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Carrot Top

By SirLeandrea
Probably my favorite background pony. I didn't realize until I made this exactly what color her outline is though. Before I always thought it was a dark green but now I think of it as a dark golden color.

Her cutie mark was a pain to do though, there are so few good screen shots of it.

Also, searching around I can't find very much art of her. So, heres a vector.

Carrot Top is a character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic which is copyright of Hasbro and Lauren Faust.

And apparently her name is now Golden Harvest. (as of November 2011) She'll Still be Carrot top to most people.
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Awensome Job on her, I loved it
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No one appreciates background ponies
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I'm carrot top and my friend is derpy!
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Can I use this in a project I'm working on?
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In my books she's still Carrot Top, if you guys like dupstep kinda of music and carrot top then watch: Beyond Her Garden-WoodenToaster there is also an animated music video from James Barkley ( AnimatedJames )
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her real name is golden harvest i have her in my mlp cards her nickname is carrot top since she loves carrots
TomFraggle's avatar
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Cute Pose for Carrot Top she's cute!!
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everyone loves carrots, everyone loves pony's
a carrot-pony would only be amazing :icondawwwwplz:
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Pallate swapped the vector here [link]
Morningstar-1337's avatar
I will need to palliate swap this into Daisy/Flower Wishes for a different group of reskins
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im reading a fanfic and it involves her, if its not too munch trouble could you care to explain her to me...please
Morningstar-1337's avatar
Reskined the vector here [link] Hope it's allright
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Mind if i make some changes to this vector?
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used here
thnx alot
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This vector ay have accidentally on purpose be used in my latest background [link] let me know if you want it down and I will do so without protest
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Golden Harvest is sweet!
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Do you mind if I recolor this vector a tad for a project of mine? I'll definitely give credit! ^_^
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