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Lea, Budapest

By sirlatrom
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Old image, shot in Budapest, Hungary.

Intended for full view.
– Critique is always welcome.
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Sune Keller, probably the most special news paper :-)
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Image size
1266x1266px 566.7 KB
Canon PowerShot G5
Shutter Speed
1/159 second
Focal Length
25 mm
Date Taken
Mar 16, 2004, 3:49:46 PM
© 2004 - 2021 sirlatrom
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kirjava's avatar
Lucky you to shot this pic. I guess it is spontaneous. I mean...the only girl that was posing is the redhead isn't it?
What a great shot! I really like the natural redundancy of the two.
This is a fav!
sirlatrom's avatar
Thanks :) Yes, it was pretty spontaneous, plus she didn't pose. Just one of those lucky moments :) Thanks for the :+fav:, by the way.
Sune :)
maulwurf's avatar
tunnlette commented it very well,
I love the colour of the hairs. and really like that composition, because of the second woman
the colours are a very important thing ;)
sirlatrom's avatar
Indeed she did :) I'm glad you agree with her
tunnlette's avatar
Groovy...The first thing I noticed were the beautiful colours - the contrast between red and green (I wish I had her hair). I love the way that the two women are in almost exactly the same position, but the woman in the background is blurry and black & white while the main subject is so vibrant. It makes me wonder what her facial expression must be like, looking at that dull copy of herself.
sirlatrom's avatar
Hehe, for the small fee of £10 billion I'll get it for you :P I've been thinking about how her face was looking a lot of times too. I like your destinction between them, the dull and the vibrant.
Sune :-)
atropina's avatar
The thing I like most about it is contrast between this redhead's hair and her sweater (or whatever it was) - the main subject of the photo I suppose, since I can't see anything interesting in the background.

Ok, and here goes my promise - "WOW!" :D
sirlatrom's avatar
I'm glad you like it :) There is something interesting in the background, if you look close, though: Some accidental posing repitition is going on. She was the main subject anyway :)
stalkz's avatar
I really liked this a lot. Especially the very specific detail on the red haired girl, even fuzz balls on the sweater are very noticeable. It makes you wonder what the two are thinking of, and has sort of a simultanious dual-perspective feel to it, like you can sort of feel what both of them are feeling at the same time. Also a sort of relaxed anticipation, like they're both waiting for something happen, but if it doesn't then it's ok.

That's what I got out of it anyways... But yeah. Very very nice.

Sidenote: I think The Comment Revolution is a great idea, and I'll be mentioning it in my next journal and adding it to my signature.
sirlatrom's avatar
Thanks a lot for the very constructive comment! :) It's really great when viewers take the time necessary to write such comments, it shows that it isn't just eyecandy or plain rubbish.
I like the dual-perspective view you have on this, a crowd of people were cropped away from the right side of the photo and created this effect. If there's anything you think I should have changed, either in the moment or when working on it in Photoshop, please tell me.
I'm glad you're 'joining' The Comment Revolution, it surely is a great idea.
Sune :-)
stalkz's avatar
I honestly can't think of a thing I would do differently. It's a rare perfection.
sirlatrom's avatar
Thank you very much, I just hoped there was something I could learn apart from seeing compositions of red, green and blue and the double-perspective thing.
Raymate's avatar
First thing I see is colour and detail.... beautiful colour of her hair and then the soft green then the contrast blue... super capture, like this one a lot :)
sirlatrom's avatar
I'm glad you like it :) Yes, this wouldn't have been the same in black and white.
Sune :-)
Raymate's avatar
Yes sure did and your right b/w would not work on this one so well :)
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