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I cant believe you right now


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You may NOT use my characters or my art for your Roleplays.
You also may NOT copy, trace, heavily reference, or alter my art in anyway.
Please Do Not repost/upload my artwork anywhere without my permission.
Would appreciate it so much ;u; thank you!

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I'm gonna go with one of the boyfriends were sparring with Zero and said something sexual that made him stop and wanna call them stupid.
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if one of the boyfriends said something sexual to him the only one that would pop in my head would be rion. also he fight's with his shirt off? that's probably why they said something sexual to him 😂

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I cant believe you've done this
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Freaking love his expression so much! That lok on his face with his arms down on the sides is just perfection! 

LOVE the way you've done the colouring on this, Perhaps a different brush? doesn't look like the usual Cel shading. Looks good, and I don't know how you do it where it looks so easy but just the way you use that shading/colouring to help define muscle structure. And its clear that you have a good understand of male anatomy. 
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Rawrrr... He Looks So Handsome ♥️
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This one still makes me fucking die I love it so much LMFAO

Literally captured the "really" emotion so spot on im fucking crying

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Does he have bio anywhere? :3
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He has an old one, but I'd suggest waiting till I get the new ref sheet and bio together xD <3
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Does he have a birthday at least? :3
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tbh ive never thought of it lmfao
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If you had to give him one, what would it be? :3
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July 29th lol
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Should he really be surprised by what any of his boyfriends say at this point, let's be honest here. lmao
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So true LMFAOO, yet they always find a way FFF
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haha he's drowning in love.
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Lmao I love this and the captions <3
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Your watermark and little warning message are in very cropable places, I'd suggest you find a way for your watermark to blend in with the drawing itself if your really bent on the whole "dO NoT rePOsT PLeAsE"
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Damn I really just put *your* instead *you're*
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yes, i burned your shirt off, fear me ):D
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