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Everything on here is pointless.

One day you will all grow up and realize that none of this matters now.

And that living for the moment was only a moment that passed to soon.

So go, go and cry to someone who cares.

I can't help you.

Only you can help you.

I'm through.
I just recently purchased a Sony DSC-F707 5.0MP. Some stock photographs will be coming shortly.
Just thought I would update this, seems how it's been a Really Reall long time since I've touched it.

Not to much has been up.
So I just guess I'm going to go.

check out my bad ass new xp logons :D

This is cool :blabla:
check out my bad ass new xp logons :D
We tried but there was nothing we could do.

been depressed for the past couple days.
not really much to care about.

i joined :iconrhfu: :D happy times