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All the Zeros

By SirKoday
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Click the pic to zoom in! (If you're looking at this on a phone, it might not let you. Image is only computer-friendly)
You may NOT use my characters or my art for your Roleplays.
You may NOT alter my art in any way.
Please Do Not repost/upload my artwork anywhere.
Would appreciate it so much ;u; thank you!

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This isn't his official ref sheet yet, there's still more I have to do! But these are the doodles that I will be putting in it and I couldn't wait to post it <3333
You can be sure that I'll add a non-shaded thing in there so you can see his actual colors, 'cause right now theres overlays and highlights all over this boy LOL.
I also found a neat lil circle stamp on photoshop LOL

This is Zero's Human Ref, with some extra info:
Zero Blackfire [Human Form REF/BIO/2020] by SirKoday

Learn all about Zero here:
ALL about ZeroEverything current on Zero Blackfire
Sorry, but he is NOT free to use for your RP.
Species: LINK
Species Deets: Nova Faction, Berserker Class
Old 2019 Ref Sheet: LINK
Current Human Form Ref Sheet:
Current Wolf Form Ref Sheet: Still in the process of being created, but His wolf form hasn't changed much, so he can still be referenced on his 2019 ref sheet until I get a 2020 one done! The only thing I'll be adding to it is the red eye mark, and extra black fluff between his shoulder-blades & the back of his head. His 'Berserker Mode' / Ability mech in his wolf form (with all the colorful fire) is still the same too - Shown in 2019 ref.
UPDATE: Most recent doodles here showing the black fur puffs o

Some other recent doodles of my boy:
Always judging by SirKoday   Zero Fluff by SirKoday

Old doodles of him using his fire:
Zeros Ability Mech by SirKoday
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You should check out I think you may enjoy it, especially for roleplaying or just putting you Oc to use :)

(You can use your own art as an avatar)

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I was on there years ago, i didnt know that place was still active LOL. I think I got off though 'cause I kept coming across extremely hyper kids, extremely depressing people, or ppl looking for potential bfs and gfs, so i left lol.

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Yea there isnt ant kids now, cause of kids there was roleplay drama then ended up getting admins called in, so they ended up making regulations on roleplay. So as people do everyone moved to wolfing before it got shut down. But I'm trying to bring roleplaying back to wolfhome and make it thrive again.

Not only that but they're doing major remodeling for chatlands, and making it mobile friendly. I don't know if it's going to be an app or if they're going to make it a mobile site for mobile devices. It's currently in beta and they're giving updates on discord. Said to be coming out soon.

But they need the roleplayers , cause once they left chats died. Catpawisland use to be full in every room now has no one. Wolfhome right now only hold the old people with fill up 2 rooms.

But I got a pack going and I'm hoping people will come through again.

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I remember seeing this character on YouTube when I was like 13 and I'm 21 now it's so cool to see him Pop up on my feed again

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Everything about this man is pure love~ 

Love how you do the flame/smoke coming from him, you make the effect look so freaking cool and even more badass. I love the colouring and how it gradients into the black. While that colour with Zero looks so freaking awesome on him! Loving all of the expressions and poses, you're great with different perspective and understanding the canine facial structure and body shape. I freaking adore how draw legs and paws using the shading to bring in definition and showing the muscle structure. 
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Zero The Floof Boi
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Love your character design! Zero is so badass with those flames
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This is so cool OMAGA
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Some of my favorite things, dog, fire, and ominous glowing eyes
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I’m so glad to be here cause I got an opportunity for watching this amazing art those designs lol so much loves and faves here :3 🍧💗
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This character design is great! I specially love the chest face with fire bursting out of it, so cool...!!

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Good morning, :D (Big Grin):D (Big Grin):D (Big Grin):D (Big Grin):D (Big Grin)ClapClapClapClapClap.          
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he's grown so much?? Really nostalgic feel looking back on his older designs
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angry wall climbing orchestra

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I actually really appreciate that you're completely nailing the design execution of black-colored fire.
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I love them so much
He is such a beautiful boy TAT :heart:
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I love this and will eternally stan the decision to have given him glorious crests XD
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boopable is the snoot.

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I admire the fact that you have been able to hold and use a character for so long, its been like, what? years?
There are no overly dramatic changes to him either compared to his old designs, its amazing.

I still remember the very first few videos of your's that I watched as a kid iOS Tears Of Joy Emoji Button (3/???) 
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y e s
y eeee ssss
Forever love the new poofies 

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