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You may NOT use my characters or my art for your Roleplays.
You also may NOT copy, trace, heavily reference, or alter my art in anyway.
Please Do Not repost/upload my artwork anywhere without my permission.
Would appreciate it so much ;u; thank you!

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Welp, he got red eye makeup now LOL. Put it on to see how it looked, now it's never coming off.
As for why he has a stick, idk, I just had to put something in his hand so it didn't look awkward to me.
I'll be posting a close-up on twitter in a few mins:
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Brother that the best oc I have seen, nearly makes me wonder how can you have so much talent

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Freaking heck, Zero was gorgeous already but that red on the corner of his eyes just.. YES PLZ oml, freaking looks so good on him! 

Love seeing more of this handsome man getting love, easily one of my all time favourite characters. Ever. And I just simply love your style, how you draw, how you colour, bringing out the muscle definition with your shading, That amazing anatomy, ability with expressions and drawing hands dsbfdhbf everything. And I LOVE how you do his flame, definitely a big fan of the colour to his flame now rather than just black. 
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Whoever picked a fight with him is about to be a burnt marshmallow
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zero is fave boy <3
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this makes me DADDY
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Amazing!, some day i will draw amazingly good like you (maybe(?) xD 
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this is super cool and cute!!
may i make fanart of this guy?
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Hes butiful!!!!!! *she says with a face stuffed with kfc*
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The eye makeup looks perfect on him, good decision.
evidently skips leg day
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Lol nooo, dark clothing just makes anything look skinnier xD plus perspective changes views and - well most of his legs are chopped off not much to see LMFAO
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Waohhh I brought marshmellowwwss let's make smoorrreesss

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Someone is getting more than just poked with that stick D:
And I more than approve of the red makeup!
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well idk who pissed him off but they are about to be barbequed ._.
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De pokey stick, ready to run out there fighting like caveman fighting a wholly rhino.

Looks pretty cool.
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i love the way you painted the fire, fantastic.
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even rain cannot put out the flame he sets in other's hearts- this man is DANGEROUSLY HOT
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