I stay alive, for those who will never understand how I'm feeling.
:iconsirlogan997:Sirlogan997 0 0
Each second passes like the earth revolving around the sun
And still you have a beauty that can only stun.
A smile that can cure even the most broken of hearts
And an embrace that can push back all of my scattered parts.
Yours is a love that will never grow old
And your heart will never let mine grow cold.
Angels can visit the Earth, this I know to be true
And I realize it again, every time I see you.
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Your heart is the sweetest thing mine has ever tasted
Your love gave meaning to this life that almost wasted.
Your words are sweet, no matter how vague
And a kiss from you could cure the plague.
You take away all of the things that I fear
And in the dead of night it's your voice that I hear.
Telling me that I'm not alone, and filling me with strength
And I would do anything for you, and go to any length.
Because no matter what has happened, you are all that I need
And no matter what happens, I'll follow where you lead.
:iconsirlogan997:Sirlogan997 1 0
Can You Hear Me?
Can you hear me whisper your name?
While we lie a world away.
Can you hear me call for help?
As I wither every day.
Can you hear me yell with anger?
Confused by what I feel.
Can you hear me screaming?
Just wanting this to heal.
Can you hear the way I cry?
As I try to keep up the fight.
Can you hear my breathing slow?
As I close my eyes for my final night.
:iconsirlogan997:Sirlogan997 1 0
Heart of Stone
I drag myself through each day
Weighed down by this heart of stone
I make myself go through the motions
But I hate going through them alone
The pain just sets inside my chest
I can't cry, nor can I hear my own screams
I can't let any of it out
At this point, I can't even escape to my dreams
It shakes me to my core, being without you
And even if this pain is only temporary
Never does it cease to drain the life from me
I feel as though distance will always be my adversary
I know that it shouldn't matter
And that I shouldn't hurt so much now that I'm older
That I should be strong and unflinching
But with age I've only grown colder
:iconsirlogan997:Sirlogan997 1 0



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I will most likely just be putting out short, and crappy poems, for art or anything actually good, go to my sisters page!


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